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When the sun sets in Silver Spoon Falls, things heat up at The Sterling Rope. The best girls can find everything their hearts desire within, including some of the town's filthiest billionaires. There are no rules. Only submission. Welcome to Silver Spoon After Dark. Your patronage will be our dirty little secret.

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Chapter One


There are only so many ways to watch someone fuck before it just gets old. At this point, I think I've seen them all. Frankly, I'm over it. Especially the jackass railing his girl up against the wall at the end of the hallway in plain view of the public rooms.

The Sterling Rope may be a BDSM club, but there are rules. He's breaking about six of them right now.

"Lucas," I bark, stomping toward him. My boots thump against the floor, each step a loud crack of sound spelling out my lack of patience for the newest member of the club.

He doesn't stop groaning in his companion's ear long enough to even glance at me. How she hears me over his ridiculous moans, I don't know, but her blue eyes widen as she glances over his shoulder at me.

"Lucas." She tries to push him away, her long nails digging into the expensive cloth of his suit as she shoves against his broad shoulders.

"Yeah, babe," he grunts. "Get rough with me."

"Jesus Christ." I clamp my hand around the back of his neck, effectively ruining his fun.

"Oh shit!" He nearly drops the blonde trying like hell to squirm her way off him. His glossy eyes meet mine as he spins around. "Micah. What the fuck, man?"

"Does this look like one of the rooms you're supposed to be in?" I growl, scowling daggers at him. "Put your fucking cock back in your pants and get the fuck out of the hallway before I tell Roman to revoke your membership."

"I…" His eyes widen with panic, darting from me to his companion and then back to me. "I…uh… We were just…"

"I didn't ask for an explanation. You don't fuck in public areas. Either follow the rules, or I'll let Bronx handle the situation."

The threat cuts through his bullshit like butter. Everyone here knows not to test Bronx Kaiser, Roman Sterling's head of security. He doesn't tolerate bullshit, especially from guys like Lucas Bordeaux, who have more money than sense. Bronx will toss him out on his ass lickety-split. And once Bronx says someone has to go, there's no getting back in. His word is law around here.

Lucas gulps and then nods quickly. "Of course. My bad, Micah." He grabs the blonde and hauls ass into the nearest room, his dick still hanging out of his pants.

"Jesus." I pinch the bridge of my nose, trying to ignore the headache building behind my eyes. I need to take my ass home. Honestly, I don't even know why I still come here. Most nights, I spend my time doing this same shit—dealing with people like Lucas who think the rules don't apply to them.

I don't get off while I'm here. I never have. I've been a club member since Roman opened it six months ago. I've never been with anyone inside. Never even tried.

The one I want isn't here. At this point, I'm convinced she doesn't exist at all.

I saw her from a distance two years ago in Houston when I was giving a talk on campus—an innocent little blonde with big blue eyes and the sweetest curves I've ever seen. Every inch of her was round and soft—plump thighs, a belly, full breasts, a round, juicy ass. She was exactly right for a man like me.

Her arms were loaded with books as she hurried toward a building across the courtyard. Rain fell in fat drops all around us, the sky threatening to crack wide open at any moment. She didn't seem to care. Not even when she tripped, dropping her books. She simply tossed her head back and looked up at the sky as if unbothered. The sweetest laughter pealed across the courtyard, light and carefree. That fucking sound haunts my dreams. She haunts them.

I'd never seen anything as beautiful as her laughing at the sky as if she found joy in that moment of irritation. Anyone else would have been pissed, but not her. She laughed. She was perfect—a curvy little angel sent to tempt a saint.

My dick leaked like a faucet as I watched her, completely spellbound.

But I stood there, watching, rooted to the spot for far too long. She gathered up her books and dashed out of sight as the rain began to fall harder. Before I managed to get my shit together and go after her, she was gone.

I scoured the campus, looking for her. It's been two years, and I still haven't found her despite all my resources. At this point, I'm convinced she doesn't exist at all. She was a figment of my imagination, conjured by too little sleep and the desire to feel anything other than the piercing ache of tedious monotony my life has become.

So I come here night after night, torturing myself with fantasies of someone I imagined. The whole fucking world would love it if they knew that Micah Borden, genius financial analyst, is desperate to play Daddy to a girl who doesn't even exist.