Blackmailing the Denton Girl – The Denton Family Legacy Read Online Sam Crescent

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Tamsin doesn’t want to be married. She ran away from home and started a new life for herself far away from any Denton. However, she knows there is always danger lurking. Mason Savonas is closing in, and she cannot fall into his trap. Mason has no choice, he has to find Tamsin Denton before his father does. His father likes them young, and he has set his sights on the youngest Denton. He does not want war between their families, but peace. After finding Tamsin, he does negotiate. He will keep all of her secrets, and all she has to do is marry him. For two years, Mason surprises her. He is the perfect gentleman. She wants to hate him, but little by little, she sees the true man that he is, and it is not someone she hates. But there is trouble brewing. Mason could not kill his father due to the consequences, but he has just uncovered a loophole. Only Tamsin can kill him, and he will not ask his young wife to kill a man. Can she do it, or will it be too late to save everyone from all out war?

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Tamsin Denton couldn’t believe she had gotten caught. She’d been so careful. Staring down at her bound hands, she had already tried to pry open the knot with her teeth, to no avail. There was nothing she could do. No way to make her escape. The Savonases had captured her, and now there was no way out.

She couldn’t help but wonder every single time someone walked outside the room where she was being kept, that it might be the father, Paul. There were so many scary rumors circulating about him. He loved young girls, and had no qualms about taking them to bed. The man had absolutely no morals or values. He just wanted … girls.

She had to wonder for a split-second how he’d managed to conceive three sons, if he hated women so much and only wanted them young. This was how her crazy brain worked. Whenever she was posed with a terrifying situation, she started to be curious about the silliest things.

It didn’t matter who had borne his children.

All she had to care about was getting out alive. Safely.

She had to make her escape and then figure a way out of this mess.

Why had she let her guard down?

She’d been so happy, for the first time ever in her life, and she felt with every second that passed, it was being taken from her.

They had caught her. How had they found her? Landon had warned her to be careful and she had been.

Shit. Fuck. Shit. Fuck.

She didn’t know what to do, and they had bound her hands as well as her legs. Taking a deep breath, she tried not to think or feel. The panic she tried to control threatened to get the better of her. She did not want to show any kind of fear. She had no idea what they were waiting for.

Was this a mind game?

She was a teenager, and not used to playing mind games. She only wanted to live her life without fear of being sold to the highest bidder.

At the sound of footsteps right outside the door, she couldn’t help but freeze. She stopped breathing, hoping and praying that whoever it was left her alone.

She didn’t have any kind of luck. The door opened and she tensed up, waiting, not sure what was going to happen.

Mason Savonas walked through the door. He was alone. She watched as he closed the door, and then took several steps toward her, crouching down, merely inches away from her.

“Hello, Tamsin, or are you going by Tanya now?”

She felt her blood start to boil, but years of being conditioned to stay quiet controlled her.

“Got nothing to say.”

If she said anything now, she would show how close she was to losing her temper, and against him, she knew it wouldn’t do. He would have won.

He tutted. “Well, I guess we might as well get to the topic at hand. You’re needed, Tamsin. Believe it or not, you’re the only piece in the cog that can make this work between the Dentons and Savonases.”

“You don’t need me.”

Mason sighed. “You see, I wish that was true, but we’ve got a problem, Tamsin. My father has obsessions, and when he finds a new one, he never lets up until he has a taste.”

“He’s sick and twisted.”

“That I do agree with. Yes, my father is sick and twisted, and a complete and total scumbucket, but his name still brings fear to a lot of people. The Denton name brings fear. There is only one way to bring the Denton and Savonas families closer, and that is through marriage.”


“For power. I cannot take everything away from my father without it. I need the backing of the Dentons. I need you.”

She shook her head. “I’m a teenager. You don’t need me. Go and find some other teenage girl to hurt.”

He chuckled. It wasn’t a nice sound. “I know, but here’s the thing, Tamsin. I find it rather strange that you aren’t in mourning.”

Tamsin held herself still.

“I have it on good authority that you and Landon, being the youngest of the Dentons, were close. I mean, he did help you escape, and he also killed your father, some believe out of revenge, but also to help you.”

“Your point?”

“Landon’s very much dead, right?”

She stayed perfectly still.

“And you have yet to shed a tear, so that can only mean one thing. Landon is alive, and I’m guessing very few people know that.”

Crap, fuck. Landon had called her and given her the update. To the whole world, Landon Denton was dead. He didn’t tell her where he was living or who he was, just that he would call from time to time to check on her.

Tamsin had been so relieved, but now she realized her mistake. It was a big, gigantic, fucking mistake. Anger rolled down her spine.

“So, before we deal with the problem of Landon not being dead, let’s talk about your family. Did you know that the Dentons are struggling?” She hadn’t. “Your father, before he died, squandered a great deal of money, and in his erratic behavior, left a legacy that isn’t quite so … great.”