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My mom’s handsome ex-boyfriend likes to play with dolls of a very *special* type.

One night, grunts fill the hallway outside my room. It’s a total racket keeping me awake, so I decide to investigate. But when I open the bedroom door, HOLY SMOKES! Let’s just say that I had no idea Brad was into this kind of thing …

Because my mom’s boyfriend is in his room…

Hips pummeling away at a life-size Barbie…

And yes, it’s what you think.

She’s a *pretend* woman made of silicone.

Even crazier, she’s blonde, busty … and looks just like me.

Not only that, but I catch a glimpse of Brad’s tool as he does his work, and it’s *enormous.* Veiny. Dripping. My mouth waters as my knees go weak. Now, I want to give Brad the real thing …

… because I’m better than a fake doll, hands down.

Chrissy’s plan is painfully her, in the place of my life-size Barbie.

Trust me, I can tell the difference between a doll and a luscious, beautiful teenage blonde.

But we’re enmeshed in this game now …

And I love claiming Chrissy’s curves, again and again, as she writhes and mewls beneath my heavy weight.

Even crazier, I want to get Chrissy pregnant …

… because that’s something no doll can do!

This is a follow-up to Pregnant By My Dad’s Best Friend (Dane and Jamie’s Story) and Pregnant By My Best Friend’s Dad (Ed and Jamie’s story). Brad went to college with both Dane and Ed, but he’s got his own brand of being BAD because he’s got a fetish that’s deliciously disturbing … and our heroine wants a part of it! Get your iced tea ready because you’ll need gallons to calm down after reading this story! All of my books are standalones, and can be read in many order. Again, my stories are off the reservation, and NOT intended for sensitive readers. Buyer beware.

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The house is dead quiet. Of course, this is technically more than a house. It’s a huge, six-bedroom, full-fledged mansion in Montclair, New Jersey. It’s a fancy family home, in a fancy family neighborhood … but without the family. When my mom, Janice, still lived here, there was a lot of life, but the kind I can do without. She was always having friends over and hosting parties, with strange people coming and going. Even when it was just her, she’d have the music blaring away while she cooked some obscure vegan meal, or did one of her intense aerobics classes in the middle of the living room, with the streamed video on the widescreen TV. What was even weirder is that Janice would talk back to the TV instructor sometimes. When Richard, Chrissy, or Jazz shrieked, “You got it, girl!” Janice would howl back, “I know, I got it! I’m torching these calories, yee-haw!”

But eventually, the party lifestyle Janice was leading directly resulted in the end of her relationship with Brad, who actually owns the mansion we live in. It’s a simple story, actually. Mom and I moved in with Brad last year, right at the start of my senior year of high school. She and Brad were dating and intended on making a real go of it. But a couple of months later, Mom realized that she was craving a polyamorous lifestyle. Crazy, right? But it makes sense in a weird, twisted sort-of way because Janice had me as a teenager in high school. She never got a chance to “sow her wild oats” because she was always looking after me, and now, Janice wanted to spread her wings and fly. Honestly, it sounded like a mid-life crisis.

But the long and the short of it is that my mom broke up with Brad, and moved out. She left me here with her ex-boyfriend, but it’s more or less okay because Brad and I hardly ever interact since the place is so big. Plus, I really appreciate his generosity, and can’t imagine living with my mom as she pursues her life of polyamory with grizzled old dudes sporting graying chest hair. Gross.

As I lie curled up on a lush designer couch, a book nestled on my lap, I scoop another helping of rocky road ice cream into my mouth and let the delicious sweetness melt on my tongue. This is my favorite thing to do - binge read the latest romance novel while I snack on a delicious treat. I have a serious sweet tooth, something Mom often shames me about, although I don’t think Janice necessarily intends to be mean. I think she’s mostly projecting because with her long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and killer body, Mom is still very beautiful at age 35. Staying thin and attractive has always been a priority for Janice, and I think it’s helped her maintain a sense of confidence even when she was a single mom struggling with the pressures of raising a child on her own. I appreciate my mom’s sacrifice. I really do.

But at the same time, I’m very different. Although I inherited Janice’s blonde hair and blue eyes, my body is curvy and soft. I have large double D’s, a wide ass and milky thighs. While Mom was always showing off her toned abs in silly crop tops and other revealing shirts, my tummy is soft, with gentle rolls. Whereas Mom diets and exercises like a maniac, doing SoulCycle, TaeBo, Jane Fonda, as well as Atkins, South Beach, and intermittent fasting, I’m happy to say I’ve never bought into that stuff. Those programs are just fads that will help you lose weight in the short term, but nothing ever sticks in the long.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy being sassy and flirty. I’m definitely interested in men because size is nothing but a number. In fact, I’ve always found Brad, my mom’s ex, to be super-hot. Is that wrong? He used to date Janice, but you’d have to be blind not to go ga-ga at the sight of this guy. He’s tall, at least six four, with a strong, muscular frame, and thick black hair from which strands are always escaping into his eyes, which are a vibrant blue. Most of all, there’s a raw masculinity about Brad that I find completely irresistible. It’s the way he holds himself with confidence, and how he makes a woman feel seen with a mere flash of those piercing blue eyes.

But of course, my attraction is completely inappropriate. Not only is he Mom’s ex-boyfriend, and more than twice my age, but he’s also kind of an asshole. He’s not mean, don’t get me wrong. After all, he let me continue living here after Mom moved out so I could finish high school. But even after I graduated a couple months ago, he didn’t kick me out. Instead, I’m working retail at a beauty supply store called Mickey’s, and yet Brad still hasn’t asked me to leave. So he’s not a cruel person by any means. He’s just arrogant, cold, and standoff-ish, and doesn’t really pay much attention to me. And honestly, that only makes me more intrigued.