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When a gold flash in deep blue eyes captures Aurora's attention, she can't deny the instantaneous bond connecting her to the man who can shift into a massive, ancient beast. Nor can she resist calling him Daddy when he fulfills her secret dreams.

Drake watched the mountains around Wyvern erupt from the ground. With his fellow dragons, he has guarded all who settled there from harm, waiting for the one who is meant to be his. The one only he can pleasure and protect. The woman they call Aurora.

Now change is coming to Wyvern. A centuries-old pact between the founders and their powerful allies could save the inhabitants of the city once again, but only a dragon Daddy can truly guard his mate from harm.

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Chapter 1

Aurora quickly walked by the old cemetery. It wasn’t that she was afraid of ghosts. She shied away from the activity happening there to give those visiting privacy. Today, a stream of people dressed in black occupied the place. With a glance, Aurora noted someone being buried in one of the old family plots. She shivered at the thought of being locked inside one of the stone mausoleums, even if her family had one.

All the founding families did. They’d established Wyvern centuries ago. The area was sheltered from marauders in a valley surrounded by mountains. Over the years, new settlers had added a ring of newer buildings around the oldest part of the city. It hadn’t grown quickly and still held that small, lost-in-time feel.

Cut off from other cities by sheer distance and tricky roads, it was an odd combination of modern living and old-fashioned practices. There was a lot of history in the stone buildings that still formed the center of the town for those who appreciated it—or even stopped to notice the cobbled streets and beastly gargoyles forming the rain spouts of many of the oldest homes and stores.

Just back from finishing her four-year business degree in Dallas, Aurora hadn’t been overjoyed to come home with her tail between her legs. She’d been so sure she’d get a job at the elite company she interned for during the summers that she hadn’t explored other options. Turned out, the company didn’t wish to offer her a position when she graduated, but preferred candidates with five or more years of experience.

She’d scrambled to apply elsewhere but everyone in her graduating class had gotten their applications in first. Aurora wished she had a hundred dollars for every interviewer who told her they wished she had applied earlier but all the positions were now filled. Then she would have been able to pay her rent for a few more months.

The whisper of a noise behind her made her turn. She jumped back at the sight of a stunningly handsome man standing right behind her. His hair was thick—jet black with streaks of silver. It looked slightly unkempt as if he had neglected to cut it for a while. She had the weirdest urge to reach forward and brush it from his eyes.

Clutching her skirt with her hands to avoid giving in to that temptation, Aurora couldn’t look away. She shivered slightly at the scar that ran along his cheek. Faded into a white line, it didn’t detract from his appeal but gave him a dangerous air, as did the scruffy beard from not shaving for several days. She did not want to mess with this man. Yet, she wondered how his beard would feel if they kissed.

He stretched out a hand and she automatically responded to his silent request. Letting go of the fabric, she placed her palm against his and watched her hand disappear as his powerful one closed around it. A fire flared in his blue eyes, turning them gold. She felt like he could see through her.

Disconcerted, Aurora tried to pull away. She panicked when a sharp heat built on the back of her hand. “You’re hurting me,” she cried as she tugged harder to free herself.

“I was not expecting to find you today,” he said harshly. His statement almost sounded like a curse.

Frightened by his tone, Aurora yanked her hand, trying to free it. He held her effortlessly, not even budging with the force of her movement.

“You will learn that all things happen on my time, Aurora. The pain should be gone now,” he commented in a deep voice that seemed to resonate within her.

To her surprise, he abruptly released her hand. She staggered back a few steps, looking at her hand for damage. It was fine. Not a single mark, bruise, or red spot marred her skin. Astonished, she looked up quickly and met his steely gaze.

Aurora was rattled to realize the sharp pain was not the only result of touching him. That reaction soon paled in comparison to a consuming arousal building deep inside her. She’d never felt an attraction like that to anyone. Frightened, Aurora turned and ran down the cobbled streets of the Old Town.

She looked back over her shoulder before turning the corner and found him still standing there watching her. Feeling as if she were physically dragging herself away, Aurora dashed to her car and threw herself inside. Driving away felt awful for a few blocks before the need to turn around ebbed slightly—still there, but less urgent.

The heat, however, didn’t abate. All she could think about was getting home to spend time with her vibrator. A picture of the room she shared with her sister once again popped into her mind. Aurora shook her head. There simply was no privacy in the home she shared with her family. There would be no relief for her there.