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Alpha Daddies is a wolf shifter series that follows the lives of strong Alpha Protectors and the women they are fated to mate.

Suzette has waited twenty years to meet the Alpha Protector who is destined to claim her. In a cruel twist of Fate, she is drugged and abducted on the morning of her ceremony. When she awakes in a cage in a dark cave, she breaks down in tears over the tremendous loss, believing her life is ruined. When Brock learns his intended has been kidnapped, his fury is immeasurable. Though he can’t scent the man who took her, he is able to follow the scent of his Little mate. He’s determined to find her and claim her no matter what. She is his Little girl. It’s too easy to locate her, which raised many questions. Who took her? What is he? Will Brock’s pack be able to find the mysterious villain before he strikes again?

The books in this series include strong elements of age play. If this genre is offensive to you, this may not be the book or series for you.

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Two weeks ago…

“There’s a problem.”

Brock lifted his gaze from where he was adjusting the side rail on his mate’s crib. “What problem?” He turned his attention back to the screw as his best friend, Arion, stepped into the nursery.

“I can’t believe you’re just now finishing your mate’s nursery,” Arion joked. “I had Jezebel’s done years before I claimed her.”

Brock grunted as he lowered the screwdriver to adjust the next screw. “We aren’t all as eager as you, my friend. The room is almost done. I have two weeks still.”

What Arion didn’t know was that Brock was full of shit. He had been for twenty years. Arion had talked frequently about his mate, watched her from a distance in fascination, and obsessed over her as she grew up. Born two months before Brock’s mate, Jezebel had reached the age of twenty six weeks ago and had been claimed by Arion at that time.

Brock had made fun of his friend and teased him about his excessive preoccupation with Jezebel. Brock’s lack of interest had always puzzled Arion, but it had never been true.

Even though Brock had claimed, on many occasions, not to know who his mate was, he’d known. He’d always known. He’d taken great pleasure in seeking out his best friend where he’d often perched on a rock to watch his mate miles below in the valley. He’d done that because he’d known good and well that the gorgeous pale-skinned brunette who nearly always accompanied Jezebel was his own mate—Suzette.

It was also not true that Brock had put off finishing this nursery until recently. He’d had most of this stuff in boxes in the closet for years. He’d even gone so far as to snoop around in Suzette’s life enough to know her likes and dislikes so he could prepare a room she would love.

But no one knew any of that, and Brock found it comical.

“What the dickens are you even doing down there, Brock?”

“Tightening the screws.” So the side rail won’t accidentally lower on its own and create an unsafe sleeping environment for my mate.

Brock finished his task and rose to his feet. As he stood, he tipped his head back and inhaled deeply. Arion wasn’t the only visitor he was going to have today apparently. As his best friend of thirty-seven years, Arion had keys to the house and free rein to walk in anytime he wanted, but other Alpha males were approaching. Arion’s father. Brock’s father. Two of their respective brothers, Damon and Elias. “What’s going on?”

“I told you there’s a problem.”

“I assumed you were referring to my preparedness.” Brock put the screwdriver back in the tool box and followed Arion out to the living room.

“I wasn’t.”

“And this requires a family meeting?”

“It does.”

Brock drew in a frustrated breath. “And you’re not going to give me a head’s up?”


Brock grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge and tossed one to his friend before opening the other and taking a long drink. He headed for the front door and opened it as the other four men approached.

Nervous energy put Brock on edge. Whatever was going on, it couldn’t be life-threatening, or Arion wouldn’t have stood around shooting the shit with Brock about the crib.

“Son,” his father, Owen, stated as he stepped into the house.

Talon, Arion’s father, nodded as he entered, followed by Damon and Elias.

Brock shut the door and turned to find all five of his guests with furrowed brows and disconcerting wide stances. “Someone talk.”

Talon cleared his throat. “There have been a few reports of someone stalking your mate.”

Brock took a step back, feeling as though he’d been punched in the gut.

“We can’t be certain,” his own father continued, “but we like to take these matters seriously.”

Brock ran a hand over his hair, too stunned to respond. His heart was racing. Whoever the fuck thought they could harass his Little girl and get away with it was seriously mistaken.

“We don’t think it’s an outsider,” Talon informed him. “It would be tough for someone from a rival pack—either the Grelians or the Loawens—to infiltrate the valley without anyone scenting them.”

Brock nodded slowly, still processing. “One of our own—a Drydus—would dare to approach a marked Alpha mate?”

“Perhaps. Or maybe we’re overreacting,” Arion suggested.

“How many confirmed reports have you had?” Brock asked.

“Four,” Talon confirmed.

“And no one knows who it is?”

“Unfortunately, no,” Talon said. “No one has caught his scent. Average height, average build. Nothing else to go on.”

“So, what do we do? Perhaps we should complete the mating ceremony early?”

Owen shook his head. “You know we can’t do that. It’s against pack law. A mate must reach the age of twenty before she can be claimed.”

Brock rolled his eyes. “As if two weeks could possibly make a difference. Her safety matters more.”

“Nevertheless, that isn’t the best option. What if next time it was two months or two years?” his father pointed out.