Mouthful of Sin (Forbidden Fantasies #61) Read Online S.E. Law

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Addy: I work as a technician at a sperm bank, and one day, a gorgeous guy strolls in through the door. Caleb Select’s huge, with broad shoulders, piercing blue eyes, and a package so enormous that it wraps around his waist. Okay, breathe breathe. Stay professional, Addy. But while he’s doing his thing, the FIRE ALARM GOES OFF! We have to evacuate now!
Except Caleb doesn’t come out, so I go to investigate …
Sure enough, there’s a lot of hard pounding and moaning noises coming from his room …
And OMG, but Mr. Select pulls me in with him!
Soon, fire alarms are going off for a totally different reason, and it has nothing to do with petri dishes or collection samples. Instead, I’m getting a mouthful of sin … creamy and brimming with filthy goodness!

This book is a follow up to Weekend of Sin. In it, Addy goes crazy at her new job at Valley Cryobank. She’s there to welcome male customers, but one particular client wants to see if she swallows or spits, and let’s just say this girl is a champion at swallowing (even though it’s technically against the rules). Get ready for some hot filth because you’ll be sticky and sweet all over by the time this story is over! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.

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I sit in my spinning chair at the front desk at Valley Cryo, slowly rotating to the left, and then to the right. Technically, this chair is supposed to stay in one of the back offices, but it’s super slow at work right now, and my bud Freya and I sometimes gossip and chat when we’re technically supposed to be “on shift.”

Freya and I are the same age, which is why we’ve bonded. Well, it’s not just that. It’s also because we love gossiping about hot guys, and let’s be honest—as a sperm donation clinic, Valley Cryo sees its share of good-looking men pass through the doors. But right now, it’s crickets.

“Wednesdays are always so boring,” Freya sighs. “Why aren’t there more sexy donors on Wednesdays? What is it about Hump Day?”

I laugh. “I don’t know, but yeah, Fridays are our best days. It’s my favorite day to come in because you know what’s going on in those back rooms.”

Freya giggles, her brown curls bouncing.

“Oh, mine too,” Freya says with a huge grin. “I look forward to Fridays for the exact same reason, girl. It’s just so naughty!”

Of course, we shouldn’t be talking like this because we’re at work, for crying out loud. Yet, girls will be girls right? Plus, this job is infinitely better than my old one at an optometry shop.

“Yeah, I’m so glad I left Four Eyes to work here. Seriously, Valley Cryo is like ten times better.”

Freya pretend-pouts.

“Hey, guys in glasses are hot, too.”

“Yeah, but not every customer was a guy, and you have to remember—optometrists service everyone, including seventy year old dudes with canes. At least sperm donors have to be young, right?”

Freya giggles. “And male too, so it’s better for that reason.”

At that moment, the door jingles and a nerdy looking young dude with thick black hipster glasses walks in. I shoot my buddy a sideways glance because hipster guys are definitely up Freya’s alley. Sure enough, she’s going a bit pink in the cheeks and chirps, “Can I help you?”

Soon enough, she’s getting him checked in as I sit by, idly playing with a rubber band at the desk. It’s actually my responsibility as a tech to escort the donors to one of the private rooms to collect specimens. But our other co-worker, Beth, pops out from the back at exactly the right minute and says she can do it.

Sweet. I lean back into the chair and sigh gloriously while stretching my arms to make my back crack.

“You get away with not working all the time and it’s unreal,” Freya muses, turning back to me after Beth and the new donor disappear.

I shrug. “I do my job, but someone beat me to it this time.”

She nods.

“That’s true. Hmmm, I wonder if he’s going to ask Beth out instead of me,” she frowns. “Dang, that would suck.”

I roll my eyes.

“You know we’re not supposed to be hitting on clients.”

My buddy nods.

“Yes, but they can hit on us,” she says in an arch tone. “That’s not against the rules.”

I roll my eyes. “Okay, you’re right.” With that, we begin chatting desultorily again, just enjoying each other’s company. A few more guys walk in but it’s kind of a non-event. They’re good-looking enough because Valley Cryo would never approve someone vile, but they’re not my type. I like tall, dark, handsome, and most of all, manly. By contrast, these guys are boys with acne and hoodies, so it’s not my thing.