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She’s his sweetest desire... and his darkest secret.

The task was simple.
Sneak into Potomac’s most heavily guarded manor.
Steal back my pendant. Slip out.

Problem number one?
America’s most unattainable bachelor caught me.

Problem number two?
He decided to keep me. As the help.

Zachary Sun’s winter may be the coldest I’ve ever felt,
but he makes my skin burn.

Reserved, calculated, and savagely cruel,
he thrives on the weaknesses of others.

Little does he know, he just met his match.

He may be American royalty.
But this peasant will rise to become Queen.

Authors’ Notes: My Dark Desire is a standalone double-grump romance between a broken billionaire and a feisty maid unafraid to fight back. It is set in the decadent Dark Prince Road world.

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“Even miracles take a little time.”




LIPSTICK—Koven Wei & Aleebi


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I Love You 3000 II—Stephanie Poetri & Jackson Wang

Free Them—ONE OK ROCK ft. Teddy Swims

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Author’s Note

Before you begin, thank you for taking a chance on Zach and Farrow. We like to joke that these two are just like us both—a clash of cultures that somehow work.

Neither of us has ever written a book like this. It’s a privilege to even have the opportunity to do so.

I (Parker) never thought I’d be able to share my culture with the world, especially through a love story. I’m part-Viet and part-Chinese, raised in both Orange County and the DMV by my zany, amazing, tight-knit family.

A lot of what’s in My Dark Desire is based on my personal experiences. They’re wild, almost unbelievable, and addictive. I can’t wait to pass along tiny doses of my life to you.

And Leigh, you’re a saint for agreeing to write this book with me and listening to me drone on about my childhood.

Speaking of… I (Leigh) enjoyed every second of writing this book with my best friend. It’s decadent, full of delicious banter, and a reflection of my friendship with Parker. (One percent of our conversations are about work. The other ninety-nine percent is split between food and family.)

Parker is my work wife, and considering the divorce rate among Asian Americans is 12.4%, chances are we’re in it for life.

So much of what we love about Zach and Fae comes from the day-to-day convos we share. We’ll wrap this up, so you can dive into the story. Enjoy!


Parker and Leigh

(P.S. Y’all, the aunt is real. So is the stolen car incident. I couldn’t believe it, then Parker showed me the receipts. I NEED CELESTE IN MY LIFE. – Leigh)

My father always said that people are paper and memories are ink.

Little did I know, my book would be dipped in tar, then ripped to shreds.

I grew up with a generous father.

Money. Identity. Love. A nice set of morals—and an even nicer set of teeth. He gave me them all.

But the most precious thing he ever gave me?

His life.

Age Twelve.

Like all calamities, the worst day of my life started innocently enough.

Dad and I rode in the backseat of his Flying Spur Bentley, our driver veering in and out of lanes in a desperate bid to beat the heavy traffic. A never-ending chain of honks filled my ears.

The sky poured above us, a storm that had followed us from the auction house. The radio played “Bookends” by Simon and Garfunkel too loud to hear my own thoughts.

I could feel Dad’s eyes glued to the back of my head as I blew hot air onto the car window and drew a sword over the frost.

He sighed. “You could really use a hobby.”

“Hobbies aren’t useful. That’s why they’re hobbies.” I drew fingers curled around my sword and blood dripping from the tip. “Besides, I have hobbies.”

From the front, our driver snorted, flicking on the left signal.

“You have talents,” Dad corrected. “Just because you’re good at things doesn’t mean you enjoy them. And sitting idly all summer as you wait for your best friend’s return does not constitute a hobby.”

Stupid Romeo Costa.

He just upped and left one day. Didn’t even say goodbye. First to Italy in elementary school. And now some boring summer camp his dad forced him into.

He came back from Europe a total bummer. I half-expected him to return this time with a chunk of his brain carved out.

I blinked up at Dad. “Why do I need to enjoy the things I do?”

A soft smile curled his lips at the edges.

He was huge.

Or maybe he just looked huge because I hadn’t shot up all the way yet. But he filled up the entire backseat with his body.

With his presence.

With his onyx hair and laugh wrinkles on the sides of his eyes. And the wicked scar on his forehead he got while chaperoning Cub Scouts.

An eagle had tried to snatch me, and he’d lineman-tackled me at the last minute, bumping against a sun lounger and splitting his forehead.

Dad rapped my temple with a curved knuckle. “Because if you don’t appreciate the journey, how would you enjoy the destination?”

“Isn’t life’s destination death?” I pinned him with a glare, so I wouldn’t have to witness my art evaporating from the condensation on the window.

He laughed. “You’re too smart for your own good.”