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My Sister’s Boyfriend - The Forbidden Fun

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Cassandra Dee

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Our relationship is taboo.
Catherine: My sister’s always had it all. Angela is blonde, beautiful, and a total bitch too. Even worse, she’s dating handsome quarterback Hunter Brody. It’s embarrassing, but sometimes I pretend that I’m my sister when I hear them through the walls. I pretend it’s Hunter’s hands caressing my curves, and Hunter whispering sweet nothings in my ear. But what happens when he catches me in the act?

Hunter: I never really noticed Catherine because she’s always been my girlfriend’s invisible little sister. But when I walk in and see the curvy girl writhing, moaning, and screaming my name, suddenly, nothing matters anymore. I’m giving Catherine a baby … even though our love is taboo.

Hey Readers – It’s another scorching tale where a curvy girl gets her revenge by bagging the big man on campus! But Hunter Brody is more than just an athlete. He’s a man who adores lush women, and he shows Catherine just how much he loves and appreciates her by giving her a child. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA. You’ll love the story, I promise! Xoxo, Cassie
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Cassandra Dee



I don’t have to be a fly on the wall to know exactly what’s going on in my sister’s room. The grunts and moans as the mattress springs protest tell me all I need to know. It’s kind of irritating because I could have gone to live in the dorms at Mesa College, but was swindled into moving in with Angela instead.

My sister: a drop-dead gorgeous girl that every guy wants and every girl wishes they could be. Including me, if I’m being honest. Angela is thin and the epitome of a socialite. Everyone on campus knows her or knows of her. But what I don’t get is why she wanted to share an apartment with me. Sure, she thinks the dorms are beneath her, but as a senior, she would have qualified for a single, and our residence halls aren’t that bad. They were recently remodeled, and I kind of like the terracotta decor and blonde wood furniture. So why would Angela want to live with me, her dorky younger sister?

My eyes shift to the locked bedroom door. A deep moan filters through the wood, along with some panting sounds. I clap my hands to my ears trying to muffle the noises but then the headboard begins pounding against the wall, making them impossible to block out. Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk!

I grimace. I can’t help but wonder what our neighbors think of us. They probably think we have entire football teams over every night, judging from the noises that come from our side of the wall. They wouldn’t be totally wrong.

Hunter Brody, my sister’s boyfriend, is the star quarterback of Mesa College, and he’s gorgeous. Graphic images of his muscular body slick with sweat fill my head, and the tiniest bit of jealousy seeps into me. Why does Angela always have all the luck?

“Please,” I hear her voice plead breathily. At least that’s what I think she says as I slam the front door in the hopes of alerting them to my presence. Then, I jingle my keys loudly, and drop them on the floor on purpose. Hopefully, they can hear me above their ecstatic groans, but experience has shown that it doesn’t always work.

“Angie,” I call in a loud voice. “I’m home!” There’s no hiding my irritation. The last time I ‘interrupted,’ Angela reamed me a new one. But how am I going to study with all that clamor going on in the bedroom?

Unfortunately, all I hear are more moans.

“Yes… God please, more.” It’s my sister’s typical response to Hunter. Blushing, I look down. Hunter. His name describes him to a tee. His piercing blue eyes remind me of a glacier in the frozen Alaskan waters. I can envision him in a loincloth, that massive body on display with rippling abs, developed pecs, and thick tree-trunk thighs. He’s ungodly gorgeous, and everyone on campus recognizes him.

Deep grunts and heavy moans seep through the crack under the door, causing me to catch my breath. My sister is so lucky to be with Hunter. What would it feel like to have his hands there? Or his mouth here? I shake my head, trying to push out all thoughts of Hunter and Angela out of my mind. But my mouth waters when I close my eyes, once again imagining his rippled physique and carved musculature.

Then I snap back to reality. I shouldn’t be thinking about Hunter in this way because he’s my sister’s boyfriend. And who am I, compared to the beautiful and popular Angela Lauder?

“Deeper, now.” The throaty desperation in Angela’s voice makes me cringe as I move to the refrigerator and yank open the freezer door. A blast of cold air swirls around me as I stick my head into the small compartment. Arizona only has two temperatures: oven hot and nuclear. Today is borderline nuclear as I hunt inside for my favorite chocolate chip ice cream.

The banging of the headboard against the wall becomes louder and more insistent, and I can’t help but wonder who’s banging whom. Was Hunter ramming his hard cock deep into my sister, or was she riding him for all he was worth? I can only imagine the feeling of having someone so drop dead delicious inside me.

Swallowing hard, I try to moisten my dry throat. There’s no way I’ll be able to get anything done tonight. Not with that kind of racket going on. All I can do is snag a pint of ice cream from the freezer, steal a spoon from off the dish rack, and make a beeline for my room. The apartment isn’t anywhere big enough to drown out the sounds coming from Angela’s room, even with the television blaring.

Sighing heavily, I steal one more glance at my sister’s closed bedroom door. Heat floods me as if I’ve just stepped into a sauna. Every fiber in my body wants to be with Hunter. I’ve only ever exchanged a few words with the handsome quarterback, but still, I cling to the memories. Then, I make a face, disgusted with myself. Why would Hunter ever be interested in me?