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When a teenage Grayson Carter was forced to continue dating the daughter of his father's boss after she cheated, something in him snapped. For the next four years Grayson plotted and schemed for the day he would make them pay. He had no idea that fate was about to change his life plans and help him exact a more beautiful revenge than he'd anticipated.

Lily Devon Sinclair lost her father even before she was born to the mistress and daughter he had while her mother was pregnant with her. Now that daughter and her mother has made her life a living hell. When she sent Grayson the proof that her half sister was cheating, she had no idea that a year later they'd meet on the college campus and become more than friends.

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I’m the groom in two weddings today. Well, technically, I’ll only be at one, but you get what I mean. One wedding is being held at one of the ritziest country clubs in North America, with over two thousand guests.

The other was an intimate ceremony for twenty of our closest friends in a cute little vineyard tucked away in the hills of Tuscany. I chose the latter, in case you were wondering.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. For you to understand how I got to this place in life, we’ll have to go way back. Back to a time before I became the vengeful dick, I am today. And no, I don’t care what anyone thinks of the things I have done, in case you were wondering.

When I was about four years old, I met my best friend. She was the daughter of my father’s boss. Lacey and I were thick as thieves all through kindergarten to middle school.

When we turned fourteen in high school, she decided that we should date each other. As a young guy who wasn’t too much in the know when it came to relationships, I saw no difference between that and what we were already doing, so why not? I mean, we spent practically every minute together, even during school hours.

Lacey’s father, of course, was loaded as well as mine, so there were lots of family vacations where both our families would get together and spend the summer at a beach house on a private island. Or sometimes, both kids would go somewhere with one set of parents; we were that kinda close.

From a young age, Dad taught me how to read the stock market in the New York Times, and I became fascinated with all things financial. By the time I was sixteen I was investing all the birthday and holiday money under my Dad’s name and had a pretty neat nest egg.

I have to admit that I was kind of a hot nerd, or at least that’s what the girls used to whisper about me in the hallways at school. That being said, sex was the last thing on my mind. Between AP classes, the swim team, and my stock trading, I had no time for much else.

At this time, Lacey and I were still dating, and we’d gone as far as kissing and some under the shirt stuff, but I’d learned enough from seeing it happen before my eyes not to want to go any further. I was terrified of getting her pregnant and derailing my life.

So, I came up with the idea of telling her that I wanted to wait until we were married. She seemed okay with that, and life went on as usual, that was until I received an anonymous text with photo evidence of my girlfriend cheating on me.

I think the most telling thing for me about the situation is that I had no response at all. I wasn’t hurt, angry, none of the things you would expect. That’s when I realized that I didn’t have those feelings for her, so whatever she did was really none of my concern.

I did confront her, though, and told her that since she obviously had someone she liked, there was no point in the two of us still dating. For one, it would look like I’m a sap for being cheated on right under my nose because the boy in the pictures with her was another close friend, someone we hung out with very often.

I assured her that I was not upset, and that there were no hard feelings, and we could go back to being friends. I thought that was the right approach, but apparently, it was the wrong thing to say to Lacey.

She became very irate at my unaffected attitude and screamed about how I never loved her. I assured her that I loved her as a friend and that, too, was the wrong thing to say.

She screamed some more and promised that I couldn’t break up with her no matter what I said. At the time, I thought she was crazy, but as I was to find out later, she knew what she was talking about.

When my parents heard about the breakup and the reason behind it, all they did was look at each other, but neither of them said it was okay, that we were young, and we’d find other people. Nothing, they just looked at each other and then away from me.

For the next few days, I was bombarded by Lacey. She’d gone full-on crazy, running me down at school to scream some more. When I told her I didn’t see what the big deal was since she already had someone else, she claimed she didn’t like our friend, and it was just the one time and all the other shit you’d expect to hear from a cheat.