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A Christmas themed story story featuring the characters from HUGE, HUGE X2, HUGE X3 and HUGE X4.

Come and spend the holidays with your favorite characters from the bestselling Huge Series.
Designed as a companion read to books 1-4.

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It’s the night before Christmas, and I’m beat. Tired to the bone.

But I’m desperate to get back.

Two weeks away from home is too much for any man. Well, any man with a wife like Jenna at home.

Shit, I’ve missed her; the way she smells, the way she looks, the way she curls into me when she sleeps. We’ve been married for five years, and each day still feels as good as that first night we were together. I still get a thrill when I think about her dressed up in that sexy costume at my friend’s Halloween party. She was everything I’d fantasized she would be and more.

I’m not a guy who’s backward in seeking what I want, but when the girl you’ve been lusting over is your stepsister, well it made things a little bit more complicated than I was comfortable with. That didn’t mean I wasn’t okay with tempting her. Leaving my door ajar while I was drying myself after the shower was a genius-level brainwave that led us to this point.

Fuck, I’m hard and there are still over fifteen minutes of journey left.

I glance at the passenger seat, and the bag that contains Christmas gifts. There’s something for Abbey, our little girl, and something for my momma. But the main thing is for Jenna.

When I knew I wanted to marry her, I had little cash. Jenna has never been motivated by money, but I wanted to buy her a ring that would show her just how much she meant to me. I stretched as far as I could, but the diamond wasn’t as big as I would have liked it to be. I know Jenna loves that ring. She’s never taken it off in all the years we’ve been together except the day we got married. As soon as I slid the wedding ring up her slim finger, I knew she was itching to get her engagement ring back on. In the car, she took it off her right hand and switched it back to where she felt it belonged. It still sits there now.

I know I could never replace that ring and what it means to her but, now I have the means, I want to seal our relationship properly.

Christmas Eve is a special time in our household. It’s Abbey’s birthday and seeing as it’s so close to Christmas, we’ve tried to make it special by having a big party. I know that our friends and family will be gathered at our home when I get back. There’ll be music and games and all the kids will run around like crazy things. Jenna will be in the middle of it all, handling the organization and noise like the boss she is.

As I turn into the driveway, my heart skips a beat. I didn’t have time to put up the lights before I left, but somehow, she’s made our house look like something from a Christmas movie. I can see Ethan’s truck, and a rental that must belong to Jason and his family. There’s a minivan that’s filled with car seats that I know belongs to Callum and his crew. We’re the smallest family group of the lot, but that’s okay with me. Although, if our friends don’t stop breeding, we won’t be able to keep hosting these parties!

The lights from my truck must have shined through the windows because the front door opens before I can even get out. And there is Jenna.

My girl.

She’s dressed in her favorite dress, which hugs all her curves, and an apron which I find strangely sexy. Abbey must have forced her to dress up because she’s also wearing a headband with wobbly stars on springs that glitter around her head like a hallo.

She raises her hand in a small wave and I throw the car door open, desperate to pull her into a hug that will show her just how much I’ve been craving her. I grab the gift bags and head over to greet the love of my life.

“You made it,” she says as I get close.

I drop the bags by her feet and pull her to me in a hug that’s so immense, I lift her from the ground. Jenna swats my shoulder. “Harrison…!”

I sniff her neck; the smell of home. “Baby…I missed you.”

She softens in my arms. “I missed you too, honey, but can you put me down? I’ve got cookies in the oven.”

Katelin appears behind Jenna, holding Abbey’s hand. “See, your daddy’s here.”

“Daddy…!” Abbey is off and running in my direction and Jenna pulls back, giving me space to get onto my knees so I can hug the life out of my baby girl. I think she’s grown in just two weeks. With her momma’s hair and green eyes, she’s just the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.