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Talon Scott wants the girl next door even though he shouldn’t.

Kelsey Rae is more than ten years younger than him. She works at his family owned marina, and her dad is a friend. Still, still that doesn’t stop him from looking at her every chance he gets.

She’s everywhere he turns with her teasing smiles, soft touches, and sweet as sin curves. The temptation is too strong and Talon’s done waiting. He’s going after her in every way possible.

Tory is bringing you an all new standalone, beach read that will surely have the your summer nights heating up in this grumpy/sunshine, older man-younger woman, off-limits, insta-love romance! This summer, your favorite instalove authors are bringing the heat with sun-kissed days and sizzling nights of passion. So pour yourself a dirty martini, grab a sun lounger, and get ready for some Summer Lovin’.

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Three Weeks Earlier

Kelsey Rae Taylor, she knows what she’s doing, all too fucking well. The subtle sway in her hips, the look in her eyes every time we’re both out on the marina dock. She’s the girl next door, soft to my hard, petite to my tall, younger to my older, yet still that doesn’t stop me from looking at her every chance I get. Today for instance, Kelsey is prancing her ass around in a barely-there white bikini. Parading her tits that are more than a handful and an ass that jiggles when she walks. Skin that’s sun kissed from her time outside, sweat glistening her skin, and damn her, she’s walking my way.

“Talon.” The way she says my name…sensual with a slight rasp. My fucking cock is trying to perk up; controlling the piece of flesh is damn hard.

“Kelsey.” I watch as her eyes change colors and the usual soft blue darkens. The way our community is set up, everyone has a house with a small front and backyard and a path that leads to individual docks. I’ve got my own place next door to Kelsey and her parents. The marina at the end of the bay holds the bigger boats, where my family owns and operates the Captain T’s, we provide fuel for boats and a convenience store full of food, drinks, and other stuff locals sell.

“Kind of late in the day for you to start, isn’t it?” I’m out here getting ready to charter a group of men for the day, a bachelor party no fucking less. Most deep-sea fishing charters start as day breaks, but this group had already sent an alert about running behind. Waking up to that message had pissed me off. My body is up before the sun comes up and ready to get my day started. Now, we’ll be starting later, further delaying my day. Good thing it’s their money and not mine. And while the money may be nice, it’s not helping the current situation. I’m stuck with whether to keep the conversation with Kelsey going or push her away in case these guys show up and get a glimpse of the woman I want but can’t have. She’s damn beautiful, and while this is her normal getup on a daily basis, the thought of five men looking at her the way I do doesn’t sit well with me.

“Yeah, you could say that.” I keep loading up my boat. I make multiple trips on and off the dock, adding the rods, spare reels, bait bucket, coolers, ice, drinks, and more shit than I’d use if it were just me. The forty-eight-foot Yamaha Campeon was steep in price, and if it weren’t for the tourists keeping me busy, I’d have never taken the hit to our books. It pays to have the amenities, seeing as how chartering offshore fishing with groups is our bread and butter. Plus, when you can charge the cake Captain T’s does, you best believe we go above and beyond.

Like anything that’s good, there’s always bad. Rules, bylaws, and a homeowner’s association we have to adhere to. Some of it makes my fucking head spin. That’s what my mom is for. She runs a tight ship while I do what I love the most.

Captain T’s has been in the family for a couple of generations. My mom’s dad handed it down to her, and whenever she’s ready to retire, I’ll take it over. All I ask is that she doesn’t hand it down any time too soon. We need the brains in this operation and I’m man enough to admit Mom has it in spades. When Captain T’s first started out, the chartered fishing side didn’t exist. Grandpa Scott kept it to the store, the gas station, and selling locally caught seafood. He’s one hell of a fishermen still to this day. He’d set up traps for crabs, oysters, and spiny lobster. Now he only provides food for himself or if Mom requests something particular.

Every summer, every break, and any chance I could I was out there with him. Grandpa Scott picked up where my dad didn’t. I’m sure he never imagined his daughter would be a single mom. He didn’t blame her, never spoke a word about how my dad was a deadbeat or how Mom had to do it on her own without so much of a dime being sent in way of support. Times may have been tough, but I never felt it and while Captain T’s has diversified, we’re still making a decent living.

“How long this time?” This is how our conversations always go. She asks questions, I answer them without reciprocating questions of my own though I’ve got fucking plenty. The ones I keep to myself are likely to get my head knocked back on my shoulders. Kelsey’s dad, a guy I’ve done business with on more than one occasion as well as my next-door neighbor, would be the first in line. The things I’d like to do to her body are probably illegal in all fifty states.