Beauty’s Twisted Tyrant – A Dark Fairytale Read Online Nichole Rose

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Cursed to sleep, awoken with a kiss…and destined to be his. But no one warned her how much she'd love her prince's twisted games.

Cursed to sleep. Awoken by a kiss. You know the drill.
But why didn't anyone warn me that Prince Charming is a tyrant?
And why didn't anyone tell me how much I'd love his filthy games?
Because the more time I spend with this wicked man, the harder I fall.
He's like no prince I've ever met. He's so much worse.
And God help me, I can't resist him.
But when his court finds out about me, everything comes crashing down.
Now, I'm alone, heartbroken, carrying a secret I'll protect at all costs…
And someone wants me dead.
When he comes for me and the whole truth comes out, I'm forced to choose.
Can I trust him with my heart, or was I just a game to him?

I take what I want when I want.
It's the law of the land.
So when I find Thalia sleeping in my hunting cabin, I can't resist claiming her.
She's so soft and sweet. So obedient. So mine.
The twisted games we play drive me wild.
But I didn't anticipate them ever making my heart beat again.
Now, I'll do whatever I must to keep her.
But some people in my court are desperate to keep us apart.
And they nearly succeed.
When Thalia goes missing, I'll destroy this kingdom to get her back.
No one takes what belongs to me. No one.

Beauty's Twisted Tyrant is a filthy fairytale with a possessive, dirty hero and a naïve, curvy heroine. If age gaps, obsessed heroes, and extra steamy romance aren't your jam, this book is not for you.

Once Upon A Time ... a coven of romance authors cast a spell on your favorite fairy tales.

You've met the Monsters Between the Sheets in Screaming Woods, now meet the enchanted townsfolk in neighboring Fable Forest, where love and magic collide. Thieves and witches and creatures that fly. Wolves and demons and bears ... oh my!

Filthy Fairy Tales will be creating magic on your Kindles in May 2024.

Content Enchanted Body Parts, Magical Matings, Filthy Happily Ever Afters

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Chapter One


The woods are supposed to be lovely, dark, and deep. At least, that's what Robert Frost said. He was right on two counts. But I don't think he ever spent time alone deep in the heart of the forest at dusk with a sleeping curse creeping up on him. If he had, I don't think he would have called them lovely. Terrifying is a more fitting descriptor from where I'm standing.

"Keep it together, Thalia," I say, forcing myself to put one foot in front of the other. "You can do this." The encouragement would sound far more convincing if my voice didn't shake, causing the words to slur together.

I blink rapidly, trying to keep the narrow road at my feet in focus. The curse claws at the edges of my consciousness, trying to drag me under its wicked reign.

It's a feeling I've grown intimately familiar with.

For the last ten years of my life, it's won every night. As soon as the sun sets, I plummet to the ground, dead asleep. For twelve hours, I'm nothing but a body tethered to the earth by an ancient magic cast upon me simply because I'm a Rosewood. I wasn't even the one cursed. It was my great, great, great, great, great, greatgreatgreat grandmother.

Everyone knows that story. It involves a spindle, a hundred-year curse, and a cranky sorceress. At least, everyone thinks they know the story. The finer details—like the fact that every female born with Rosewood blood since then has carried part of that curse—were lost along the way.

I'm one of those women. Like my grandmother and hers, I live half a life. The other half, I'm doomed to sleep like the dead—unfeeling, unaware, oblivious. Until my true love kisses me and breaks the spell, this is my fate.

You will marry him, Thalia. That's an order.

My father's raised voice echoes in my head, his shouted decree momentarily snapping through the fog of exhaustion. Until today, I always believed I had a chance of breaking the curse. He shattered that illusion and my faith.

In a matter of weeks, he expects me to marry a prince I've never met simply to strengthen an alliance and grow the kingdom for our family. Never mind the fact that I live half a life. Never mind the fact that I'll never again see the moon shining overhead or lie on my back and look up at the night sky.

The curse that was supposed to end when I found my soulmate will last forever. Everyone else gets twenty-four hours in a day. But I'll spend the rest of my life living with twelve, and my own father sealed my fate.

"I won't do it, Papa! I won't!"

You will," he orders, cold authority ringing in his voice, "or so help me, you'll spend your days locked in the tower."

I rear back in shock. He'd lock me in the tower? Imprison me? Simply because I don't want to marry a man I've never met and don't love?

He's a monster.

"Fine." I lift my chin, battling back the urge to cry. "If that's your will, Father."

"Daughter, I…" His expression softens incrementally.

My heart doesn't. He made his choice. The throne is all he cares about, not me. That's never been clearer than it is right now. All those years I thought he loved me were a lie—just a fairytale I told myself because that's what fathers are supposed to do, right? Love their children.

"I'll prepare the contracts," he says, turning away from me.

A single tear courses down my cheek.

Is it any wonder why I fled?

The Rosewood Kingdom isn't my home. It's a prison.

I'm stuck like a rat in a cage, living out a nightmare.

Branches snap under my boots as I push through the undergrowth growing denser with every step. Shadows stretch like greedy fingers, clawing at the edges of the day. A shiver whispers through me—not solely from the chill in the air. Urgency pulses within me, driving me forward.

The curse isn't the only thing lurking in the dark, waiting to snatch me. Nightfall is a predator here, and I'm all too aware of its approach.

Every rustle in the foliage feels like an ominous whisper, a reminder of my vulnerability. I'm not just a princess fleeing royal expectations. I'm prey, soft and ripe.

The weight of my decision to run presses down on me, as heavy as the thick shadows overtaking the densest parts of the forest.

Perhaps I should have tried to negotiate my freedom, to plead my case to my father again. But no, I let fear drive me into the heart of Fable Forest, where the rustle of leaves speaks of dark enchantments and darker appetites.

"Come on, Thalia," I mutter to myself, my breath misting in the cool air. "Pull it together." A little independence never comes without its own set of thorns. But desperation has a peculiar way of sharpening a girl's resolve. I refuse to let mine dull on the blunt edge of fear.