Boneyard Tides (Aphotic Waters Duet #1) Read Online Amo Jones

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Picture this…you’re sitting by the ocean, sipping your favorite cocktail. The sun is setting over your skin, and the sound of waves crashing against the sand offers the perfect background music for the mellow reggae tunes that play through the salty air. Life is good. You have a best friend who seems to be a better friend to you than he is a boyfriend to his girl, your mom is calling your phone to ask what time you’ll be home for dinner, and your current “plaything” is too busy flirting with another girl in a desperate attempt to see if you care. Pathetic. But you don’t care because the sand is between your toes, your surfboard is freshly waxed, and you are one hundred percent sure that your life is perfect. It was all perfect, right?

Except Hades Hollow would never be perfect.This was a town built on old stories that were planted, grew, and eventually rotted here. It was a vicious cycle of rebirth. The stories would never die…not at least until the real one had been told.

It all started with a game. The kind of trickery that poisons your heart because it knows the mind is weak.

One was my nemesis, a genre-meddling musician. The foe .
One was as scary as he was charming. The weapon .
And one was a billionaire. The ruse .
I mean, I knew that, right. I knew who they were… I was about to find out the hard way that I didn’t know anything at all.
I’m Shiloh St. Claire. A daughter, a friend…and The liar

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To the people who fuck red flags.

Saddle up.


There’s a kind of nagging echo that bounces off the dark town streets of Hades Hollow. The whispers between the Tiki huts, sandbars, and small coffee shops. No one liked to speak about it out loud. I think, for the most part, everyone here likes to ignore all the red flags within the stories. I wasn’t sure what to believe most of the time. The stories had changed so much I don’t think anyone really knows the truth.

The tales grew around every good thing in this town like poison ivy. Death was a lonely place, but it was silent there. Peaceful. Haunting.

“Shi! Hurry up, baby! Jump!” Ruin calls out loudly from below.

Fucking Ruin and his dumb ideas. I took a careful step closer to the edge until the loose rocks moved beneath my toes. The dark water curdles around the rocks down below, and I hold my breath as I internally count down my options.

I couldn’t not jump. I had done it before, but it was so high every jump felt like a first. I step off the ledge and fall, hitting the placid water with a loud splat. One I knew would leave a mark long after. I try to inhale air, but fill my lungs with water instead, and I curl my hands above my head to swim to the surface. See, Hades Hollow has a secret, and like the bones of our ancestors that live beneath the waters here, it should stay dead.

Hands grab me around my waist, forcing me to the surface as I swipe water from my face.

“Hey…you good?” Ruin asks, tucking his blond hair behind his ear while sitting upright on his board.

“Always.” I’m certain I probably almost died. But it’s The Landing, and The Landing isn’t to be taken lightly. Everyone here knows who I am. They know I bleed saltwater, so I guess none of them expected me to almost fucking die after jumping.

His face splits into a wide smile as he reaches behind himself and pushes my board over to me. I wrap the strap around my ankle, pushing myself up on top while keeping my eyes on Ruin.

“How many times is that now?” he asks, his blue eyes twinkling.

Ruin is cute, but he’s bland. It works for us both since neither of us is ever looking for anything remotely serious.

“Twice.” I lean down on my board, paddling closer to Dani.

Dani is my best friend’s “girlfriend,” and since Cooper—the best friend—isn’t here right now, I know I have to take her under my wing. She’s new to Hades Hollow, and even though she surfs, we figured out pretty early on that she isn’t as experienced on the water as the rest of us. I have to watch out for her.

“I’m heading back in.”

Dani wobbles on her board as she lies back down. “I’ll follow you. Is this what you guys do every Friday night?”

The Landing is a large cave that holds a water pocket beneath it. It’s open above, with a direct view of the sky and a small shoreline that leads you to the large rock that stretches out over the water. It’s high, and when you’re that far up from the water, you notice things. Like how close you are to the sky and how far away you are from the water. I hate coming here for other reasons that don’t involve the jump, but come to make sure no one gets hurt when Ruin is doing dumb jock things.

No one gets hurt…again.

“Don’t worry, baby!” Ruin calls out just as Dani paddles up beside me. “I’ll be back to tuck you in later.”

“Asshole,” I grumble, picking up my pace as we exit through the little entrance tunnel.

Depending on the tide, you could be staying in The Landing until it recedes again. Unless you’re me. I’ve swum out that entrance more times than I’ve paddled out.

“I still don’t understand you guys’ weird little rituals in this town.”

I can see a flicker of light on the beachfront, and I direct my board that way. It’s late, and aside from the panic of sharks lingering, I mainly take my time when I swim back to shore. The Landing isn’t too far, but if it’s a receding tide, you’re working against the motion, so it’ll take you longer. Lucky for us, it’s an incoming tide, so we’re practically riding in.

“That’s because you’re new here.”

I’ve had this conversation with Dani multiple times since meeting her nine months ago. Her father moved her here from Santa Cruz, so technically just up the road. I never asked her why they came, but figured it had to do with the fact that Hades Hollow is ninety-nine percent better than SC. That one percent is the guys there are hotter. At least to me.