Big Bad Boss – Moon Mad (Werewolves of Wall Street #2) Read Online Renee Rose, Lee Savino

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Series: Werewolves of Wall Street Series by Renee Rose

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Rule #2 of Wall Never show weakness
An alpha must protect his pack. Weakness isn’t an option.
Neither is the beautiful human who turned my world upside down.
But she is my obsession, I won't let her go.
I’m feral with the need to possess her. To consume her.
Mating a human would destroy everything I've fought
My business, my pack, my family.
But I can't resist this forbidden attraction.
And if I don't claim her soon, I'll succumb to moon madness--
a fate worse than death.

Moon Mad is book two in the Big Bad Boss trilogy. The books must be read in order. It features a billionaire boss-hole wolf shifter and his freakishly smart assistant.

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Chapter One


I trek through the woods, fresh snow crunching under my feet. The sun shines, refracting on the snow to make a billion tiny diamonds. I’m having a Dr. Zhivago moment, stunned by the beauty of the ice and nature-made snow sculptures all around me. I stop to investigate an icicle hanging from a tree, but a low growl makes me freeze.

I whirl to find I’m surrounded by a half-dozen giant wolves–snarling, angry, probably hungry wolves.

They advance on me slowly, their big paws sinking into the snow with each step. The largest one–the tan one with a black streak running from chin to chest leaps at me, and I scream–

I kick off the bedcovers.

A strong arm bands around me. “Hey,” a deep familiar voice reaches me, and the forest fades to a bedroom.

I jerk awake with a gasp.

“You okay?” Brick spoons me, his large body molded around mine.

“Oh my God.” I sit up, shoving my hair from my face. We’re in the guest room in the Berkshires. I can’t tell what time it is. “I dreamt wolves were chasing me in a snowstorm.”

Brick sits up, too, and I tug the sheet up to my armpits, suddenly aware I’m naked in a bed with my billionaire boss.

“Come here.” He hauls me into his lap, cradled sideways, my shoulders leaning back against one of his arms, my knees across his lap.

I’m shocked he wants to cuddle. Is this still a dream? I can’t seem to orient myself.

He tugs down the sheet and cups one of my breasts, like my body belongs to him. “I’m sorry about the wolves. And the blizzard. And for driving you out into it.”

I lift my brows. “Wow. Another apology? That’s two trophies I’m having made.”

He brushes a thumb across one of my nipples, and I relax into him at the sensual touch.

“Has anyone ever been attacked by wolves on your property before?”

“No. They don’t attack humans.”

“Oh, they were going to attack me.” The memory of the wolves surrounding me comes back, only now it’s muddled by the dream. Which one was real? I’m not usually so confused.

“Tell me what happened.” Brick is still toying with my nipple. There’s a familiarity between us like we’re long-time lovers.

“I was out in the blizzard. I thought I heard you calling me, so I tried to yell back, but my voice was giving out. I found a branch to bang against a tree to make noise.”

“That was good thinking.”

“Then suddenly, there were six wolves surrounding me, howling. One of them even came at me.”

Brick seems to stiffen. Finally he’s actually giving my experience some credence. “Came at you, how?”

“It came right up to me and almost sat on my foot.”

He relaxes. “That doesn’t sound aggressive, Windows. Was it showing you fangs? Growling?”

“Well, no.”

“What did it look like?”

“It was huge. Tan with black markings. It had a streak of black that ran from chin to chest.” I draw a line down my throat to show him.

Brick relaxes some more. “A female?”

“I don’t know. Are you familiar with these wolves?”

“Oh, I know them. That pack has been in these woods longer than any human.”

“And no one’s ever been eaten?”

“Never.” He sounds amused. Like me being afraid of wolves is a cute quirk of mine and not a legit danger. “It sounds to me like the wolf was trying to comfort you. Have you ever had a dog come and sit against your leg? It’s a sign of solidarity.”

I wrinkle my brow and give him a quick glance. “I don’t think so.” Now I’m not so sure. Was the wolf really going to attack me? Maybe I was confused.

Brick pinches my nipple and flips me onto my back. I’m instantly wet. Totally ready. “You don’t have to be afraid of the big, bad wolf.” He straddles my waist and pins my wrists to the bed as he nips the soft side of my breast.

I gasp and arch into him. “Just the Big, Bad Boss?”

“Definitely him.” He swirls his tongue around my nipple.

I grip his head, running my fingers through his hair. “Am I still in trouble?”

“So much.” His voice is gravelly with lust. “I’m going to fuck you into submission, Windows.”

I arch. “Won’t happen,” I choke, but my hips roll beneath him, seeking firm contact.

“The submission or the fucking?”

I spread my legs, and our hips line up. “Submission.”

I wake up on the edge of an orgasm. This time there’s no confusion. I’m not in bed with Brick Blackthroat in the Berkshires because I left there Thanksgiving night.

I’m horny, alone, and in my childhood bedroom at my mom’s place.

Apparently the dream within a dream was my subconscious working overtime to process what happened over Thanksgiving.

I’m sure part of the problem was the way I left.

After Thanksgiving dinner, I was expecting–or maybe just hoping for–another round with the Big Bad Boss. Instead, he disappeared outside with his buddies, and then Billy showed up to tell me that the weather had cleared, and John had readied the helicopter.