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Hunter is not a nice man.He is used to enjoying the fruits of married women—they are easy to leave and don't expect any kind of relationship from him. Harlow is one of his club brother’s little sisters. She's young, and he should stay well away from her.Only, he doesn’t.Harlow doesn’t know why she is drawn to Hunter. She doesn’t even like him at times, but he's her secret crush, and not only that … she has fallen in love with him. She knows it's a recipe for disaster, but she cannot control her feelings.Hunter knows it's getting serious, so there is only one thing he can do, break it off with her, and that is exactly what he does.Devasted, alone, and in danger, Harlow knows she can never tell anyone what happened between her and Hunter. She has to deal with a broken heart. The only problem is, someone else does know, and when they make the club aware, it destroys everything. Harlow has no choice but to turn her back on the club, on her friends, and try to start a new life. Who can she trust?For Hunter, he has realized too late that he is in love with Harlow. He wants the mouthy little vegan all to himself, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to claim her. But, will he be able to save her, or will it be too late?

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“Fuck me, when did this get so fucking small?” George said as he made his way up into the tree house. There was a time he used to play in this stupid fucking thing, but not in a very, very long time. He had a lot more fun and enjoyable toys to play with. He didn’t believe any of his brothers played in the tree house anymore. They were all too old to enjoy it, but he knew this was exactly where he was going to find his baby sister.

Harlow was a unique person, had always been ever since she was born. He also knew that their mother lied when she claimed to have forgotten to mail out the birthday party invitations. Their mother never forgot something as important as a party, even if it was for Harlow.

It had been a long time since he had been home. In fact, he’d not stepped foot through his parents’ house since he left at eighteen years old to join the Hell’s Bastards MC—one of the best decisions he’d ever made, but one his parents despised him for. They didn’t want their son running with such a horrible gang. George couldn’t help but smile thinking about the insults they had thrown his way. His name wasn’t even George anymore, nope, he went by Big Dick.

“Get out, and you shouldn’t cuss around me. Mom says it will make me less of a lady.”

Big Dick smiled as he heard his baby sister’s voice, and then that smile was gone as he heard the sniffle that told him she’d been crying.

He didn’t like that.

Fuck, no. Not his baby sister.

Climbing up to the entrance of the tree house, he looked inside to find Harlow sitting in the corner, legs pulled up, wearing a pair of jeans, an old t-shirt, her brown hair in two pigtails, which he knew she hated, but their mother insisted on. She looked so adorable.

“Hey, Squirt.” He pulled himself into the tree house, aware of the creaking as he stayed right where he was. His parents would be pissed if he hurt Harlow and broke the tree house. He was shocked it was still standing.

“Don’t call me that.”

“Why not? You love it.”

“Erick said you’re calling me a shit.”

Big Dick smiled. “He said that, huh?”

She nodded.

“Let me guess, Mom didn’t tell him to shut his dirty mouth?” He looked at his sister to see her shrug.

“You know Erick, he always says stuff when she’s not near.”

Or she didn’t want to tell off her precious son. Big Dick didn’t give a fuck. Out of all his brothers, he hated Erick the most. He was a sniveling, conniving, manipulating little shit that pissed him off. He didn’t have any time for him, nor did he care to.

“What are you doing up here all alone?” he asked.

“No one came to my party.”

“Mom forgot to invite them, Squirt.”

“No, she didn’t. They just didn’t want to come because they don’t like me.” She looked down at her knees. “No one likes me.”

“I like you.”

“You’re my big brother, you’re supposed to like me.”

He rolled his eyes. “Actually, it’s a big brother’s prerogative to not like his baby sister. It’s the law. Trust me.” He winked at her.

Harlow smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

She shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Yeah, you do.”

Harlow pursed her lips and then looked over to him. “How do you make friends?”

“How do I make friends?” he asked, repeating the question.

“Yeah, how do you do it?”

He looked at Harlow and took a deep breath. “You’ve got to be yourself, Squirt.”

“No one likes me.”

“I like you.”

“But you’re not at school.” She pouted.

“Then you don’t need anyone. If no one can see how amazing you are, then they’re not worth your time.”

“Mom hates me.”

“Fuck her,” Big Dick said.

Harlow giggled and he ran a hand down his face.

“It doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks. Friends are made as you get older. I don’t hang with any of the fuckers I went to school with. They went off and did their own shit and one day, you will as well.” He held his hands open. “And guess what, I’ll still be your friend. You’ve always got me, Squirt.”


“Promise. Nothing is ever going to stop me from being your friend. I’ll take care of you. Look out for yourself, but don’t stop being you. You wear your jeans and say the shit you want. No matter what, got it?”

“Got it.”

She crawled across the tree house and curled up against his side. “Thank you.”

“Happy Birthday, Harlow.” He kissed the top of her head.

Big Dick loved his little sister. From the moment his mom gave birth, he had promised to take care of her, and he would do that.

Chapter One

“Ouch, motherfucker!” Harlow pulled her finger back and immediately stuck it in her mouth. She did not enjoy the metallic taste of her own blood. “Do you think if vampires existed, there would be one that was repulsed by the sight and taste of blood?” She turned toward Ava and saw her question made absolutely no sense to her friend and boss.