Gio (The Conti Crime Family #5) Read Online C.M. Steele

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After the attack on the Conti family, I went straight to work. We had a mission to bring down our enemy from the inside out, destroy everything they had, and watch their weak empire crumble. While bringing them to ruin, the last thing I expected was to find my weakness and source of strength wrapped up in one beautiful woman. She tried to get away, but there was one thing she would learn about the Barone men: there was nowhere to run from us. My little sweet cupcake was mine.

Looking for help, all I found was trouble in the form of a six-foot-something, handsome devil who hated all things Moreno and wanted revenge for my father’s sins. I tried to run, but he wasn’t having it. Marriage or death were my only options. Could I be happy as the wife of the man who wanted to destroy my family? Or could I make my escape and get the freedom I crave?

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Chapter One


Click, click, motherfucking boom.

I hit the enter key, and Ernesto Moreno’s offshore bank account just transferred two million dollars into fourteen separate accounts and then spread out into twenty-eight others, multiplying like a virus for the next twenty minutes. The money is gone forever. Well, at least for him. In two hours, it will be available to a Russian asset who will empty the account and then reinvest with Landon Black Jr.

My phone rings as I pack up my things to head out to my next assignment. “Good morning, Mother.”

“Giovanni, are you being careful out there?” Her anxious voice hurts my chest a bit given the past week’s activities because she’s normally gritty and iron-willed.


“It’s just that you don’t like violence, and it’s dangerous right now,” she says. It amuses me that my mother is worried that I’m not packing heat, unlike most mothers who worry about their sons.

“Don’t worry. I’m not alone either. Is Father nearby?” I have a team of men who guard me like I’m a fucking prince instead of a specialized accountant for the Conti Mafia.

“Yes. Do you want to speak with him?” My father, although nearly retired, is the head of the Conti Family’s enforcement. He handles all the dirty work with the boss’s direction. Although most of the time, he’s good at running the show given his decades of enforcing.

“No. Just let him know I’m on to my next meeting and that I’ll stop by for lunch unless things get messy.”

“Understood. Be careful.”

“Always. I love you, Mama.” I end the call and send Matteo a message. Meeting complete. Meeting with Franklin next. Given our situation, we speak in code in case we have anyone monitoring us. We had a detective visit our homes, and we knew he was on the take—but not for us, so we have to be extra cautious.

It’s been three days since Moreno and his crew tried to wipe out everyone on my sister’s birthday. We fared way better than his people, thanks to my sister and her antics, but we need to seek retribution, so I’ve been working nonstop, dipping into their finances and draining their accounts with the help of my friends.

Now, it’s time to check in with some fucks who owe us money. I leave the internet hotspot and meet my small crew. The details of my operation are kept just between those who need to know, so I left my men outside while I worked. The less they know, the less they have to snitch. Not that I expect anything but their full loyalty. However, human nature and sin have a way of changing people. “Samson, we’re going to McIntyre’s.”

“Okay, Gio.” I climb in the back while Elio rides shotgun. The entire upper ranks of the family go around with a little more security these days, even though we wiped out a good deal of the Morenos. Still, while they’re licking their wounds and planning another attack, I’m certain my plan will put everything to rest.

The drive is a short one because the best way to hide your signal is to work in a crowded place, so I stayed in the heart of downtown Chicago before heading to North Franklin Street. The area is filled with medium-sized office buildings, but I’m only interested in one of them—where a certain slick fucking accountant better be sitting behind his desk waiting for me. He and I need to have a word or two. He’s supposedly been on vacation with his family for the last week, so I’ve kept my cool and waited, but today is payday, or some fingers are about to be broken.

Most of the time, I’m not like my family or like my boss and now brother-in-law, Matteo, but I have moments where the devil in me comes out, and that’s when you fuck with my money. That’s something I never play with, and if you dick around with the finances, I’ll have your head in a vise and will twist until it pops. It’s one of the few things in life I hate: liars, cheats, and thieves. Shamus McIntyre is proving to be all three.

“I’ll go in alone. Stay back in case the pussy decides to pop out one of the other exits. Understood?” I brought two other guys with me, which isn’t enough to cover the entire building, but McIntyre isn’t expecting me, so we’ll nab the prick if he wants to play games.

“Yes, Gio.” They nod and go to the other doors while I take the main entrance. After all, I have no intention of putting a bullet in McIntyre’s head today. No, that could wait for one of the guys to catch him driving in a bad neighborhood after stopping at the bank or something that would make him an easy target. Getting ugly in broad daylight isn’t something I like to do because my pretty face doesn’t need to be broadcast to the public.