Needing Her (Savage Brothers Second Generation #6) Read Online Jordan Marie

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His mistakes kept piling up.
They may cost him the one thing he can't live without.

Dom West thought his life was all mapped out.

As the eldest son of Dragon—Savage MC founder and president—Dom’s plan has always been to work himself up in the ranks and take over for his old man.

He knew he would have to prove himself and earn it.

Yet Dom was determined to do it with his brother at his side and the only woman he had ever wanted in his bed.


He couldn’t remember a time when he didn’t love her—when he didn’t know she was the one.

And then, in the blink of an eye, everything changed.

Gabby wasn’t who he thought she was.

His brother is now a member of a rival club.

He has just been passed over for a position in the club he loves and hopes to run one day.

Dom has been drifting, taking hit after hit, and through it all he only had one unlikely ally.

Thea Kane.

She’s off limits. She is his club’s princess, and the sister of his best friend. She also hates him—at least, he always thought she did.

Slowly, she changes from enemy to something more. Something he desperately wants to keep in his life.

Too bad his past is about to destroy his future.

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Thea’s Seventeenth Birthday Party

“What are you doing out here all by yourself?”

Thea jerks up when she hears my voice. Something changes in her expression that I don’t quite catch. That’s nothing new. When it comes to Thea, I never know how to read her. She’s probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life. We’re talking drop-dead, fucking gorgeous. Her skin is a soft golden brown, almost light amber. Her eyes seem to be a mixture of silver and blue. I’ve never seen either before and probably never will. She’s lithe, with just enough curves that make you itch to run your hands over them. Her tits aren’t huge, but definitely more than a handful. I have big hands and they’d easily fill them every single fucking time I’d hold them.

Not that I would.

The reasons I can never touch Thea are too numerous to count. I used to remind myself of them when I’d get the itch to go there with her. I mean, it’s not like I’ve lusted after her constantly, but I’m a guy and any guy would have to be insane not to want Thea. She’s beautiful, but it’s more than that. She’s got a spirit inside of her that just makes everything around her more alive. Pure energy—that’s all you can describe her as.

Fuck, I’m in this push and pull thing with Gabby. I swear, I’m in it with that girl. I gave her my vow when she gave me her virginity, and I’m sticking by my word. Besides, for me, it has always been her. Yet, if there was ever going to be someone to make me think twice—maybe three or four times—it would be Thea. That’s why it is a good fucking thing she is who she is…un-fucking-touchable.

Thea is just another reason it’s complicated to be a prospect for the Savage Brothers Motorcycle Club my father is president of. Incidentally, Thea is the eldest daughter of our Club Enforcer, Bull. My mother isn’t happy about my brother and I beginning our journey in the club. She wants us to wait. That’s not happening. I’m old enough and being a part of this club is my destiny. It is all I’ve ever wanted.

I’m not sure my brother feels the same, but where one of us goes, the other follows. It has always been that way and it always will be. My brother Thomas—T for short—is a part of me. The club is who I am. I hope to one day step into my father’s shoes and lead the club. I sure as fuck won’t achieve that if I begin by fucking Bull’s daughter. Club members’ families are off limits. Besides, all Thea and I could have is sex. It’s not possible to ever be more. We’re too different, and like I said, I have a woman.


Jesus, Gabby is working my last nerve. I need to talk to T about her. I know my brother has feelings for her, but she’s promised she told him she could never go there with him and that she loves me. T doesn’t seem to get the message. Gabby and I had a big fight about it yesterday and we’re not really talking today. She made me promise to give her time to talk with T again to let him down gently. She’s worried she is coming between us, so she wants to proceed carefully. I don’t agree with the way she’s handling it, but Jesus, I don’t know shit about this kind of thing. It’s not like I do relationships. There’s only ever been Gabby for me, and we haven’t made that public, so I haven’t dealt with the usual bullshit all my brothers talk about with having a woman. If there’s one thing that I’m thankful about, it’d be that and only that. I hate keeping Gabby a secret and watching other men sniffing around what’s mine. I’ve handled that privately, too. Still, I hate that they even try that shit. I’m ready to claim her.

I just don’t want to hurt T to do it.

T hasn’t had an easy life. Kids constantly made fun of him when we were young because he had a stutter. I stopped it when I could, and T learned to stand up for himself, but I know the damage it has done to him. He’s left feeling less than, and I fucking hate that. He’s completely unsure of himself around women, and that’s just another reason this thing with Gabby between us is hard to navigate.

Still, he’s finally doing better, and I don’t want to hurt the progress he’s made. He barely stutters at all now. I know he loves Gabby, but she loves me. I want her, but I don’t want to hurt my brother. She says she has it handled, and fuck, I’m hoping she does, because I’m about done with this bullshit.