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He’s the gorgeous fallen angel best friend you pushed away ten years ago…You haven’t seen him for ten years—the fallen angel of your dreams and your once best friend—until your vampire grandfather traps him into an arranged marriage with you.Now it’s your wedding day, and the officiant “You may now kiss the bride.”You finally dare look up into the eyes of your… husband.He’s the most stunningly gorgeous man you’ve ever seen.His gray eyes are dark with intensity as he glares down at you. Does that mean he still hates you?Don’t tremble. Don’t show him he affects you at all.But then he swoops down and crushes his lips to yours, and your whole body trembles as you come alive for the first time in a decade.Your fingers dig into his shoulders, his hands clench your waist, and you think—oh god, is this what it would have been like to kiss him all those years ago?Finally, the first kiss you'd never had.Standalone monster romance series novel. Check author's website for CWs. HEA guaranteed.

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Prologue: The Wedding

My husband-to-be and I have barely talked in the past three weeks, ever since our abrupt engagement was announced. My heart thumps so fast and so loud I can hear it in my ears.

I’m standing behind an archway of hydrangeas and lilies in my beautiful wedding dress, Grandfather at my side. It’s a gorgeous ballgown organza white dress with crystal embellished lace on top. It’s cut low while still being modest, with off the shoulder cap sleeves.

I feel like a princess. Which I am. Princess to a dynasty of vampires, even if I’m not one myself. No, I’m just a whole other bag of creepy. On a day like today, I feel it more than ever. And all I ever wanted was to be normal.

I should be standing here with my father, who should be whispering in my ear how proud he is of me and how much he hopes for my future happiness.

Instead, Grandfather Vlad chortles as he pushes me forward by the small of my back. “Go. Produce me good, strong little babies to grow up and be my soldiers.”

With that, I’m shoved unceremoniously down the long aisle towards my groom.

All heads turn towards me. There aren’t many in attendance. Only one side of the aisle full of the pale faces of my vampire uncles, alternately bored, hungry, or aggravated looking. The other side at least has Layden’s family, but I can’t quite bring myself to look their direction because all I can do is stare at the floor as I take measured steps towards him.

My husband-to-be.


He’s still as gorgeous as he ever was. It’s been hard to be near him since he called last month, needing my help.

After all this time, to hear his voice again… He only called because he had to. His family was in trouble. He had no other choice.

I can’t bring myself to lift my eyes to look up at him even as every step brings me closer. I can’t believe I allowed Grandfather to trap us in this ridiculous arranged marriage. It was everything I didn’t want.

Does Layden still hate me after how we left things ten years ago?

I would.

I climb the small step onto the elaborately decorated staging area where the priest Vlad arranged—more likely blackmailed or blood-compelled into being here—stands.

Layden’s black shoes have been polished to a mirror shine. His legs look nice, too.

“Phoenix,” his familiar voice whispers. “Are you all right?”

I nod, still not lifting my eyes or my head. I just can’t look at him. Not yet. It’s all too much. I’m still fighting the impulse to bolt for the door. If Vlad didn’t have a blood oath held over Layden’s family, I would.

But no. Vlad’s got us both exactly where he wants us. Like always.

The priest begins to chant the service. It’s a shortened ceremony, I notice, because he quickly gets to the, “Do you take this woman, Phoenix Dracul Tepes, as your lawfully wedded wife?” part.

“I do,” Layden says, loudly and solemnly. After hating his brothers for so long, now Layden would do anything for them. Even marry me.

I’m still staring at the floor, but when the priest puts the question to me, I’m finally startled into looking up.

“Do you take this man, Layden Eques, to be your husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do you part?”

I can’t breathe. That’s so much to promise. How did Layden just say, “I do,” so easily?

When my head finally swings up, I find the priest’s face. He’s an elderly man who looks kinder than I expect. It helps me squeak out, “I do,” with the last of the breath in my lungs.

I ought to be looking at Layden, I know. I just promised to have and hold him until death do us part. Which considering we’re both immortal beings… is awhile. I’m being cowardly, and I pride myself on my strength, usually.

I can feel his eyes on me.

Still, I can’t look at him, even as we exchange rings. I’m proud when my hand doesn’t shake as I lift the ring Sabra hands me to slip on the fourth finger of Layden’s left hand. His hands are warm. Mine are like ice. I try to touch him as little as possible as I slide the ring over his knuckle, then withdraw quickly.

He lingers, or maybe I just imagine he does, as his warm hands take my left hand in his.

“With this ring, I thee wed, and pledge my love and fidelity.”

He just added the last part. That wasn’t part of the priest’s script, was it? Everything’s moving so fast.

Layden’s still holding my hand and I blink up at him, confused. His gray eyes are dark with intensity as he stares down at me. Still, I can’t read the severe look on his stunningly attractive face.