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My name is Larabee St. Clair and I am a retriever.

I grew up in an unorthodox environment, surrounded by violence and death. There wasn't a day I awoke and there wasn’t a trail of blood outside my back door. I watched my father degrade women, hurt women and use them like the pig he was. It made me savage. Sadistic. Dark. Unfeeling. I swore to myself when I was able to take my little sister from that life before I ended him, and I did, but not before I had to fight to get my sister back.

Now I work for the biggest crime family in the U.S., The DeSantis, headed by Giulia Desantis. She contracts me to retrieve girls who have been trafficked and or kidnapped by her enemies. I’m supposed to find, and kill anyone who stands in my way and return them home. That is what I do..well until her.

Satine changes my m.o. I find myself fighting two wars. One with the men trying to take her back from me and one within myself. Not to mention, if I don’t bring her back, Giulia could have my head, literally. But the thing is, once I get my hands on her, they won’t come off until she is bred with my kid and bound to me in blood and life.

I will kill anyone who tries to take her from me and betray all allegiances to keep her for myself. Satine not only changed me, but she changed the view. I see things I never saw and I don’t know if I can go back to who I was. But the one thing that will never change…Anyone who dares to come for us, will bleed at our feet.

My name is Satine Izabelle Coronado and I am an asset. In my family, women are nothing but bargaining tools, things to be sold for more power or incubators to sire heirs. My father, Felicisimo Coronado is the most ruthless man in Cuba and even he didn’t see my kidnapping coming.

I was meant to be arranged to a bad man but instead I was kidnapped and trafficked to New York by men my father thought he could trust. I was beaten, drugged and held in a damp, cold, basement, blindfolded for days, weeks even. I had no idea what my future held or if I would have one at all and then he saved me. Him, Larabee. He sees me.

He took me from that place, spilling blood along the way from those who felt I belonged to them. He told me he was supposed to take me back, return me to the very home that put me in this position. Before I could ask him not to, he told me he wouldn’t.

Larabee, my hero, took me, claimed me, protected me. He told me I belonged to him and that he would kill anyone who said different. What do you say to the man who has risked his life for you?

I vow to be beside him, be what he needs and where he needs me, even if it is on my knees before him. He is my darkness. He says I am his light. Our opposition will die in a rain of bullets or a wall of fire.

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Two Weeks Ago

Ihave been standing in the concrete bunker for almost an hour watching Giulia torture some asshole. To anyone else they would think I was standing here unacknowledged, but that could be farther from the truth. I walked into her using a blowtorch on him and though she didn’t look at me and still hasn’t, I know she is aware of my presence. You don’t get the reputation she has by being unaware.

“LB.” She calls me by my organizational name, and I lift my head.


“Can you hand me my sword?” I am one of the strongest men in the industry. Not much can make me squirm. In my own right I am savage, untethered and relish the feeling of my enemies blood on my skin after I have ended them. To that point, there isn’t much I haven’t done or seen for that matter, but when she wields that fucking sword, my stomach does flapjacks. Have you seen a man's head roll down a plank, freshly cut? No. Well I have had more times than I can count.

“Boss.” I hand her the unforgiving weapon and move to step back, but she stops me.

“As you can see my husband is not here, shocking I know.” She smiles when she talks about him and not for the first time I wonder how she does it all. “He usually sets up the plank for me so it can fall into the gator pit. Do you mind?” Damnit. Reluctantly, but only on the inside, I set up the plank with the side bars and open the gator pit. I make sure the ledge is in place and I step back. “Thank you.”