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Weirdest munch ever.

Dane isn’t expecting much from the mostly straight munch he’s somehow ended up at. As awkward encounters turn into a boring meet-and-greet, he’s ready to escape when the most interesting Daddy in the room sets eyes and tentacles on him.

When an earnest new Daddy and a slightly confused little come together, sparks and laughter fly because tentacle Daddies make the best Daddies.

Story Two men (one human and one alien), the best bathtub sea monster ever, a slightly overly cautious Daddy, and a little who’s starting to be concerned that Daddy will declare butter knives too dangerous for his sweet boy (aka mayo is slippery…oops).

This story was originally a novella included in the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology and has been extended by 30k words in length.

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Chapter 1


This was the weirdest munch ever.

Somehow it’d ended up being all straight people besides me and possibly one other exception…an interesting one.

“Your innocent attire and the way your body reacts to youthful educational stimuli suggests you would be classified as a little.” His voice was almost mesmerizing and it took me a second to realize I had no idea what the tall alien had said.

Huh? Innocent attire?

His sentence or question, or fuck, string of words had me looking down at what I was wearing because at that moment I had no idea what I’d put on.

Okay, I was starting to see what he meant.

I was definitely wearing more clothes than any of the other subs in the room and the He-Man T-shirt I had on wasn’t the most grown-up item of clothing I possessed…but it was vintage. That made it cool. But I could see what the guy…man…alien had picked up on.


“Yes, I’m a little.” That was what he’d wanted to know, right?

What else had he said? Oh, the toys.

The bookstore where the munch was being held was owned by a woman in the lifestyle, and she was little too, so there were toys tucked everywhere. Most of the customers saw it as her being family-friendly, and it was, but it was also her way of having fun at work.

“And, um…”

How was I supposed to respond to that?

Had it even been a question?

Was honesty really the best policy with these guys?

Fuck it all.

Dropping my voice lower so the humans milling around the space probably wouldn’t hear, I took the advice I’d heard somewhere and told him what I was thinking. “The toys are more fun than the conversation. I thought there would be more Daddies here, but I’m the only not-straight person. It’s awkward.”

Everyone was really nice, but it was like they were all wondering what I was doing there. Even after Amy had bounced around introducing me to people as her friend and work neighbor, they’d still found it weird.

She didn’t seem to have realized that she only knew straight people and no one looked like they wanted to be the one to tell her that.

Not that I was going to be the one to do it either, so I probably shouldn’t judge.

Well, yeah, I was going to judge.

But I’d do it quietly.

The rather large alien guy shook his head, and it was such a human gesture, I smiled. It didn’t look like something his head would do naturally, but it was cute.

But he went from cute to confusing in a flash. “I should be sorry there are not more individuals for you to interact with romantically in a control-based relationship; however, I am not.”


He was really the only person who’d taken the time to talk to me, so I wasn’t going to chase him off, but I had no idea what his point was.

What I knew about these guys would fit on an index card, but one of those facts was that they weren’t mean or rude. So…I finally decided just to fuck it and ask. It wasn’t like he’d find it weird. “Why are you not sorry?”

He took it as logically as I thought he would. “In social interactions with humans, often the default conversational and romantic preference is for other humans. It makes declaring interest difficult. The lack of competition will increase my odds of success significantly.”


That hadn’t gone like I’d thought it would.


Declaring interest?

Better odds?

Oh, dude, the alien liked me.


“I have no idea how to respond to that but it’s nice to meet you.” To another human that would’ve been too blunt for them to handle, but my new friend the alien nodded.

“I am very pleased to make your acquaintance. I have been eager to make the acquaintance of more human submissives with the moniker of little.” He gestured toward the far corner that was filled with beanbags and toys on a low shelf. “Would you like to sit and discuss your preferences for partners in a control-based relationship?”

Did I want to sit down and talk about what I wanted in a Daddy?

Yep, weirdest munch ever.

But he was the only guy to have talked to me so far besides the one Dom who’d asked if I knew where the bathroom was, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

“Do you understand what a little would be looking for in a relationship?” The control-based comment said he at least understood the basics of BDSM, and somehow he’d ended up at a lifestyle meet-and-greet, so he had to get at least some of it.


Again, my new friend didn’t appear to be offended. “In my research, I have come to understand that the domination-based title for my position would be Daddy and I would be required to provide comfort, structure, and playtime for a submissive human who would be defined as a little.”