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Four brides, four stories with heat and heart from MINK, and their epilogues!
These mountain men are in for the shock of their lives when four smart, beautiful, and vulnerable women land on their snowy doorstep.
Knocking Up His Bride, Claiming His Bride, Stealing His Bride, and Taming His Bride are linked stories each with their own heroes, heroines, and HEAs (mischievous feline included!).

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It came out of nowhere. A huge cat in the middle of the road. We swerved to avoid it and crashed into a snowy tree, ending our road trip early and stranding us far from the local town, in the middle of a snowstorm with another on the way. How can a pop star, her assistant, and her best friend survive in a snowy wilderness? Short answer is: they can’t.

But then *he* came out of nowhere. The big guy with the gruff voice and the sharp eyes. The eyes that are always on me. I have to trust him, to accept his rescue of my friends and me, but the more I get to know Charles, the more I realize I need him. Maybe we landed at the lodge with these mysterious mountain men by accident, but Charles makes me believe it was good luck that brought us here.

Even though he’s vague about his past, his kisses are certain, and his gentle touches becomes addictive. His love is all-consuming.

But when an old threat follows us to the lodge, Charles reveals his particular set of skills, deadly ones. Can I accept the man who treats me so sweetly but can kill without a thought?



My stomach drops when a Google alert pops up on my phone. Bells flicks a glance at me from the driver seat before we both steal a peek at Aurora who has AirPods in and oversized sunglasses. Pretty sure she’s asleep.

Good. God knows she needs it. Her tour schedule has been grueling. But it’s finally coming to an end. Or it was. Then, right when we could all see the light at the end of the tunnel, Kent Kingston went and pulled one of his bullshit stunts. Gah, I’ll never understand why anyone believes anything that comes out of that man's mouth!

“What did that dick face say this time?” Bells glares at my phone before she realizes she’s not watching the road. She jerks the SUV back into our lane. I grab the handle above the window, holding on for dear life. I drop my phone and almost have a small heart attack.

The snow is already coming down hard.

“Sorry,” she mouths, blowing one of her dark wavy locks out of her face that escaped the messy bun on her head. I’m just thankful that Aurora is still out. She doesn’t need another thing to worry about. What the hell did that doctor give her? It had to be something strong, because she’s been out for a while now.

I reach down and scoop my phone back up off the floor. Not only do I have a Google alert, but I also have a text from Daphne that I missed. Crap. It was from twenty minutes ago. She was trying to give me a heads-up that a Google alert was going to begin pinging soon. It was something she didn't have to warn me about, but it went a long way in making me trust her more and more. Trust is something I don’t give out easily. Especially when it comes to things that involve Aurora.

“Daphne texted me, too.” Bells’ eyebrows rise all the way to her hairline. “What’s up?”

I push my glasses up my nose. “She let me know Kent is busy adding fuel to the fire, and then I got the alert.”

“I believe her.” She shrugs. Yeah, she’s been saying that from the start. The thing was, Bells didn't grow up in this world. I did. She was tossed into it when her best friend Aurora became an overnight sensation.

I don’t usually make friends easily, and I definitely don’t trust easily. But it was different when it came to Bells. I took to her instantly. She and Aurora were already loyal to one another, but I felt as if they extended that to me too. I may technically be employed by Aurora, but both she and Bells still treat me as if we’re old friends.

“Giving Daphne an exclusive inside look at Aurora Davenport could put her little reporter blog on the map.”

“Not going to fight with you on that one, but I follow her. She’s about truth, and she’s also about sticking it to assholes. Kent is as big of an asshole as they come, plus this isn't about money to her. This is about making a name for herself that people will believe in. If she wanted to be known, she could have easily become a socialite.”

Also true. Daphne was born famous.

“A man fucked her over in the past,” I say. “It changed her life.”

“Yep. She’s out for blood and it isn't female. I respect it.”

I’m not a big fan of exclusive interviews, but I know that this one is important. Kent’s behavior needs to be dealt with, and there’s no one better than Daphne to bring attention to it.