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Would you kill for love?

Chase and Jasmine are reunited, but for how long? Jasmine isn't sure Chase can be monogamous. Chase isn't sure he can live without her. Both only know one thing for certain. know when they're together, something hot and electric bridges between them.

Then, gun shots blare. Someone is shot. Another runs away.

The decisions of their love will have to take a back burner to finding the dangerous person that just can't seem to let Chase go. Everything points to his three ex-girlfriends, but which one is the true killer? And how far will Jasmine and Chase go to save their love as well as themselves their lives?

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Chapter 1


Sex and a flowery fragrance drenched the air. Rose petals cluttered the ground. The lamps in Lan restaurant boasted no light, except the one crimson lamp that hovered over our table and bathed us in a red glow.

Chase and I lay entangled in each other’s arms among piles of petals, whispering about everything but what needed to be discussed. We’d avoided the commitment word and talk of what we would do for the future. Instead, we kissed and nibbled each other until our lips were puffy and numb, and nothing existed in the moment but our hearts beating against our chests.

What will we do after this? Are we even back together?

He left the arrangement with his three girlfriends, women who’d attended to his needs and spoiled him rotten. He’d made love to them as much as he pleased, treated them any way he desired, and dressed them according to his strict instructions.

Now all of that’s gone.

He said he had left all of that for me.

But am I enough? I’m only one woman.

“I have to go.” I scanned the dark restaurant for my panties and bra. I’d been “going” for the past hour, and for that whole time, Chase had been distracting me.

“Just let me kiss her before you leave.” Chase moved lower and pressed his lips against the area between my legs. “She missed me.”

I groaned. “Yes, she did.”

A throbbing blaze uncoiled within my core and spread across my skin.

Damn him.

I gasped, grabbing for something to hold onto and only feeling the silky texture of flowers slipping through my fingers. Words balanced on the tip of my tongue, ones like taste and lick, please and now. But I kept them in my mouth. I had to get out of there and clear my mind.

I’ll just let him do this for a few seconds. Fuck.

He slid his tongue between my folds and circled my throbbing bud with lazy, long strokes, over and over.

“Chase.” I trembled under him and forced myself to edge away. “We can’t.”

“We can.” He lapped at me hard with just the right pressure, sending me into a frenzy of pleasure. I wanted to lie back down and let him take me for the fourth time that night, but I couldn’t. I needed space and time to think. If I wasn’t careful, he would devour me just like that and tug me back into his world before I got the chance to figure out my needs.

And I have to check on Vivian.

She’d called three times since I’d been in the restaurant making love to Chase. Hysteria laced her voice. She had an argument with Troy but refused to tell me why. Not that I couldn’t guess. They’d started dating after secretly being in love with each other for all their lives and then later discovered they were brother and sister, all in less than a month. A rollercoaster ride of emotions bridged between them, and I was the maintenance person, contacted by both, whenever the ride became too much.

“I should leave.”

Chase grunted in protest and sucked on my clit. It swelled in his moist mouth. His sucking was pure bliss. He captured my breasts with his hands and fondled the tips of my nipples. The whole time he watched me with those green eyes that boasted amber hues around the irises.

Holy fuck.

He whipped his tongue along the tip of my clit as he sucked.

A scream of ecstasy fled my lips. “Oh, God!”

“God can’t save you now.” He spread me wider and pushed his tongue inside.

Yes. Right there.

I rocked into his face. My focus thrust all other concerns out of the way and centered on his magical mouth, teasing fingers, and his scent—new leather mixed with vanilla. He pulled his tongue out and flicked it up and down over my clit.

This feels so good.

My phone rang.

The noise splashed over me like cold water.


It had to be her.

What was I even thinking? I have to leave.

“Stop, baby.” I moved his hands from my breasts and nudged at his head. His sweat-drenched hair smoothed against my fingers. He lifted his face. My arousal had wet his lips. They shined each time shadows flickered away for light.

My phone rang again.

He tried to go back to licking. I blocked him. “Stop.”

“Stop?” He pierced me with an angry gaze.

“I have to answer that.” I scooted away from him and reached for the phone.

Petals stuck to my butt and the backs of my legs.

“Don’t answer.”

“I have to, Chase. Vivian isn’t handling the situation with Troy very well.“

“She’s had you to herself for all these weeks we’ve been separated, while I sat outside your apartment in my limo like a heartbroken, deranged person.”

“I’m still answering.”

“You have half a minute to find out what she wants and hang up.” No hint of humor glazed his words.

I tried not to laugh at his audacity. “And if I don’t get off the phone, what are you going to do?”