Claimed by the Sailor – Black Ops Read Online Fiona Davenport

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Silas Atwood met Phoebe Baker while she was in the middle of family drama, but that didn’t stop him from recognizing they were meant to be together. The Navy SEAL planned to seek her out the next day, but a mission made that impossible. When the hot sailor who helped her brother showed up on her doorstep a month later, Phoebe wasn’t sure what to think. His timing turned out to be impeccable because she found herself in trouble again. And this time, Silas wasn’t going to let anything or anyone stop him from claiming Phoebe.

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I spotted Command Master Chief Arrow Hamlin, one of my commanding officers, as I turned into a lot in front of a small apartment building. He stood by his big black SUV with a petite blonde looking up at him as though he’d hung the moon. Not that his sappy expression was any less pathetic. Okay, that might have been an exaggeration, but damn, the guys I worked with were dropping like flies. Although, if I was being honest, I couldn’t blame them. They’d fallen for some awesome women, and part of me was a little jealous.

Pulling into the spot closest to Arrow and his woman, I parked and climbed out of the little car. It had broken down recently, which was how Arrow met Sage—because he pulled over to help her. The tires had been balder than Mr. Clean, so he asked me to replace them and return the car to Sage’s apartment.

Once I was on my feet, I tossed the keys to Arrow. “Replaced all four tires, sir.”

“Thanks, Silas.” He pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and tugged some bills out to hand them over to me. “Let me know if this doesn’t cover it.”

Sage reached for the zipper on her purse. “I should be the one to pay.”

Arrow’s fingers wrapped around her wrist, stopping her as he muttered, “Didn’t I prove to you last night that you’re my woman?”

“You did,” she admitted softly, looking down at the ground as her face bloomed with pink. I couldn’t help snickering, which made her blush even more and earned me a dirty look from Arrow. I just grinned in return.

He turned back to Sage and continued, “Which means I get to take care of anything that has to do with your safety, including those damn tires that should’ve been replaced months ago.”

“I wouldn’t bother arguing with him, ma’am. He can be a stubborn motherfucker,” I warned.

Before anything else was said, Sage’s attention jumped to a small red car driving into the parking lot. A pretty redhead—who I assumed was Sage’s roommate, Phoebe—pulled up to Arrow’s SUV. The door opened, and a dirty, haggard-looking young man climbed out to wait for her.

Paul was Phoebe’s brother. An addict who’d nearly gotten Sage killed by the dealer he owed ten grand. The guy had mistaken Sage for Phoebe and didn’t give a shit when he realized she wasn’t. Arrow had to put the motherfucker in the ground to get him to stay away from his woman.

Since Phoebe was her best friend, and Arrow would do anything to keep Sage happy, he was paying for Paul to go into rehab. A very specific rehab run by Jacob, a friend of Arrow’s. It was incredibly strict, and Paul would have to work his ass off to get better, but if he did, he’d leave a changed man. After his little reunion with Phoebe, I was going to drive him up there myself and check him in.

Phoebe shut off her car, then jumped out of her vehicle and threw herself into her brother’s arms. “Thank goodness you’re okay. I was so worried about you.”

Holy shit.

I was wrong. Phoebe wasn’t pretty, she was fucking drop-dead gorgeous. She had stunning, clear blue eyes rimmed with dark lashes and plush lips painted red—conjuring up all manner of dirty thoughts. Even the smattering of freckles across her cheeks were cute.

She was perhaps six inches shorter than my six-foot frame, but she wasn’t a tiny little thing like Sage. Phoebe was more of an average build, but she had curves that made my mouth water.

And that hair. Fuck. The copper locks were up in a messy bun on top of her head, but they were clearly thick and long. Her hair would be amazing when it fell all around her while she was naked, playing peekaboo with her big tits. I knew without a doubt that I would eventually know what those silky-looking locks felt like wrapped around my hand while I fucked her from behind.

I was drawn back to the present when Paul sobbed against Phoebe’s shoulder. “I’m so damn sorry, sis. I never meant for you to be dragged into my mess. When I think about what could’ve happened to you…”

“I’m okay. They didn’t get anywhere near me.” She reassured him as she patted his back before stepping away. “Sage is the one you owe the apology to since she was here when they came looking for me.”

Paul turned toward them, his gaze darting toward Arrow before he looked at Sage. “You will never know how much I regret that you got hurt because of the shit I pulled. I am so sorry, Sage.”

Phoebe had been so focused on her brother that she hadn’t noticed the small bandage and bruise on Sage’s cheek until that moment, and she cried out, “You got hurt?”