Malted Milk (Little Cakes #19) Read Online Pepper North, Paige Michaels

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Series: Paige Michaels

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Welcome to Little Cakes, the bakery that plays Daddy matchmaker!

From dodging a matchmaking mother to finding her dream Daddy!

Disconcerted by the handsome man who keeps watching her across the restaurant, Maya Rodriguez drops a stack of plastic glasses that clatter to the floor and draws everyone’s attention. After a quick apology, Maya gathers them up with a sigh.

There is no way Deke Monroe is going to sit and watch the curvy woman pick up the mess. Abandoning his street tacos to help, he quickly decides she’s the perfect Little for him. That spark of attraction in her eye will keep him visiting her restaurant every day until she gives him a chance.

Little Cakes is a sweet and satisfying series, but dare to taste only if you like delicious Daddies, luscious Littles, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

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Chapter One

“Mom… No. Not again.” Maya rolled her eyes as she reached for the tall stack of plastic cups. They were on a shelf that was almost too high for her to reach.

“He’s a nice man. How will you ever find a husband if you don’t give anyone a chance, Maya?”

Maya finally managed to get her fingers under the corner of one of the cups and lure the entire stack forward. When it tipped in her direction, the row of cups fell right into her arms. Thank goodness.

She turned to face her mother who was standing in the doorway of the supply closet with her hands on her hips. “Mom, stop it. No. He’s like fifty. Why would you want me to go out with a man who’s old enough to be my father?”

Her mother narrowed her gaze. “He’s not that old. Don’t be silly. He’s kind and funny.”

“He’s gray, wrinkly, and balding.” She didn’t really care if a man was bald or not, but the man her mother was entertaining at table four in the restaurant had a combover, and that was just wrong. Maya shuddered.

Her family owned La Havana, a Cuban restaurant with a coveted location on the main strip. Her brother, Mateo, managed the restaurant. Maya mostly tried to stick to helping in the kitchen and restocking. She was too introverted to work at the hostess stand, and the thought of taking orders or bussing tables made her feel ill inside. What if she got someone’s order wrong or dropped a tray of plates? No, thank you.

Her mother blocked her exit. “Okay, fine. Not this man, but you need to be more openminded. If you worked out front more often⁠—”

“Mom…” She groaned in exasperation. “I need to get these cups to Mateo.”

Her mother finally stepped out of the way.

Maya was so rattled from her meddling mother that she wasn’t paying close enough attention to where she was going, and as soon as she stepped into the main area of the restaurant, she tripped over her own two feet, lost her grip on the cups, and watched in horror as the stack teetered forward until it finally crashed to the floor.

The noise sounded like fireworks going off in Maya’s mind. It seemed like every single cup landed separately and bounced ten times. Meanwhile, every patron in the restaurant turned to look at her.

Maya’s face heated to a thousand degrees. This was exactly why she hated working out front. She was clumsy and awkward. Now everyone was staring at her.

Dropping to her knees, she rushed to gather up the cups. Besides the mess, this stack would have to go back to the dishwasher now. They’d touched the floor.

“Let me help you, Little one.” The warm, deep voice accompanied a big, burly man who squatted down next to her and began to quickly gather the cups.

“I can do it,” she murmured, unable to take her gaze off him.

He lifted his head and smiled at her. “Of course you can, but I’m not the sort of man who can sit and watch a pretty Little girl in distress. My tacos can wait.”

Her heart beat faster as she processed his words. He’d called her Little one and Little girl. She might be short, but she was hardly little, and she was certainly not young. Surely this stranger—who happened to look like the Daddy of her dreams—couldn’t know she was Little. She’d never even seen him before, and the only people who knew she was Little were her own family members.

Okay, maybe some of the other staff knew, too. Plus Ellie at Little Cakes and a few of her employees. But Maya’s age play preferences were mostly a private matter.

“My name’s Deke, by the way.” He held out a hand after he finished stacking the cups in three shorter towers.

She licked her lips and stared at him, flushing deeper when she realized he was waiting for her to take his hand. It would be rude not to do so. After all, he’d helped her get out of this awkward situation faster than she could have done alone. And then there was his smile…

As soon as she set her hand in his, she shivered. His grip was warm and firm, but not too firm. He was still smiling at her.

Finally, not releasing her hand, he rose to his feet and helped her stand. “I already know your name is Maya.”

“Oh, sorry. Yes. How did you know that?”

He was still gripping her fingers as he lifted his other hand to point to the nametag on her La Havana shirt.

She groaned inside. Duh. “Oh, right. Well, thank you for helping me. You didn’t have to do that.” Why was he still holding her hand? Couldn’t he see how shy and awkward she was?

“To be honest, that’s not the only reason I know your name, Little one. I’ve been coming here to eat for about a month. I’m observant. I’ve gotten to know your brother, Mateo, pretty well. I’ve also met Mateo’s Little girl, Nora, a few times.”