Blink (Savage Crows MC Original Chapter #1) Read Online T.O. Smith

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Where it all started…

I’m not one for settling down. I like my women to be unattached–to me and anyone else.
But then I lay eyes on her.
Lindsey is everything I never expected her to be. Everything I didn’t know I wanted.
She’s full of fire. Life. One look at her and I feel like I can breathe.
I’m obsessed. There’s no other word for it. I want her all for myself, and I’ll do anything to keep her.
If she thinks she can run from me, she’s got another thing coming for her.

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I loved the open road. The freedom I got as my bike cut through the wind. How much more beautiful the world was when it wasn’t blocked by a windshield. There was something irreplaceable about hearing the roar of the road beneath my bike tires and the growl of the beast beneath me as I cut my way through the country roads.

But nothing would ever beat coming home to the clubhouse and walking inside. When I bought this place right after getting out of the military, it’d been a wreck. The realtor told me I probably would’ve been better off just tearing it down and building something new. But this place had something about it that drew me in, and I didn’t want to destroy it. Instead, I wanted to focus on restoring it.

So, the friends I’d made in the military and who had gotten out with me joined forces with me. They helped me pour money into this old building to restore it back to its former glory, and when I offered them a cut to be part of my small club, they took the opportunity to belong to something again with both hands.

Four years later and we were now a small but respected club. The four of us were all that made it up, but that was all we needed. There was strength to still be had in small numbers, and that was what we focused on.

“Fucking shit, my ass hurts,” Carver grumbled as we walked up to the clubhouse doors. Grit unlocked it and pushed one side open, and we followed him in, heading straight for the chapel so we could count this money out and go to the nearby bar to get food.

I was fucking starving.

We were all shit at cooking and only halfway decent at making a drink for ourselves. We’d been on the hunt for a good person to hire to cook for us and keep this place clean, but none of us had been impressed by any of the applications so far. Most of them were women more interested in trying to change a bad boy than actually doing any kind of work. And they were talkative, too, which meant they’d be untrustworthy. Last thing we needed was a bunch of gossipers.

I took my seat at the head of the table before pulling the envelope of cash out of the inside pocket of my cut. Grit took a seat to my left, Carver took a seat to my right, and Carter took a seat beside Carver. They silently watched as I began dividing up the money between the four of us and our club fund. Once it was divided, I slid their cut across to them before getting up and putting the cut for the club fund into the safe.

“Are we finally going to fucking eat now?” Carver griped.

I snorted and turned to face him once the safe was locked back. “You’re in a pissy mood today,” I noted.

He rolled his eyes at me. “My ass hurts from riding for hours with no break, and my stomach is eating my insides.”

Grit barked out a laugh and stood to his feet. “Let’s head to the bar. I need a drink. And I could do with one of their greasy burgers.”

I waved them off. “I’ll meet y’all there. I want to shower first.”

Grit clapped me on the back as he moved past me. “See you in a bit, brother.”

The bar was already packed when I walked in, which wasn’t all that uncommon this time of the evening. I saw the guys sitting in a corner booth, food already in front of them. To save the waitress some time, I headed to the bar and put in a order for a burger, basket of fries, and a beer.

“Hi! I just finished the app—”

I turned to face the woman who appeared beside me, and immediately, my breath caught in my lungs. She was so fucking beautiful, she captivated every bit of my attention without even trying. Her face was free of makeup, and her blonde hair hung down her back in soft waves. Skin-tight jeans shaped nicely to her perky, round ass, and the V-neck shirt she had on allowed me to see the swell of her breasts—it was just enough to tease the hell out of me.