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The Immortal Iron Brothers Series

My brothers and I are unique. We were born with a Power so enormous it has to be harnessed and locked away. Our demi blood both defines and drives us.
I’ve lived century after century, running from a curse that blood has inflicted upon us. That was until a family of humans finds out our secret and bound us to them.
Now as freedom is upon us because of the one detail they failed to learn—or so we thought—all hell is breaking loose. The past has appeared in a form I don’t know, but she feels like someone I used to know well.

All my life I’ve felt different. My father has always been cautious of who I meet and where I go. The one night I decide to defy him, I end up running for my life. Then he appears. He saves me, then drops me to my death or so I thought.
Now I’m sharing my mind and body with another woman. Or is it hers. She knows this man and wants him back.
What does this mean? How is this possible? In the end who will be standing? Do I love him or is this her? Is he in love with me or her?
Will it even matter when it’s all said and done?

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All things happen in divine timing. If it isn’t time, it isn’t time. Don’t force what could be a blessing.


The Forgotten

I stand with my arms folded across my chest in the throne room of the heavens we’ve created. The humans below have long forgotten us and our names. Our children no longer look to us.

My sons believe I’ve abandoned them. I have not. A war older than time has been brewing. I’ve been waiting for the right time to reveal myself.

When dealing with siblings who are gods, one has to bide their time. Patience is something I have plenty of. Time doesn’t pass here the same as it does for humans.

We, as immortals, experience existence differently. Time is never ending and immeasurable for us. If we cease to exist, it’s a choice.

I close my eyes as I feel one of my siblings make that very choice. The time has come. The war has begun. So be it.

“Thank you, my sister,” I breathe in her honor.

“Tanrı, brother, did you feel that?” my sister Hamsa rushes in and asks.

I open my eyes and turn to look at her. She’s the epitome of soft beauty, even in her ethereal form. I am the one and only who enjoys remaining in the form and image I made my children in.

My siblings resent the fact that I’ve given them the form we all enjoyed most. To this moment, I still believe the kings and queens of my creation to be perfection. They weren’t flawed until my siblings decided to tamper with them out of jealousy.

“I felt it,” I reply.

“But why? Why has she done this?”

“She has given her essence for the good of the future.”

“What? What are you talking about, brother?”

“My sons were never meant to be enslaved. You did not think I would sit back and allow this?”

“But… but the curse wasn’t meant for them. We had no idea you would fall for one of their kind and have offspring—”

“That’s a lie. My sons were born before the cursing. You all were led to believe differently. Have you not asked yourself why I brought Habun here? Why she is the only god not of the original breath? You all were lied to.” My voice rises with my anger.

“We didn’t know.”

“Most of you didn’t care to know. The truth has sat before you and it was a choice to ignore it blissfully.”

“Tanrı, please. We’ve lost enough. Don’t do this. Haven’t things been peaceful?”

“No, they have not. Our brother has forgotten himself. He seeks to destroy and gain power he’ll never possess.”

“Yes, Harb can be misguided at times, but he’s been peaceful for such a long time.”

“My sister, my child. I know you are not this naive. My own brother Harb has spent his existence having my children hunted. Güç has done all she could to help me keep him at bay since I am forbidden from lifting a finger.

“Me, you all forbade me.” I pause to calm as my temper has caused a thunderstorm. My anger with my siblings has white-hot fire coursing through me.

I continue as the rumbling and lightning stop. “Güç left her home, guarding the balance that has kept me out of things and held Harb’s minions just out of reach of what’s mine. There has been no such thing as peace.”

“So you chose to start a war. To divide us all once again. You know you can’t interfere in their lives. The others—”

I grin. “Oh, but sister, I am not. The others are about to learn why I’m the alpha god. These checks and balances they have tried to impose upon me were a weak attempt at best.

“I allowed this. At first, I was entertained. However, once my children were made to be slaves, the line was drawn. I am no longer interested in these shackles you all thought you could place me in.”

“But Tanrı—”

“Silence,” I bark as my fury rises. I’m done with these games. How dare they believe I have not created a loophole when I see all? I’ve created all.

“I am the one true god. You were all formed from my essence. I chose to call each of you my brothers and sisters.

“I am the beginning of it all. The author and creator, the one true god among gods. And my children are kings of this throne as much as they are of that pathetic realm I’ve left them to hide in. Enough, this ends and Güç has given her essence so this can happen.”

She gasps with a look of surprise on her face. “What have you two done?”

“We all have done what we must. The war begins and I will not be stopped.”

The Kings

“Something has changed,” my brother Reilly says as he rushes into the room.

I look up as he and my other brothers enter into the study, where I’m looking over reports from the others of this realm. Our motorcycle club is more than a brotherhood for human bikers looking to get lost in the ride.