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Nick Ashford thought he had the perfect life, the perfect marriage, and two perfect kids. And then one day, it all changed.Shocked by his wife’s revelation and torn about how to be the perfect husband and father, Nick’s life becomes anything but perfect.

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This sleeping on the couch shit is for the birds. My back aches. I sit up and place my bare feet on the cold floor. A shiver runs through me, causing another ache and I cringe as my back tightens. Yet here I am night after night.

I head into the bathroom, which is down the hall from what used to be my bedroom, to shower and get ready for work. Yesterday when I checked my appointments, they were staggered. Nothing back-to-back or overlapping. I really hate it when appointments overlap. It never fails, the new mom will come in with a million and one questions about her child because she saw something on TV, or her friend read about some rare disease, and she’s certain her child has it now.

When I get out of the shower Aubrey’s in the kitchen talking on the phone. She quiets when she hears me and probably waits until I close the bedroom door before she starts up again. I have no idea who she talks to this early in the morning but if I had to guess it’s likely her mother. After I dress, I go wake Mack and Amelie for school and then take my chance in the kitchen.


She says nothing.

Sighing heavily, I open the refrigerator and grab what I need to make breakfast. “Do you want breakfast?”


At least she answered me. I know I’m putting off the inevitable, asking her what’s wrong, but it’s because I don’t want to hear how I’ve failed as a husband. Everything I do is wrong. I didn’t buy the right bread. I didn’t park the car straight. She was late to yoga because I didn’t come home five minutes earlier. The list of trivial shit goes on and on.

When the kids come into the kitchen, Aubrey brightens and pastes on a happy face. Or maybe she’s truly happy to see them and just hates me. Mack and Amelie sit at the table and wait for breakfast. Mack’s texting one of his friends and Amelie’s tattling.

“That’s enough,” I say, only for Aubrey to shoot daggers at me.

“Don’t talk to her like that.”

“She doesn’t need to tattle on Mack for having his phone out at the table. There isn’t any goddamn food there yet.”

That’s one of Aubrey’s rules, no phones at the table. Which means I have to keep my phone in the other room with the ringer on when I’m on call because, you know, ignoring patients goes against a doctor’s oath and all that.

Mack comes around the island and helps plate their food. He takes the two plates to the table and sets one down in front of Amelie. I use the quick break to look at my schedule to verify what I already know. No patients until ten. I shoot a text off to my staff and tell them I’ll be in later this morning. The kids eat in silence while I stand on the other side of Aubrey, waiting for her to say something.

Minutes later, Mack says, “Mrs. Westbury is outside. Bye.” He rushes to the door while Amelie gives Aubrey and me a hug goodbye.

“Have a good day.”

“Aren’t you leaving?” she asks.

I shake my head slowly. “Nope. We’re going to talk.”

“I have nothing to say, Nick.”

“Bullshit. You have plenty to say but you keep shit bottled up. Let’s have it, Aubrey. What did I do this time?”

She scoffs. “At least you know you’re guilty.”

“Of what?” I throw my hands up. “What did I do? Or didn’t do?”

“Nothing. You’re perfect.” The sarcasm coming from her is deadly.

I shake my head. “We both know that’s not true. I can’t force it out of you, but we can’t keep living like this. We need to talk about what’s going on.”

Her eyes are life fire as she stares at me. “Fine. You want to know?”

“I do. Lay it on me.” For emphasis and because I can be an asshole, I spread my arms out wide.

“I know you’re having an affair with Brianna and Josie.”

Okay, I wasn’t expecting that. My arms fall. Brianna is one of my new nurses, not two years out of school. She’s definitely pretty, but in a long-term relationship with someone she went to college with. Earlier I was in love with Josie and now I’m having an affair with her. I can’t fucking win.

Regardless, having an office affair isn’t something I’d ever do. I pride myself on having morals and integrity.


“You heard me,” she says. “The late night calls. The not coming home after work. I followed her once.”

“Why would you do that?”

“To catch you in the act.”

I scrub my hand over my face. “Aubrey, I’m not having an affair with Brianna or anyone else. I have never been unfaithful to you.”

Another scoff. “You’re in love with Josie Westbury.”

“Good God. I am not. I was over her when I met you.”