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When my brother’s best friends walk in on me engaging in self-love, they offer me a deal that I can’t refuse.

Why take care of my own pleasure, when they can do it for me? All I have to do is message, and they'll come running.

Kain, Blake, and Dalton were our neighbors growing up. Scrawny as kids, they always had cuts on their knees and mud on their shoes. They practically lived at our house and loved my brother, Travis, like family.

But now they’re grown, and things are very different.

Kain is the star running back of our college team, athletic and gorgeous with eyes like the ocean.

Blake has a love of art and is gradually covering his smooth tan skin with tattoos.
Dalton works in construction for their father’s business, honing his muscles to perfection.

They offer me a deal to meet all my kinky fantasies, whatever they might be. Until I find a boyfriend, of course. Then the deal will be off. In exchange, I have to keep what we’re doing a secret, especially from my brother. And cook dinner for them each day. It's a small price to pay.

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“I need you to do me a favor,” Travis says. The phone line crackles and then it seems to go dead.

“Travis. You there?” I twist to glance at the screen, checking to see if the call has disconnected, but the timer continues to tick. I expected the phone connection from Germany to be better than this.

“Can you hear me?” Travis yells.

“Yeah, bro,” I say. “What favor?”

“I need you to go over to my house and clear the dirty magazines out of my closet. Mom just told me she’s going to decorate my room while I’m gone, and I don’t want her to find them.”

I snort, shaking my head. “You seriously give a fuck about your mom finding that? She knows you’re not a kid anymore. Right? And you’re not a virgin, for fuck’s sake.” I pause for theatrical effect. “You aren’t a virgin anymore, are you?”

“Fuck off,” Travis laughs. The line crackles again, distorting the sound of his amusement. “Just tell her I’ve asked you guys to help her move my stuff so that she doesn’t do her back in again. She’ll be grateful. And then, while you’re packing and shifting boxes, you can bag up the unmentionables.”

“And do what with them?” I flop onto the couch, tired at just the thought of carrying out Travis’s instructions. Even though it’s going to be a ball ache, I won’t say no. I’d never say no to my best friend.

“Keep them safe for when I get back. There’s some classic stuff there.”

“Classic?” My mind conjures nineteen-seventies style bushes, but before Travis can elaborate, I cut him off. “In fact, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.”

“And say hi to Gabriella from me.”

Gabriella. If talking about classic porn had my mind drifting to filthy places, the mention of Travis’s sister might as well send me to hell. Long golden hair, curves for days, and legs that seem to stretch up to the heavens. Her mom named her after an angel, and she seems to have taken that form on earth. If she wasn’t Travis’s sister, I’d be all over her like a rash. We all would be. Blake and Dalton have the same taste as me in women and we’ve had more than one conversation about how hot she is.

“You want me to say hi to your sister? Don’t you speak to her?”

“I’m working so damned hard right now. It’s hard to find time to take a dump.”

I snort, as images I’d rather weren’t taking residence in my head do so anyway. “I’ll tell her.”

My older brother, Dalton, lumbers into the room, slumping into the chair opposite me. He deflates in front of me, letting all his muscles relax, the exhaustion of a hard day’s work pouring off him. Dad keeps him busy at whatever construction site is their current focus. He’s priming him to take over the family business. I guess I should be grateful that he wants to because me and Blake have absolutely no interest in it.

“I just want to let you know it hasn’t passed unnoticed that you have time to call me about your porn collection, but no time to call your sister to say hi,” I say, and laugh silently at Dalton’s comically raised eyebrows.

“Don’t give me shit, Kain. Just get over there before my mom goes foraging and can never look me in the eye again.”

This time, when the line crackles, it disconnects, but it doesn’t matter. Travis made it clear what I need to do to help.

“What was that about?” Dalton asks, stretching like a lazy cat. The latest tattoo our brother Blake inked for him comes into view as his shirt tugs over his bicep. It’s a tiger, framed by a large, spiked plant. Awesome art, but I don’t get the appeal of being permanently marked by something you might grow to hate in the future.

“Travis’s mom is going to decorate his room while he’s overseas, and he’s worried about her finding his sketchy ‘classic’ porn collection.” I say classic and make air quotes because I still don’t know what it means.

“Seriously?” Dalton flops his arms by his sides and rolls his head on his neck.

“Seriously. And he wants us to help box up his other stuff and move it so that his mom doesn’t hurt herself.”


“ASAP,” I say.


I nod at him and raise my eyebrows. “You’ve just exhaled enough breath to extinguish a forest fire and cracked every one of your vertebrae. You sure you’re in a fit state to do anything?”

“Don’t start again about who’s fitter.” Dalton rolls his eyes and I grab the cushion next to me and toss it at his head.

“I don’t need to start again,” I say. “Because it’s me.”

He flexes his big biceps and smirks. “You see this? It’s built on real work, Kain. Not fancy push-ups while Coach tells you what a good boy you are.”