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It’s wedding time …
Finally, the big day is close for Sunny and Duke.
Their wedding day.
There are just a few issues standing in the way of their happiness.
Sunny’s absent parents.
And a certain assassin who seems to have crossed sides.
Will the big day ever come about?

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Three weeks until the wedding . . .

Was that the Fox?

Sunny froze, peering out into the semi-dark nightclub. She closed her eyes, then opened them again.

And all she could see was a guy in his fifties with a bald spot and a ponytail swaying in place while a woman half his age ground her ass against him.

She sighed. She had to stop doing this. She was seeing him everywhere, and it was killing her.

“Sunny! You okay?”

She glanced over with a smile as Millie gave her a concerned look. Most of her friends were all out on the dance floor at The Edge, dancing and having a good time.

Except her.

Which was pretty sad when this was her hen’s night.

Three weeks to her wedding.

It was hard to believe. She was getting her happy-ever-after with the sexiest man on the planet.

And he loved her.

Sunny knew that she wasn’t particularly special. The only thing interesting about her was the fact that she had a Fairy Godfather.

A Foxy Fairy Godfather.

Who everyone believed had turned against them.

But she refused to believe that. She was keeping the faith.

Darn it, Sunny. This is your hen’s night. Stop thinking about the Fox.

So, she gave Millie a thumbs up. “I’m great!”

The guys hadn’t wanted them to go out on their own, which is why they’d compromised and come to The Edge, which was owned by Drew Markovich.

Oh, and they’d also had to agree to several of Markovich’s men coming along to guard them. Right now, those men were fanned around them on the dance floor, stopping anyone else from coming close.

Millie gave her a skeptical look. She’d known Sunny too long to fully believe her.

“Want to go upstairs for a drink?” Jewel asked.

Sunny nodded. She could use a break. And a pink cocktail. Jewel gestured at the others to let them know where they were going. Tabby, Emme, and Dahlia stayed on the dance floor while Millie, Betsy, and Livvy followed them up to the VIP area.

Yep, knowing the owner meant they were VIPs.

Two of the guards broke off to move with them. Once they reached the VIP area, they grabbed drinks from the bartender. They even had their own private bartender.

“I feel so special,” Sunny said. “I mean, I’ve never been a VIP in my life.”

“You’re always a VIP,” Betsy told her loyally.

Sunny sipped on the bright pink cocktail. Hmm, maybe she should slow down. She wasn’t really a drinker. But these were delicious. And they were pink.

How could she resist?

“You sure you’re all right, Sunny?” Millie asked again. “You’ve been kind of quiet.”

Sunny winced. “Sorry. I’m having a great time, really.”

They all stared at her. These were her closest friends. If she could tell anyone . . .

She sighed. “There’s just a lot to think about, you know? All the wedding details. We’re only three weeks out and I haven’t even heard from my parents.” She stared at her drink, then gulped the rest down.

“They’re not coming?” Jewel asked with a scowl. “Those assholes.”

Sunny shrugged. “It’s not like we’re close. They’re travelling around, living their best life.”

Without her.

“Guess I’ll walk down the aisle by myself.”

“What did Duke say?” Jewel asked.

“He’s angry that they haven’t replied to my messages. But as he said, it’s kind of expected. And he’s right. Not sure why I’m so hurt. I guess there’s just been a lot lately . . . you know, I might get another drink.” She jumped up, ignoring the way her head swum and grabbed another cocktail before going to the balcony to look at the dancers below.

It was easy to spot her friends since they were in a bubble.

She noticed Dahlia gesturing something while her bodyguard shook his head.

“Wonder what that’s about?” Livvy said, coming up beside her.

Then Emme and Tabby linked their hands together in front of them.

“I think Dahlia wants to run and jump into their arms,” Sunny said with a giggle.

“Oh, Lord.” Livvy laughed and shook her head. “And I thought my brothers were trouble.”

“I think Dahlia and Emme together are trouble with a capital T.”

Livvy leaned into her, looking around. “Have you heard from him?”

“From who?” Sunny gave her a curious look.

“The Fox.”

“Livvy,” she said warningly. “It’s best not to talk about him.”

“I know some of the others believe that he betrayed Markovich. Others are on the fence. But I don’t believe he’d do that, and I know you don’t either.”

Sunny sucked in a breath. “You don’t?”

“Nope. But whatever is going on with him, there’s not a thing any of us can do. And while I don’t really know him, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want you to worry over him, right?”

No, he wouldn’t. He’d think that was a ridiculous waste of time.

Sunny nodded. “You’re right.”

“This is your hen’s night. Your wedding. You shouldn’t let anyone, not absent parents or . . . or . . .”