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Noah Westcott should come with a warning: Too Hot to Handle!

The man is stunningly handsome with his embracing brown eyes and lips that make me want to kiss that smirk right off his face.

How could I resist?

Spoiler: I didn’t.

That was my first mistake.

I blame him for the second. It should have been easy and fun. No strings attached. No feelings. As if he commanded it like he did me in the bedroom, I did exactly what I said I wouldn’t. I fell for him.

Two years later, the same man walks into my life. Again. A lot has changed. Not his devastating good looks, or that smug grin, but for me everything.

Now that Noah’s back—in my office and hanging around after hours—I can’t get distracted. I must protect my secret—the one who calls me Mommy.

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Noah Westcott



That’s all I got.

A name is also all I gave.

First names were enough when we tipped the last of the bottles back. Letting the whiskey and wine take hold, we agreed not to attach any strings.

I regret making that pact.

I don’t want just one night.

I want more than only the coming hours, craving a last name, maybe her age, where she’s from, or why she’s here in the Hamptons this weekend.

But that’s not the deal we made.

Dark brown hair falls like silk over my legs, her luscious lips wrapped around my dick that’s slick from her mouth and swollen. Despite the long strokes of her tongue and the heat she’s creating as she consumes me, I suspect the eyes that beg for my attention match mine in the daylight.

It’s too tempting to drop my head back and savor the suction of her glorious mouth, the way she takes me so deep that I hit the back of her throat. But the trust she gives in her gaze should never be taken lightly, so I keep my eyes fixed on hers.

I’m the opposite of someone who has a right to behold it, but since she’s offering, I’m enough of an asshole to take anything she’s willing to give.

I don’t hold back and give into the ecstasy. Twisting my fingers through her hair, I keep her steady until I fall apart, giving her all of me and more than she can handle. She slips back on her heels, the palms of her hands hot against my knees.

Swollen lips, glassy eyes, a look of contentment settles through her fine features as she tries to catch her breath.

Dropping to my knees before her, I grasp her face in my hands, coming so close, I could kiss her. I don’t. Instead, I say, “You’re fucking gorgeous, you know that?” I then kiss her and those lips that pulse with the sexual energy flowing between us.

She grabs my shoulders and pulls back, her breath heavy against my neck. “It’s been . . .”

Her words grab my attention as much as the way her nails dig into my skin. I tilt back to look into the eyes that try to hide what she was so close to saying. “It’s been what?”

With the slightest shake of her head, she looks down. “It’s just been a long time since I’ve been with anyone . . . intimately.”

I didn’t take her for shy based on the fact we met just a few hours ago. She had no qualms taking charge of the situation as soon as she removed my swim trunks. So opposite of who she is from what I’ve seen.

No way will I let her sit and worry about a reaction from me. Every other guy’s loss is my gain. That I even get to share a night with her makes me feel damn lucky.

Tucking a finger under her chin, I lift it until our eyes meet again. “That’s a damn shame.” I kiss the corner of her lips as a smile grows beneath. Lifting her to her feet when I stand, I say, “Get on the bed. It’s my turn.”

She crawls onto the mattress giving me a quick flash of that fine ass before she turns to lie before me like a steak presented to a man on a hunger strike. My mouth waters for her as I wedge my hands between her knees.

Butterflying open for me, she bites her bottom lip and watches as I go down ready to devour her. Her back arches, her moans growing in frequency, the sound of my tongue fucking her before I nip at her clit has her thighs squeezing together with my head in the middle of them.

It doesn’t take but a few minutes to have her bucking and begging for me to make her come. I lap between her lips and kiss, sucking her sweetness until her body begins to tremble under my tongue.

There’s something about feeling her, hearing her, fall to pieces . . . my name escaping her lips . . . her body clenching around my tongue . . . her hand holding mine until it becomes too much.

It’s too much for me to hang on for long. Again. I’m hard and in desperate need of relief. I won’t take this from her, though. Placing one last kiss on her lower lips, I replace my tongue with my fingers and trail kisses down her thigh, lifting her knee and stroking under the bend as if I were still lapping at her clit with my tongue.

Fingers fisting the sheets.

Toes digging into the mattress.

Her belly taut with building tension.

I sit back to watch this gorgeous goddess come for me. When her eyes open, I lean to kiss her knee before climbing beside her and lying still.

Our breaths fill the void though the ache of my dick is visceral, causing mine to tense before releasing again.