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Mina has always had a special place in her heart for Aspen. It’s too bad he doesn’t feel the same way. Maybe it’s time for her to finally move on and let Cupid work his magic.

Aspen has done his best to keep Mina at arm’s length, but he won’t last much longer. The thought of her with someone else is driving him to do things he swore not to. He’s hanging by a thread, and she’s holding the scissors.

Warning: This Valentine’s Day quickie will send Cupid straight to your heart… or lady business. No judgement. If you loved Snowed in With Scrooge, this is the follow up you’ve been waiting for!

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Chapter One


“Do you think this is enough?”

“I think you made more than enough cookies for the whole town,” my dad laughs, placing the last basket of cookies I made into the back of my car. “There a reason you made so many?” He shuts the car door and leans up against the side of it. Everyone knows when I get upset I bake. “I know you’re not nervous about your new job.”

“I’m not, I’m excited. I love Brightberry.”

This town is the only home I remember. In fact, my first memory that I can recall is the night my dad found my mom and me. We likely would have become frozen popsicles if he hadn’t spotted us on the side of the road. Technically Nyah is my sister but she was always more of a mother to me. But she and Fraser made it official when they adopted me, and Brightberry has been our home ever since.

After Mom and Dad had three boys that I utterly adore, our family has been my world. Sticking close to home has been my plan and that’s what I’m doing now. I’m not sure if my past plays a part in that since I had shitty birth parents. Thankfully I don’t remember them.

With the exception of the two months I spent in the city getting trained as a dispatch and 911 operator, I’ve spent my whole life in Brightberry. Even when I was in the city I still came home every week but now that it’s over I’m home permanently. I’ve started the next chapter of my life and my new job isn’t going to be the only adventure I’m embarking on. I have other plans and no one is going to stand in the way of them.

“Then what’s with all the cookies?” Dad taps the top of my car to get my attention.

“I didn’t see you complaining about how many I made when you were eating them last night.”

“I had four,” He says, and I lift a brow. We both know he’s full of it. “Okay, eight.” he admits sheepishly, making me smile.

“I should get going,” I tell him so he can’t keep trying to get more information out of me. He pulls me in for a hug, telling me this conversation isn’t over but he’s letting me pretend it is.

The last thing I want to talk to my dad about is Aspen. He’s the boy who has owned my heart since he let me destroy him with snowballs as a little girl and never threw one back. When we were kids he shared all his toys with me. Then when we got older I tried to share my first kiss with him. It’s too bad that it went terribly wrong because it’s been horrible ever since.

Now I’m starting to wonder if maybe he was right about turning me down. Since I tried to kiss him, things have been awkward and it’s not as though I can avoid Aspen. He’s my adopted father’s nephew and our family is always together. Even though we grew up in the same family, I never thought of him that way. Since I can remember I always had a giant crush on Aspen. I might also love him. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I’m head over heels in love with him, but it’s never going to happen.

The one time I tried to kiss him already made things messy and awkward. I never thought that he and I being together could be bad, but maybe it could destroy our family. Another part of me thinks that ship has sailed. It would kill me if Aspen ever brought a girl home. Since our town is so small I’ll likely know her. Everyone knows everyone and it will be awful.

Trying to put all those thoughts out of my head, I drive into town and focus on my first day. It doesn’t take me long and when I pull into the police station, I see all the firemen outside playing basketball. That’s when I see Becs is leaning up against her ambulance watching the show. It might be cold out but that doesn’t stop a few of the firemen from going without shirts.

“Can a girl get a hand?” I call when I step out of my car and all their heads swing my way. “I’ve got cookies.”

“Why are you ruining my show?” Becs huffs with a laugh.

“You can have some cookies too.” Becs is a few years older than me and was in the same grade as Aspen.

“Your first day on the job and you’re already spoiling us?” Ryan says when he makes it over to me first.

“I had some time on my hands,” I tell him and then open my back door. “At least take two inside for me. Everyone can fight over the rest.” Then I stand back and let them clear everything out for me.