His Little Topaz – Eleadian Mates Read Online Paige Michaels

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It’s Kendra’s turn to find out what it means to have a Papi of her own.

Engaged to a man she can’t stand, Kendra visits Club Zoom several times in hopes an Eleadian hunk will claim her and whisk her away from her looming arranged marriage. It’s a longshot, but it’s her only hope.

Bialar watches the blond from the control room for several nights. He knows better than to approach her. She’s obviously wealthy and haughty. A handful. Not the sort of woman he should claim.

Desperate and filled with despair, Kendra spends her last night at the club getting drunk. What difference does it make? Her life is over.

When the woman's stomach revolts in the club’s bathroom, her obvious anguish pulls at Bialar’s heartstrings. He can’t just leave her there. He’s drawn to her. Damn the consequences. She might end up being a handful, but if it’s meant to be, she’ll be his handful.

Prepare to travel through the stars only if you’re brave enough to learn about oversized Papis and survive their very intimate care.

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Chapter One


“Ah, Bialar. There you are. What took you so long? It’s nearly midnight.” Khantok nods toward the monitor he’s watching. “Your blond bombshell is here again tonight.”

I smirk and roll my eyes as I step fully into the control room on the second floor of Club Zoom. “You seem far more intrigued with her than I’ve ever been. Why don’t you go down to the dance floor and introduce yourself?”

Khantok holds up both hands and shakes his head. “Not a chance. I’ve heard from countless men to steer clear of the obviously popular girls with the fancy hair, excessive makeup, and expensive clothes and shoes. I’m not going near her.”

I turn my attention to the screen and lean in closer to search for the blond he’s speaking of. He’s right. It’s better to pick a more demure female for a lifemate. Someone who isn’t going to freak out when she finds out there’s no makeup on Eleadia. No hair salons either. And, most importantly, no clothes. Not for girls anyway.

Nevertheless, there’s something intriguing about this particular blond that draws my attention every time she comes into the club. It’s as if she’s only pretending to be a pretentious debutante. Something is off. She doesn’t fit somehow.

I would love to know her story, but I would not like to get close enough to her to ask. That would be risky. It’s entirely possible I would find myself drawn to her like a magnet. We’ve been warned about that too.

At first when our men started coming to Earth to seek suitable mates, we believed we had some level of free will in the choosing. It has become apparent recently that might not be entirely the case. I’ve heard from several men that they felt drawn to a particular female as soon as they set eyes on her with an intensity that rivals anything we’ve ever experienced.

Hell, I saw this happen with my best friend and business partner, Strogan, just two weeks ago. He watched his Little girl, Christine, for days before approaching her. He’d already known. I saw it in his eyes.

I’m concerned this is the case with me too. Even though I haven’t met this blond female a single time, I’ve been watching her through the monitor. It’s the same thing Strogan did. Granted, Christine had been working for the club, cleaning after hours, but Strogan still fell for her through the monitor.

I run a hand through my hair as I watch the gorgeous blond tip her head back and laugh. I frown. Something is off. She’s laughing too hard. It doesn’t look natural.

My girl—why am I thinking of her as mine?—is surrounded by other females, but I don’t get the impression she knows them well. For one thing, this is the fifth time I’ve seen her, and each time she’s been with a different gaggle.

I lean forward, frowning. Staring hard. The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Something is bothering me.

“I think she’s drunk,” Khantok says.

Ahh. Yes. That’s it. I don’t like it. Why do earthlings insist on abusing substances? It’s foreign to us. We are a healthier society. That’s probably why we live so much longer. That and the fact that we treat our planet with far more respect than humans do theirs.

I have the urge to descend to the first floor, sweep the blond off her feet, toss her over my shoulder, and swat her naughty bottom while I cart her up to my suite. She needs someone to help her make better decisions. She needs a Papi.

I shake the idea from my head. The club is packed with females tonight. Wall to wall. They are jammed onto the dance floor, and the bartenders are having trouble keeping up with their orders.

No matter how hard I try to scan the crowd and focus on any other individual in the room, my gaze keeps wandering back to the same female. The one who has obviously managed to get a drink from the bartenders several times.

She has a fresh drink in her hand now, and it’s sloshing over the top every time she laughs. She doesn’t appear to realize it. Or she doesn’t care.

I force myself to look away, scan the crowd. I’ve been here several weeks. I need to find a mate and head back home. It’s time to get serious. My business partner, Strogan, found his mate, Christine, and left for Eleadia two weeks ago.

I’m dragging my feet. I’ve gone downstairs and mingled several times but never when the blond was here. She… I… Fuck.

Khantok nods toward the screen again. “She doesn’t look well. I think she’s heading for the restrooms.”

I run my hand through my hair. Fuck. I watch her, my eyes narrowed. I flinch when she sways a bit and almost falls. Not surprising in those damn heels she’s wearing. I’ll never understand any of the fashion choices human females make, but their shoes are the most ridiculous of all their accessories.