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When Alyssa Archer returned home a day early from an out-of-town business trip to find her fiancé in bed with the younger sister of her best friend, she didn’t fly off the handle as some might expect. Instead, she retreated to her dining room to partake of the dinner she’d picked up as a surprise.
That night set off a trail of vengeance so dark even Machiavelli would blush.

Garrett Jacobi didn't expect to feel anything for the up-and-coming financial hotshot when they met. But just days after meeting her for the first he finds himself taking the place of the groom and embarking on one heck of a ride as his new bride makes a swath of destruction through her enemies.

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You know, life certainly is funny sometimes. This story is going to take you places you’ve never been, so buckle up, cupcakes, let’s go for a joy ride. Let me tell you about the year I lost my ever-loving shit on hearth and home and gave my little town a story to last for decades. That shit is still being told, and I’ve been damn near normal since then, but whatever. Haters gonna hate.

Now, this all started when I had to leave town on a business trip that was supposed to last four days. It was one of the biggest deals of my career thus far, and at twenty-three, it was a big deal because I was the youngest in my division, fresh off the campus lawn.

I know the only reason those good ole boys sent me was because I’m pretty as shit with a body to go with the face that was blessed by whoever threw me together. Big-up to the big guy upstairs. Oh, before we go any further, I’m just a tad bit full of myself, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t earn that shit.

I aced everything I ever did, don’t know how or why. I’m that kid you love to hate. Never cracked a book until the night before finals and still walk away with an A-Plus. People hated me, but little did they know I lived off of their tears. Sweet!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t one of those stuck-up debutant types, no ma’am. I liked to roll in the mud with the best of them. That’s probably because I grew up with four older brothers who thought I was one of them until I hit puberty. Then they lost their ever-loving minds and started treating me like spun glass. Meh!

Anyway, I was confident in my own skin and wasn’t too stuck on getting anyone’s approval, and it showed. I think Mom’s nineteen-eighties music, which was the equivalent of Beethoven to yours, truly helped promulgate my sense of myself. Her favorite song to clean the house to was Nobody’s gonna break my stride, Nobody’s gonna slow me down.

I used to follow her around with my little toy vacuum shaking my butt along with her and singing my own version, and I think it stuck. But I digress. Anyway, they sent me off to San Francisco from my little town in the deeeeeep South to hobnob with the executives they were trying to schmooze.

I’ll be honest; Garrett, the owner of the company, who I wasn’t aware was the actual owner, was hot as anything on a Hollywood lot, and he probably took one look at me and thought with my southern twang and pinup doll curves and straight blonde hair that I was as dumb as every blonde joke he'd ever heard. I had that sucker eating out of my hand in five minutes because I ain’t no slouch.

Anyway, I was sitting in my chair at the meeting, all but quivering like a wet dog in snow. When he signed on the dotted line and shook my hand, I held my breath, thinking that this couldn’t be real. Instead of the four days it should’ve taken, it only took two.

Not only that, I knew I had the thirty-percent pay raise in the bag. I’m going to be making bank. I felt the little tingle down my spine when we shook hands again and kept my legs clamped tightly together because I was not a slut. One, it’s bad for business, and two, my college boyfriend was at home waiting for me.

I said my goodbyes, only then realizing that he was the owner of the company and not the executive I’d been expecting whatever. I called my boss as soon as I got into the Uber, and we had our own little celebration on the phone.

I started to call my fiancé but changed my mind at the last minute, choosing instead to surprise him. It was still early in the day their time, and since the company always buys me an open-ended ticket when I travel, I called up the airline to see if I could bump up my flight time, which was a big fat yes.