Obsessed with the Man of the House (Forbidden Fantasies #86) Read Online S.E. Law

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Gray Thomas is an arrogant a$$hole. The man of the house has always been infuriating, with a smirk on his sculpted lips and gleam to his bright blue eyes. I’ve watched him strut around the house for years now, clad only in boxers while showing off those six pack abs and sculpted pecs. But now, I’m going to teach the alpha male a lesson because his business is in trouble …

… and I’m the only person who can save it!
But I want something in return. After all, I’ve been obsessed with Gray for years now. Not only that, but he has something that’s thick, hard, long and utterly massive….

… and I want to see for myself!
Filthy? Wrong? Taboo? It doesn’t matter because I’m utterly obsessed.

I need Vanessa’s help. My business is in a tough spot, and an infusion of cash would be just the thing. But the curvy girl wants to drive a hard bargain, and I’m conflicted. After all, the brat doesn’t realize it, but obsession is a two-way street and she’s about to learn her lesson the hard way.

Hey Readers – This book is a follow-up to A Princess for Daddy. In this story, the tables are turned because usually the man of the house rescues the brat, but in this case, it’s the curvy girl stepping in for the rescue! But where did Vanessa get all that cash? Read and find out because this story has a twist that will leave you gasping with surprise (and shock, and a lot of other things too)! As usual, my books contain taboo scenes and are not appropriate for sensitive readers. HEA guaranteed.

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It’s been a pretty good day. Actually, better than pretty good – very good, seeing that the Cartier store finally got the latest model of their iconic Love bracelet. It’s a tricky little thing. The bracelet isn’t much to look at because it’s just a gold-colored band with a simple motif decorating the edges. But it locks onto your wrist with a miniature key, and the only way to get the bracelet off is to have someone “unlock” you with a special screwdriver. Cute, right? Obviously, the gimmick got me because I just bought a rose-gold version for thousands of dollars.

I look down at my wrist where the jewelry glints and sigh with pleasure. It’s good to be me. I’m saying that because for the first time in my life, I have my own money. Lots of it too. I tell people that I’m a real estate agent, and that I work hard-play hard, yada yada yada, but my real source of income is as a cam girl. Yes, I perform naughty deeds for an appreciative audience, and lots of men pay me good money to flirt and tease on-line.

But my job isn’t easy. Being a cam-girl isn’t the type of thing where you can set it and forget it. Instead, I’ve basically become a first-class videographer, editor, and social media promoter, in addition to performing all of my shows. I’m my own IT tech, and I’ve also become a pro at sewing my own costumes in the process too. Trust me, you can get some cute bikinis from novelty stores, but it’s not enough for what I do. I like my outfits to fit well on screen, which means I’ve basically become a seamstress, tucking and nipping the fabric to enhance my natural assets, while also adding some sequins and glitter for good effect.

And baby, do I have assets. I’m what’s called a BBW, or a generously-sized curvy girl. There are all sorts of bigger girls out there, but some are smaller and some are larger. I’m on the larger side. I don’t fit into the styles at Lane Bryant or Torrid, and in fact, I hardly even shop at plus-size stores anymore. Instead, I sew my own outfits so that I have ready access to flattering, form-fitting clothes to wear, and I swear, at some point in the future I’m going to open up a plus-sized boutique offering couture for ladies who want to shine. It’s the least I can do to contribute to my community.

But for now, I’m happy living the double life of a real-estate agent slash cam girl. Everyone thinks that I go off to work in the mornings, showing houses and meeting clients, and the truth is that I do have a broker’s license, and I have clients too. I’ve even sold a couple houses in our little town of Hartsville, and made some substantial cash while doing it.

But my real estate work isn’t enough to afford Cartier bracelets and the other luxuries that I’ve come to enjoy. Instead, it’s my on-line persona that brings in the majority of my income. I love being sassy and flirty on camera, and doing naughty things as a rapt audience watches. I love hearing the distinct “ding” of a man tipping me, and I love showing them my generous assets and being called “Queen.”

But today, I’m playing hooky. I had a morning meeting with a potential buyer at 6 a.m., and then another breakfast meeting at 9 a.m. with a potential seller. Who knew that so many folks would be entering the housing market at this time? Even crazier, who knew that folks were so busy that they’re only available for breakfast? Regardless, I always accommodate my clientele, and both meetings are over now. But instead of heading to the gym, or recording a sexy video, I’ve decided to head home for lunch. It’s been a long day, even if it’s only 11 a.m., and I want to use that new waffle iron I bought last week that’s shaped like a heart.

As a result, I get into my SUV and glide down the small streets of Hartsville. It’s a cute little town. I’ve lived here ever since my mom married Gray Thomas, my stepdad. Sadly, they got divorced soon after, and Renata moved out in order to take up with our pool boy. But I stayed with Gray because frankly, my mom and her new boyfriend didn’t want me around. Renata and her man were likely engaging in a sordid, sex-fueled lifestyle, and I would have been in the way.

Gray’s been good to me though. My stepdad was kind when my mom left, although I can’t imagine what it must have been like when Renata announced she was taking up with the pool boy. Not only that, but I think he pays my mom alimony, so she and her man are literally living off his money. Clearly, life isn’t fair, but my stepfather seems to take it in a stride. Maybe it’s because Gray has so much money that the alimony payments are nothing to him. Or maybe, he never loved Renata to begin with.