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I'll do anything to keep her... and I frankly don't care how she feels about it.JaxSpending nine years in a prison cell changes a man. And as much as I longed to be free, nothing could have prepared me for being part of the outside world again.I'm not a normal man. My tastes run dark, and I don't know how to be civilized. I'm quiet, gruff, and tainted all the way down to my soul.But the moment Blakely steps into that hotel room with me, I'm done for. I'm a goner.Because this woman...She was made for me.And I can't bring myself to let her go. Not even when trouble comes punching me right in the face.~*~*~BlakelyMy boss warns me that Jax isn't like most men. The other women never want a second night with him, no matter how much he pays.Turns out... I'm just as screwed up as he is.Jax is overprotective, over the top, and just this side of too much.He's everything I need him to be.When we barge right into trouble, intent on rescuing a girl who had been kidnapped, he's probably expecting me to run.But I'm not the kind of woman who runs.Come hell or high water, I'm this man's ride or die.There's no getting rid of me.Ride with the men of Ghost Born MC in this new series by T.O. Smith and Layne Daniels.**Please read the note from the author located at the front of the book.**Please also note that this series has an overarching plot. Each book will contain a HEA for the characters, but the plot will not be resolved until book six.

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“Fuck,” I swore as sirens reached my ears. This wasn’t supposed to goddamn happen. Wasn’t part of my fucking plan. I had people to take care of, and I was about to abandon them. No damn doubt about it. Because there was no way I was getting out of this. Even if I ran, leaving the gas can and the car here, my prints were everywhere. I hadn’t had time to wipe anything down. Hell, I’d just set the old house on fire.

I always knew there was a possibility I’d lose my freedom by doing these jobs, but I’d felt untouchable. I’d gone so long—years—without even being on the cops’ radar.

But that was over now.

Blue and red lights lit up the small yard I was standing in. The heat from the flames licked at my back as I turned to face the four police cruisers that pulled in. My arms went up, showing my hands were empty and that I was cooperating. I’d seen other kids get shot by officers in this city for less. And I was praying I’d make it out of this unscathed if I just cooperated.

Especially for Cameron and Ace. It would kill a part of them if they found out I was dead. As the babies of our group—Ace at eight and Cameron at twelve—I did my best to protect them. Konrad, Shaw, and Arlo were old enough now to stand on their own, though I still did my best to protect them, too.

That wasn’t going to happen anymore.

I’d failed them.

“Get on the ground!” one of the officers shouted as he got out of the car, his gun pointed at me. I gritted my teeth and lowered myself to my knees, my arms still up.

I could kiss my freedom goodbye—and the boys I’d managed to form a family with.

Ash dropped onto my skin, burning me before it cooled. I linked my fingers behind my head and remained silent as two officers began patting me down, the one barking orders still pointing the gun right at my head.

“You are under arrest…” a fourth officer began as I was yanked up from the ground. My hands were snatched behind my back, and metal cuffs bit into my wrists. I felt blood trickle down my hand, but I didn’t say a word about the tightness.

I just obediently followed as I was towed to the back of one of the cruisers, my Miranda rights being read out to me all while firefighters worked on putting out the fire I’d started.

The officer slammed the door shut, blocking out the sound of their squawking radios, the spray of the water, and the crackling of the flames. Sighing, I leaned my head back against the seat and shut my eyes, picturing my family’s faces in my mind.

I hoped they didn’t end up making the same mistakes I did.

If you go anywhere else in the United States, you’ll find a criminal trial takes forever. Here in this small town in Washington? It happens fast. They don’t pile up evidence against you. They hit you with prison time as quickly as they can.

Which was why I was now sitting across from Konrad and Shaw on visitation day after two months of being inside. No one had been able to post bond for me, so I’d sat in a cell until my court date, only to get hit with nine years.

Nine. Fucking. Years.

This was the first time I’d allowed Konrad and Shaw to come visit me, and I was going to make it the last, too. I didn’t want them to have ties to me. I needed them to get their shit together and get on the straight and narrow. Get the hell out of that town while they still could before bad shit kept them locked in it, too.

“Why?” Shaw finally asked me, leaning back in his chair. His dark eyes roamed the room, taking in the white, brick walls and all the inmates in prison orange, just like me.

I shrugged at him in answer. He sighed and scratched his jaw before looking over at Konrad. Konrad steepled his fingers together on the table, pressing his thumbs together. He stared down at them for a moment before looking back up at me.

“Ace has been inconsolable,” he finally told me. I clenched my jaw so tightly, my teeth audibly ground together. “Arlo is aging out soon. Cameron and Ace are going to be on their own in that fucked up home, Jax. We were supposed to protect them.”

I shook my head. “They have to grow up at some point,” I told him quietly, the words tasting sour in my mouth. “Even if I don’t fucking like it.” Sighing, I leaned back in my chair, giving both young men pointed looks. We were the same age, though I was the oldest by a couple of months. “You two need to get the hell out of that town while you still can. Go make something of yourselves.”