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From our very first fiery encounter, I was tempted to fire my beautiful new assistant.

Right after I punished her for that defiant slap she delivered in response to my undeniably inappropriate kiss.
As Harrison Astrid, New York's formidable District Attorney, distractions were a luxury I couldn't afford.

Forming a shaky alliance with the Manwarrings and the Dubois, I was ensnared in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game.
As I strive to thwart my mother's cunning manipulations and her deadly alliance with the Irish mob.

Yet, every time I cross paths with my assistant, our mutual animosity surges into a near-savage need to control and dominate her.
I am a man who demands obedience, especially from subordinates.
Her stubbornness fuels my urge to assert my dominance, my need to show her I'm not just her boss—I'm her master.

Unfortunately the fiancé I'm to accept to play high society's charade, complicates things.
So I rein in my desire and resist the attraction between us.
Until the Irish mob targets my pretty little assistant… targets what's mine.
Now there isn't a force on earth that will keep me from tearing the city apart to find her.

Beneath the polished surface of high society, New York's elite harbor twisted desires and scandalous secrets. Dive deep into a world of forbidden romances and hidden truths in this gripping series by the dynamic duo of USAT Bestselling authors, Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley.

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I glanced around the empty office. Did I dare?

No. I couldn’t.

I hesitated, shivering slightly from the cool draft of the large office building caressing my face. The shadows cast by the dim overhead lights seemed to buzz and nervously twitch, urging me to retreat.

Taking a few tentative steps back, I peered down the entranceway. It resembled a void, its depths holding secrets I wasn’t sure I wanted to uncover. It was eerily quiet, a stark contrast to the usual hum of activity when everyone was around.

I stepped forward and stretched my arm out toward the doorknob, then pulled back.

No. This was insane.

What if I got caught?

A sudden, familiar vibration in my pocket made me jump. My phone illuminated my surroundings momentarily, casting a pale blue glow. The message was simple, yet it bore the weight of a thousand implications.

Where R U?

The urgency of the situation pressed on me, but I knew I had to respond.

Held up at work. On my way.

I cursed under my breath.

Why had I chosen today to stay late?


Knowing it was useless, I trudged down the hallway and tugged on the restroom door handle again.


I stomped back to my new desk, my eyes irresistibly drawn to the imposing door of my new boss’s office.

Even though I’d not formally met him, the reputation of Harrison Astrid, the district attorney, was legendary in the city.

Everyone seemed to have a story or an impression of him. Not all of them good.

I was only assigned as his new paralegal this morning, and he had been away from the office all day at meetings. And I knew from his calendar that he was attending a social function this evening, so he wasn’t expected back in the office until tomorrow morning.

I bit my lip and once more peeped down the deserted hallway.

My phone buzzed again.

Hurry up. The club is filling up and they won’t let you in soon!

I had stayed late to prepare some files to make a good impression.

Too late.

Stupid security had locked the restrooms, and now I had no place to change out of my boring, conservative blazer and skirt and into the black cocktail dress I had brought with me to work. I so rarely allowed myself the luxury of a night out with my friends, I really didn’t want to miss this one.

With one more nervous glance around the empty office floor, I let out a resigned sigh.

Feeling the pressure of the night ahead, and the urgency from my friends, I hesitated for just another beat.

Screw it. I’d be really fast. No one would ever know!

With shaking hands, I opened Mr. Astrid’s office door.

The creak of its hinges made me wince. The opulence of the room was overwhelming as I crept across the thick Persian carpet to his private executive bathroom. Gingerly turning the crystal and brass doorknob, I swung open the heavy oak door and flipped on the light.

My mouth dropped open as I stepped inside. Quickly closing the door behind me, I just stood there for the longest moment, taking in the large, elegant space with the gorgeous green marble, gilt-framed mirror, and textured cream wallpaper. Were those real linen hand towels? I couldn’t resist running my hand over them.

What the hell?

The ladies’ room had dreary, putty-colored, painted cinder blocks with cracked linoleum floors.

Shaking my head at how lucky the “other half” was, I thumped my pink gym bag on the counter and unzipped it, pulling out my carefully folded cocktail dress.

“Dammit.” My makeup pouch came out with the dress, thudding to the floor. I swept it up, banging my elbow in the process, and tossed it back into the gym bag. “Ouch.” Kicking off my ballet flats, I grimaced as they each hit the wall, then shrugged out of my blazer and untucked my simple, white cotton blouse.

Not wanting to waste time with the buttons, I tried to just wrench it over my head, but those same buttons got caught in my long ponytail.

With my arms stretched high and the blouse pulled over my face, I awkwardly leaned my hips against the bathroom door as I tried to untangle my curls from around the small pearl buttons.

Just then, the door swung open.

Pulled off-balance, I tipped backward into the office.

A pair of warm, strong hands wrapped around my exposed middle.

With a shriek, I ripped the blouse off my head, wincing as it tore several strands of hair out of my scalp.

In horror, I found myself in the arms of my new boss, Harrison Astrid.

My cheeks heated when I realized he was glaring down at my half-naked body.



There were only so many hours in a day, and on this particular one, Mary Quinn Astrid had wasted far too many of them tonight with her mindless chatter and schemes.

In public, to avoid arguments she was mother, but privately, I hadn’t thought of her as such since I was a naive little boy still hopelessly craving her love and affection. Neither of which she had ever shown so much as a drop of to me or to any of her other children.