Long & Hard (Just a Taste #1) Read Online Tory Baker

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I never should have gone after Audrena James but after one night, I knew I’d be coming back for more.

KadeIt wasn’t enough.It never would be.I’m going to keep Audrena no matter the consequences.

Audrena This is wild.This is reckless.This is everything I never knew I wanted.

Long & Hard is a insta love, OTT Hero, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After romance. Each book in the Just A Taste series can be read as a standalone.

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1 Drena

“Kade.” My voice is hesitant, and there’s a reason for that. Never in my life have I done something so brazen.

When he first pulled up, the loud pipes of a motorcycle could be heard over the tourists chatting and music coming from the bars in the area. Even the waves crashing along the shore were no match for the man on the black and chrome Harley Davidson. I stopped, wanting to see the person on what had to be the loudest bike ever in our beach town. The coast of Florida is a place I never want to leave, New Smyrna Beach. It doesn’t matter that we’re overrun with tourists most of the time or dating is nearly impossible because the true citizens are retirees. I love this little town, which is probably why Kade captured my attention when he did.

“You can take it, Drena.” My back is to the mattress, his mattress. File this away for something on the I’ve never done list yet again. In all my twenty-eight years on this planet, tonight I’m doing a whole lot of firsts. I watched as Kade pulled up beside where I was standing on the sidewalk. He maneuvered his bike in a way that you could tell he’d done it time and again. I was stunned speechless; no longer was I heading toward the bar to grab a bite to eat along with a margarita.

My eyes were on the man with devilish blue eyes, a tilt to his lips, and a few days' growth of a beard; and that was only his face. His biceps and forearms flexed and pulled while holding on to the handlebars, deep olive skin covered in tattoos. Broad shoulders, a stomach that doesn’t depict washboard abs but is still thick and ripped with muscle, solid legs encased in jeans. And one tilt of his head had me walking toward him. I didn’t even know his name until my ass was planted on the seat behind him. His hand went to my outer thigh, pulling me closer to his body before he announced who he was and I did the same. After that, he revved his bike and looked over his shoulder, piercing eyes staring into mine for a moment. It felt like he was peering into my soul, seeing the ever so deep crevice I’ve kept hidden. Then Kade pulled out of the parking spot he’d only been in a handful of minutes, and we were heading off.

Now we’re at his place, and we're both completely naked. Did I mention I’ve never done something like this before? I didn’t even text my friend, breaking every unspoken girl code or rule known to mankind. Apparently, I’m choosing to live on the wild side tonight.

“Have you seen how big you are?” My legs attempt to close, but the palm of Kade’s hand holds me steady. His other hand is slowly jacking his cock, up and down with a twist of his wrist. He’s long, hard, and pierced. I’ve had his mouth on mine, with him dominating our kiss from the get-go so all I could do was follow his lead. His deft hand moves in, his thick fingers sliding in and out of my wet center. As for his tongue, well, feeling it thrashing along my clit is a whole other story. The orgasm he already gave me felt like an out-of-body experience while my thighs were locked on either side of his head, my hands buried in his hair, and I’m pretty sure my scream echoed through his whole house.

“Babe, you can take me.” My mouth waters, watching as he works his hand on his cock. I’m beginning to think he kept himself from my viewing pleasure for a reason.

“Are you sure about that? Your, umm…hardware might prove to be difficult.” Kade has a frenum piercing. The thick metal on the underside of his cock is sporting a barbell. Never in my life have I seen one this up close and personal. I’m woman enough to admit I’ve watched porn and did the research to see what certain piercings were called. Then I went into the tattoo shop for my appointment only to see exactly where different places on the human body could be pierced. I even thought of getting one of my own, except I chickened out and stuck with the cluster of flowers on my lower hip, a discreet enough place my overbearing mother would never see unless I wore a more revealing bathing suit. Which I would never do in front of her. No thanks; the lecture I’d receive wasn’t worth it.

“Drena, you haven’t known me long enough to trust me, but know this: you will soon enough. For now, trust in this. I’m not looking to hurt you. Wanna fuck your tight cunt and watch as you get off this time,” he says, using the shortened version of my name. One which isn’t used all that much. Prim and proper is what I’ve always been told to strive for. Yet, when Kade says it, it's with a roughness to his tone that has me reaching out for his thighs.