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As Emily and Kazimir navigate parenthood, darkness emerges to shatter their peace.

The unspeakable has occurred, triggering the Lion to roar.

Yet, when one thinks that the Lion and Mouse could never come back from the horror, they are empowered by not only their love, but also the undying support of their friends and family, who are just as dangerous and willing to shed blood to protect them. But don't let the darkness fool you.

Emily and Kazimir's story is filled with fun, laughter, and steamy moments that will leave you breathless. This bonus story bridges books 7 and 8 together, taking you on a wild, edge-of-your-seat ride. So buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

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Mystery Moans


What is going on?

I was on all fours in warm dirt. A hot, pulsing cock thrust in and out of my ass with fast, hard strokes that made my eyes roll back into my head.

Groaning, he gripped my hips and pounded into my ass, stuffing me with his throbbing cock.

The only problem with this situation was that. . .who the hell was he?

A haze of lust descended over me.

Unable to help myself, I moaned in ecstasy.

Where. . .am. . .I?

I tried to see, but it was difficult.

Darkness served as my only view.

But I could feel everything—the dirt smoothing against my palms and knees. The cock slamming into me. The sweat dripping down from my forehead. The muscles stretching in my ass to accommodate this stranger’s massive presence. And, the body warmth and weight of the man on top of me, while his cock pounded my ass.

Oh, God. It feels so good, but. . .who is this?

It wasn’t Kaz.

This man’s cock was smaller and his pound had less strength.

Had Kaz been slamming into my ass at his speed, I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week.

Erotic slapping and groaning rose around me.

It’s just a dream. Wake up, Emily.

But, I couldn’t open my eyes and I had no control of my body.

Is there no way out of this?

I didn’t think so. Somehow I had turned into someone’s blind fuck toy.

Just when I thought my orgasm would erupt from the cock plowing into me, the man tensed and roared. “Oh, Lunita!”

No! Why did he say that?!

Did she have control?

I tried to move and realized that I couldn’t.

The man groaned.

Then, I or she moaned at his words.

I no longer knew where she began or I ended.

Is she in control? Or is this some living nightmare?

Hot, thick, cum spurted within me, and I felt the warmth of it leaking from my ass.


“Oh, Lunita!”

I shook uncontrollably as an orgasm spasmed through me.

No. I don’t want this.

Still, ecstasy pulsed through my body and drummed down to my toes. Waves of pleasure rippled within me.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

“I am falling in love with you.” Slowly, the man slipped his cock out of my ass. “Lunita, when will we run away?”

An odd voice left my lips. “Soon.”

No! Who said that? I didn’t say that.

The distant cry of a baby cut through the stillness of this sensual moment.

My baby.

The new love of my life.


Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Slowly, I gained control of my eyes.

They fluttered open.

Thank God.

I was not on dirt or being pounded into by some strange guy. In fact, I lounged in my plush leather nursing chair. My feet rested on the matching ottoman.

Emilio let out a blood-curdling cry that almost burned my eardrums.

Blinking, I shook my head. “I’m coming, baby. Just give me one minute to get it together.”

Emilio didn’t care as he cried some more.

Desperate, I attempted to stand, only for the searing pain in my backside to plummet me back down to the ground.

What the fuck? Why does my ass hurt?

My new nanny, Olga rushed into the room, whispering in Russian. “Oh, little cub is hungry.”

Ow! What is going on?

I adjusted myself in the chair.

Olga reached into the crib, lifted my upset baby, and switched to English. “Don’t worry, Emily. Rest. I’m bringing him to you.”

But, why does my ass hurt?

I gritted my teeth, bearing the searing pain that burned through my anus.

What kind of dream makes the body actually hurt? I wish I could go back to sleep and kill that motherfucker.

With a final effort I shifted my weight, relieving the pain a little.

Olga hurried over with a very pissed Emilio. My little one was used to only crying for barely a second, before having my nipple stuffed right into his mouth.

He was just as spoiled as Kazimir, and I didn’t give a damn.

Emilio sobbed.

Olga frowned. “Oh, little nana.”

She’d told me that long ago nana was a title of respect in the Ashanti kingdom, one of the powerful empires in what was now Ghana. Many had used the title for the king and other members of the royal family as a way to show respect and honor to them.

“Here you go, nana.” Olga lay him in my arms, making sure that I had Emilio in a football hold position. His eyes were closed as he cried out some more. Tiny tears spilled from his eyes.

I rubbed his arm. “Oh, baby.”

Emilio’s little head rested on my hand while his body faced me.

Obviously smelling me, Emilio shifted his crying to sniveling. But, he still didn’t open those lovely eyes.

“It’s coming, baby.” I slipped the front of my night gown down, pulled my breast out, and placed my nipple near his lips.

Emilio whimpered.

“I told you it was coming.” I popped that nipple into his mouth.

He instantly latched on, his gums bumping against my areola as he sucked.