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From the moment she fell out of the tree in his backyard, ruining his eighth birthday party, Genesis Stoll had been Kye Levine’s best friend. The one person he knew would be there no matter what. She was his escape, his sunshine when the darkness in his world got too deep. When he had her to run to, he knew no matter how twisted his life got, she would remind him who he was. He would never lose himself. She wouldn’t let him.

Genesis had loved Kye most of their life; in a way, she knew Kye didn’t reciprocate. If she ever told him, it would likely destroy their friendship, and she wasn’t willing to take that chance. Besides, Kye would never fall in love and be in a relationship. He was a wild, free spirit.

When an old boyfriend with a past intertwined with both Genesis and Kye walks back into her life, she feels things for him—believing that he could be the man to give her a family, love, and security. All the things she knew Kye never would.

Just as things begin to fall into place for Genesis and the new man in her life, Kye walks in her door with a baby. One he didn’t know existed. One that’s mother had dropped him off like unwanted baggage. A baby boy that belonged to Kye.

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To all the “best friends” who were always something more.


“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.”

—Mark Twain (possibly. No one is completely sure.)

The Past …

Genesis—Seven Years Old

June 1

Crossing my arms over my chest, I stood on the back porch of our new house, watching the neighbors put out balloons around their yard. The inflatable water slide had been delivered an hour ago, and it was in the center of everything. I chewed on my thumbnail and considered leaving the house to go over there and introduce myself. My mom had gone to get groceries, and my dad was back in Georgia, handling the sale of our old house. I knew I wasn’t supposed to go anywhere when I was home alone, but it was just next door.

I hadn’t noticed any kids over there since we’d moved in last week, and trust me, I had been looking for a house on this street with kids in the yard. Two boys came running out of the back door of the house. One was shouting while the other was laughing, as if he had all the secrets to life. They were wearing swim trunks and headed for the slide. I wanted on that slide.

A woman followed them, carrying a large watermelon, and put it on the table in the yard. I heard her call out for them to be careful. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and when she turned to go back inside, I saw her face. She reminded me of the Barbie dolls that my cousin Annie loved to play with. I didn’t like dolls of any kind. I would rather climb a tree or build a fort.

The boy who seemed to outshine the other one came down the slide, shouting, “Motherfucker.”

My eyes widened in shock. I studied him as he stood up and pounded on his chest. He had hair even blonder than the woman did. It was long for a boy too. Almost to his shoulders. He shook his now-wet hair and was grinning up at the other boy, who hadn’t come down yet. I was almost positive he called the other boy a pussy.

Did that woman inside not hear him cursing? I’d get a paddle to my butt if I talked like that.

He turned as if he were about to jump down when he saw me. Pausing, he studied me then lifted a hand and waved at me. “Are you my new neighbor?” he called out.

I nodded my head.

“Cool!” He grinned. “Want to come to my birthday party?”

Yes. Yes, I did!

“What time is it at?”

“In an hour, but you can come slide now if you want.”

The other boy came down the slide and knocked him off his feet. He yelled another curse word at him, and then they both stood up. The other boy had dark hair, and it looked like it was in a buzz cut. The blond shoved him, and buzz-cut boy fell off into the grass.

Then, the blond looked back at me. “Come on over!”

Mom wouldn’t mind, I told myself even though that wasn’t exactly true.

“Okay!” I called back.

Inside, I had to dig through two boxes in my room before I found a swimsuit. I hurried and changed before heading next door. I’d keep my eye on the house and come tell Mom where I was when she got home.

When I made it to the backyard of the neighbor’s house, the blond boy was cutting open the watermelon with a knife.