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I’m a criminal, and she’s a cop. We just don’t mix.


My brothers and I may clash heads, and sometimes, we might even throw fists. But there’s not much I won’t do to protect them.

Which is how I find myself in this little… game.

Abbie thinks she can take down my family one by one to help her climb the police ranks faster. But she’s an amateur, and her first mistake was allowing me to overhear her conversation.

I’m a master manipulator. I’ll make her fall for me, and then, I’ll tear her to pieces for coming after my family.

She may have started the game, but she’s merely a pawn.

I’m the true master, and she’s going to regret the day she ever met me.



I came from nothing, but I’m determined to have everything, no matter who gets in my way.

Well, that’s my mindset until Cameron comes crashing into my life–coffee and donut in hand–and wears me down until I agree to date him.

He’s dodgy, doesn’t like to talk about himself, and is a master between the sheets. I originally started this with a plan–take him and his brothers down to climb the ranks and make something of myself.

I never anticipated falling in love with him.

Before I can come clean and tell him myself that I’d started this as a way to put him behind bars, I’m too late.

And when Cameron’s enemies target me, we’re already over. There’s no reason for him to come after me–to rescue me.

I’m on my own… and I don’t think I’m making it out of this alive.

**Please read the author’s note at the beginning of the book before deciding to read!

**This is book three of a six-book series with an overarching plot. While Cameron and Abbie get their happily-ever-after in this book, it is highly recommended to read Agony and Bender first before diving into this book so you’re not confused on previous events that are important to the plot of this book.

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Istared at my computer screen, a frown pulling at my lips. My fingers drummed a steady beat on the armrest of my chair, irritation swimming through my veins. How the fuck was a guy supposed to get experience somewhere when no one was willing to hire me so I could get that experience? All these jobs required a damn bachelor’s degree, which I had—graduated top of my class even. But they wanted fucking experience, too. For a goddamn beginner position.

What kind of bullshit was that? How the hell did that even make sense?

I rubbed at my tired eyes before eyeing the eviction notice laying on my desk beside my laptop, a blaring red fucking reminder that my life was falling to shit. A life I’d worked hard to carve out for myself. I’d put myself through college, applying for scholarships every semester and working myself to the goddamn bone every single day just to put food in my stomach and cover my books and the tuition that scholarships didn’t pay for. But when I graduated, I had to have somewhere else to live. I’d thought my three jobs could cover the rent on this place until I could get a job in my field, but nope. No amount of bartending, stocking, and serving could cover the cost of living in Seattle.

Because despite my education and working an internship, I wasn’t fucking qualified.

What a load of shit.

My phone vibrated on my desk, and I leaned forward just enough to grab it before slumping back in my chair again. I frowned at the number, not recognizing it. It wasn’t from the area. But just in case it was someone giving me the chance to attend an interview, I answered.


A man roughly cleared his throat. “Cam?”

I blinked. Then blinked again. Because I sure as fuck couldn’t be hearing things right. I hadn’t heard from him in years. Not since he left the foster system and graduated high school when I was thirteen. He’d said he and Konrad had made a promise to Jax—that they’d leave and chase something better than the town we’d lived in. And I couldn’t fault them, though it had made me a bit angry and upset with Jax for forcing our family apart, for leaving me and Ace to fend for ourselves.

As I got older though, I realized Jax was right. There was nothing there for any of us. So, when I’d aged out, I’d left, too… left Ace behind just as Jax, Shaw, and Konrad had left us behind. In some ways, I was no better than them.

Konrad and Shaw had deposited money into a bank account for me every month, but I hadn’t touched any of it. Didn’t feel right. I was independent, and I needed to make my own way. Besides… part of me was still bitter about being left behind. To fend for myself and for Ace.