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When the sun sets in Silver Spoon Falls, things heat up at The Sterling Rope. The best girls can find everything their hearts desire within, including some of the town's filthiest billionaires. There are no rules. Only submission.Welcome to Silver Spoon After Dark. Your patronage will be our dirty little secret.

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Chapter 1


Well, that’s just freaking great. My pulse pounds in my ears as I glance in my rearview mirror to find red and blue lights flashing behind me.

There go all my hopes of actually arriving on time. I slow down, searching for a place to stop, and realize how freaking deserted this stretch of road outside Silver Spoon Falls really is. Shoot. As the white and green car pulls up behind me, I dig in my purse for my driver’s license. Darn. I do quick mental calculations, wondering if my checkbook can handle another unanticipated hit. Since I moved to this small Texas town, it’s been one unexpected expense after another.

A shadow falls over my window, and I paste a fake smile on my face before rolling down the window. “Good morning. Is there a problem, Officer?”

My smile slips a little when he growls. “Problem? Driving seventy-five in a fifty miles per hour zone is more than a problem.” Ouch. I had no freaking idea. “I need to see your license and registration.” I feel a bead of sweat roll down my back as I hand him my license before leaning over to grab my registration out of the glove box.

When the deputy reaches for my paperwork, he moves to the side a tiny bit, causing his massive body to block the morning sun just enough for me to get a good look at him. Oh my. My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth as I stare at the drop-dead gorgeous Texas lawman. I bite my bottom lip to keep from groaning out loud as my eyes eat him up. His overly long, streaked blond hair fits his angular face. The careless surfer vibe definitely works for him. My heart turns over in my chest, and I wonder what in the world is happening to me. I’ve been surrounded by handsome, insanely rich men since I moved to town, and none of them have had this effect on me. Maybe, lack of sleep and stress have finally caused me to crack.

My eyes roam over the grouchy deputy, and I barely resist the urge to fan myself as I take in his massive, muscular chest. Not even the utilitarian khaki uniform can diminish his appeal. There’s a tattoo peeking above the starched collar, and I wonder if he’d let me explore it. I blink several times, realizing where my thoughts have gone. One look at him and my brain completely misfired.

Swallowing, I blurt out my excuse. “I was running late for work, and I didn’t realize the speed limit changed from sixty to fifty, and I’m going to lose my job and be homeless if I don’t get there on time today.”

The hot deputy takes off his mirrored sunglasses before slipping them into his chest pocket. Woah, even his eyes are yummy. His startling light blue eyes with long curling lashes stare down into mine, causing my pulse to kick into overdrive. “Slow down and try again. I can’t keep up with you babbling.”

“I don’t have time to slow down.” Did he hear a word I said? I’m going to lose my job if I show up late again.

“Do you have time to spend the night in jail?” Well, that was just rude. Then the little devil on my shoulder reminds me it wouldn’t be too bad if he were sharing the cell with me.

I take a deep breath, trying to get my freaking little inner devil to take a break. If I’m going to save my job and my only hope of paying my mountain of student loan debt, I need to concentrate on getting to work.

“No.” I blow out my breath and blurt out how my morning has gone so far, hoping to convince him not to arrest me. “I’m sorry I was speeding, but I woke up late.” That’s an understatement. If Barney, my spoiled Maine Coon hadn’t demanded his breakfast, I’d probably still be dreaming about sleeping. That’s right, I’m so freaking exhausted, I’ve started dreaming about sleeping on a cloud with the sun beating down on my back.

“Being late isn’t an acceptable excuse for speeding.”

I almost roll my eyes but luckily stop myself. “I know that, but I was trying to get to work on time.” What a day for my freaking alarm to fail me big time. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends since moving to Silver Spoon Falls.

While my new job at the brewery pays very well, it isn’t enough to live on after I pay back my student loans, so I took a bartending job at a local nightclub-slash-BDSM club to make a little extra money. It all sounded great until I took into account how little sleep I’m getting between late nights at The Sterling Rope and early mornings at the brewery.