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When bad boy Jake Summers came back to his childhood hometown of Briarwood he had no idea that he was going to run into the crown princess. That’s what the locals had always called her, the daughter of the town’s self-appointed king.
Old man Willoughby owned and ran everything in their little town and everyone had always bowed to his dictates. Jake had never seen the daughter in question lesser beings like himself were not given that privilege, besides he was five years older than she was.
But when he found the young beauty in his home on his return tutoring his little sister of all things, the sparks began to fly. With one look he knew he wanted her under him but he also knew there was no way it could work. Not unless he disrupted her life.
One night of unbridled passion in the backseat of his car had changed everything. Not only were they caught, Jake had to leave town and leave his heart behind. Now three years later he’s back to reclaim what’s rightfully his and this is no boy but a man.
A man who had spet the last three years planning his return.
This story contains explicit sex scenes
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Chapter 1


I’ve had it with this shit. No more doormat, no more Ms. Goody Two Shoes. I picked up my phone from the mattress beside me. Only one person I know who will understand how I’m feeling

without judging me. Without bringing up my past like a mallet to beat me over the head. One little slip in judgment when I was eighteen years old and I have to live like a nun forever.

Well fuck that the habit’s coming off. I’m lonely, horny and pissed the fuck off. No almost twenty two year old is supposed to feel like this.

I’m not a bad person. I mean I have done some fucked up things in my life but who haven’t? So why does that one little mishap get to rule the rest of my life? Meanwhile Jake Summers gets

to go on with life as usual. So what I lost my cherry in the backseat of his mustang on the football field? Big deal. And so what if deputy Smalls caught us and made a big stink about

it? So what if mommy and daddy had to hear about it along with half the town? Who then felt it necessary to spread it to the other half. That was four long years ago and I’ve decided

that I’ve been punished enough.

Didn’t I have to give up my scholarship and go to the local community college because momma and daddy forbid me to leave? Apparently getting your cherry popped by the town’s bad boy in

the backseat of his souped up ride was a taint on your character for the rest of your life. Not only that it was the gateway to hell to hear them tell it. The only good thing about that

whole deal was that I was able to finish my four-year degree in three. That’ll happen when you’ve been cut off from the rest of the free world for three damn years.

Jake Summers. I still blush just thinking about him. He’d tried to contact me after that night but daddy had made threats, and since the sheriff was a good buddy of his, (more like daddy

owned him) poor Jake had given up. But not without trying behind the scenes at least a couple more times. He had left town a few days later, hadn’t seen or heard from him in three years.

His sister Mindy had kept in touch but we had to keep our friendship hidden. Daddy didn’t want any reminders of my shame as he calls it.

Now Mindy has been badgering me about going out with her. She knows I’m not allowed but it doesn’t stop her from trying every so often. I like hanging out with Mindy, it makes me feel

closer to her brother somehow though she never talks about him anymore. In the beginning she’d brought him up every other second but when she realized how much it hurt me she’d stopped.

I miss hearing about him but it was just too painful.

He was the only boy I’d ever loved. Well boy might be a bit of a stretch. He was twenty-three when I was eighteen. Rumor had it that he was smart but he was drawn to the dark side, fast

cars and motorcycles. When we met he’d just been home from college. It was hard to believe he’d actually been, he just didn’t fit the profile. Leathers and tats did not spell alumnus if

you know what I mean. But talking to him made me realize just how much you should never judge a book by its cover.

Jake was insightful and knowledgeable about a lot of things. Too bad that wasn’t enough for daddy when the shit hit the fan. All he saw was a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who

wasn’t even good enough to walk in his little girl’s shadow. He’d run him off, the only man I’d ever felt for and in the last three years proceeded to parade the sorriest bunch of

assholes this side of the Mississippi before me every chance he got. I fixed him though, fixed him good. Every one of them went away knowing about my sin. I might embellish the truth a

bit, saying that the incident had made the newspapers. And since most of them were mama’s boys out to please they ran like a scalded cat. Daddy had fits but what could he do? He finally

took note and stopped bringing them around about six months ago.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me. For all intents and purposes I’ve been cool with my lot. But now school was over. I can go out and make my own way. I’m no longer dependent on my

parents to take care of me and by rights I’m a grown woman. I want out. I refuse to spend another night reliving the heat and passion of my one encounter. When my kitty gets wet the next

time I want there to be something more than memories to get me through. I wish I knew where Jake was right now. Maybe I’ll ask Mindy, maybe he would still be single and have been pining

away for me the same way I’ve been yearning for him.