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Aiming for Love, Landing in Mayhem

While Valentine’s Day is supposed to be full of romance and flying hearts, this year, Anna finds herself defending a misplaced Cupid, dodging a gang of thieving arrow shooters, and assisting Nick Bassaneli, her stubborn potential brother-in-law, with a bogus murder charge. Meanwhile, she’s trying to find her sexy boyfriend the perfect gift, when all he wants is for her to show up to Valentine’s dinner without danger on her heels.

Speaking of danger, Aiden Devlin is a little too secretive about his newest investigation, and something is hanging heavy over his head, but the stubborn Irishman refuses to share. Anna begins to fear that the ‘bogus’ murder charge might not be so bogus, and Nick truly could be in trouble. Unfortunately for Aiden, the Albertini family is full of self-proclaimed sleuths, and they’re more than eager to crack the case before he can reach his own conclusions.

During the season of love, Anna is forced to juggle her meddling family, solve the puzzle of the chaotic Cupids, save her potential brother-in-law, and arrive at Valentine’s Day dinner in one piece. Hey, miracles can happen.

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Chapter 1

Diamonds sparkled magically beneath the old-fashioned lights, turning me all gooey and happy. “Oh, Nick,” I murmured. “This is absolutely beautiful.”

Nick Basanelli leaned over my shoulder and looked at the ring resting in the black velvet box. “Are you sure, Anna? Do you think she’ll like it?”

My sister would be insane not to love it. “Of course, she’ll love it.”

“It was my grandmother’s,” he said. “I did show the engagement ring to Tessa on New Year’s, but I hadn’t purchased the wedding bands yet.”

It truly was gorgeous. It was a split halo, the center stone at least three carats and cushion-cut, with diamonds around the main stone that cascaded down in two bands. In addition, Nick had purchased two more bands—one for each side.

“I mean, it’s just stunning,” I said, unable to take my eyes off the diamond.

“I agree,” Duke Walls said from the other side of his jewelry store’s counter. Duke’s had been a permanent fixture in Timber City for as long as I could remember, and my new law firm was right next door.

I just couldn’t believe that Tessa and Nick were getting married. If she said yes—which, of course, she would. They’d dated for a fairly short time, which would probably concern most people, but knowing both Nick and Tessa, I was fully on board. They made a great couple.

“How are you going to ask her?” I turned to stare at him.

He straightened his shoulders. “I’m meeting her in an hour for a candlelit dinner. Don’t want to wait on this.”

I clapped my hands together once. “You could wait for Valentine’s Day.”

“Nope. Taking care of it now. It’s the perfect idea.”

“Yes, perfect,” Duke agreed.

In his sixties at least, Duke was as wide as he was tall and had the most cheerful smile I’d ever seen.

“Do you want help with planning what to say?” I held my breath as hope crashed through me.

Nick rolled his tawny brown eyes. “I’ll take suggestions.”

Seriously good-looking, Nick Basanelli stood over six feet tall with thick black hair and Italian features. He was also broad and brilliant. I could not have found a better mate for my sister, who was free-spirited yet oddly responsible. I’d always liked the contradictions in Tessa and loved that Nick did, as well.

“After dinner, maybe you could create a scene with red roses and the snow down by the lake. I can put it together while you two eat.”

Nick turned and looked at the blizzard swirling madly outside the glass doors. “Are you kidding? It’s early February. It’s freezing.”

True. Yet there was something romantic about Lilac Lake, which fronted most of Timber City, and I knew my sister loved the water. “We don’t have to be married to anything right now,” I said, enjoying the pun.

Nick rolled his eyes. “I’ll ask her after dessert. Inside where it’s warm.” His phone buzzed, and he looked down to read a text while I returned to staring at the absolutely incredible rings. I even liked that they were rose gold, which you just didn’t see very often. I was no expert, but the main diamond appeared colorless and clean and was probably an excellent cut. My sister would love it.

Nick frowned and shoved his phone into his back pocket. We’d met up near Duke’s closing time to pick up the rings. He’d wanted my approval, which, considering he was going to be my brother-in-law, I thought was very sweet.

Today, Nick wore a white button-down shirt and dark slacks, in contrast to the suit he normally wore in court as our prosecuting attorney. I didn’t have court today either, so I was just wearing black slacks with a pink sweater in tribute to February. Valentine’s Day was only two weeks away.

I looked around the wide jewelry store, taking in all the glass counters with their stunning baubles. Maybe I should find Aiden something in there. He was a tough guy to buy for, and I nailed it at Christmas time, but it had taken some serious effort. We’d dated for less than a year. I bit my lip.

“What are you getting Devlin for Valentine’s Day?” Nick asked, as if reading my mind.

I shook my head. “I have no clue.” I concentrated on him. “Isn’t Valentine’s Day more of a woman’s holiday?” Yeah, I wanted an easy out.

“Nope. Get on board, Albertini. I don’t know. Buy him something for his truck or motorcycle.”

Like what? His motorcycle was in storage for the winter, and his truck seemed fine. “Maybe he could use a new gun.” As an ATF agent, he probably had more guns than I knew about.

Nick looked up at the ceiling. “The holiday is easy for women. Buy a sexy pink outfit, put a bow on top of your head, and there you go.”

Practical. Very good advice. I slapped his arm. “You’re going to make a great brother.”