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Inheriting a bad-tempered boss brings the sweetest insanity in this roaring funny and shamelessly steamy grumpy-sunshine romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow.

Grandma left me the life of my dreams with one ginormous catch.
Miles flipping Cromwell.
Workaholic king of grumps. Control freak. Older billionaire next door.
We didn’t exactly hit it off when he showed up with an offer to buy my land and my hyperactive dogs yanked my robe open right in front of him.

I wish running him off my porch totally mortified was the worst part.
But re-opening Washington’s cutest inn gets crazy expensive.
When Seattle’s hottest crankyface bachelor comes knocking again, he has me cornered.
This time with a high-paid job offer I can’t refuse.

I thought I was strong.
I thought I could force a smile, work, and laugh off his rude demands.
I thought I could ignore his obscenely good looks, his innuendo, his incendiary glares.
Never once did I think he’d ambush me on a date with another man and take my soul with one jealous kiss.

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No Big Deal (Jenn)

“Jenn, you don’t have to do this. Taking on this place—this burden—it won’t bring her back. You know that, right?”

I sigh and stare out at the sea for the third time today, pressing my phone closer to my ear until it burns.

The sunlight turns the water into dancing silver.

I’ve always loved the ocean, and the Bee Harbor Inn has a view second to none.

Just lovely enough to endure this agonizing conversation.

Sure, the place needs some work, but at least I’m not packed into that tiny Seattle shoebox masquerading as an apartment anymore.


“I can set you up with a realtor anytime,” he cuts in. “Angie’s the greatest. She flipped your mom’s spec house in Bellingham for over a million solid a few years back. I know the inn is far from turnkey and stuck in the middle of nowhere, but that woman works miracles.”

“Pinnacle Pointe isn’t nowhere.” My fingers tighten. “I don’t know why you despise this place so much. Does Mom know you hate her childhood home?”

He snorts loudly.

Who are we kidding? Of course she does.

He’s never made an effort to hide it. Mom herself even frowns on Pinnacle Pointe these days.

But it’s beautiful here.

Less noisy. Less rushed. Less stressful.

I don’t care if they don’t like it. Gram loved her sanctuary, and so do I.

“You have no experience in real estate. You’re twenty-six and single—”

“Whatever shall become of me?” I do a mock gasp, covering my open mouth with my hand, which is pointless since he can’t see it, but it still makes me smile. “Also, you’re forgetting I have years under my belt with an international hotel chain. I know a thing or two about hospitality.”

“That’s not what I meant.” His voice is stern. “You’re in no position to keep that relic running. It’ll cost you a fortune just to make the necessary repairs.”

“Good thing Gram left me her business account, Dad. I’m honoring her wishes.”

“Jennifer, that account doesn’t begin to cover the work it needs, and it’s not a DIY job. Goddamn, what was she thinking?” he whispers. I can just see him shoving his spectacles up on his forehead like he always does when he’s frustrated. “Lottie shouldn’t have dumped a dilapidated money pit on you. You could barely handle your own bills before your last big raise. I still don’t understand why she did this.”

Ice churns in my veins.

It’s a struggle to remind myself he’s just trying to be sweet, overprotective Dad—not a prick who looks at me like I have a brain the size of a walnut.

“She didn’t do anything to me. It’s a blessing, just wait and see. And it’s not that bad. You talk like it’s falling down.” No way. Though I wonder if I should be standing on the third-floor balcony when it feels kind of flimsy. I’m pretty sure that last breeze swayed it. “You got what you wanted out of the will. Let me enjoy my inheritance, too.”

“I want you to enjoy your life,” he mutters. “I’d rather see you cash out the equity and invest in a better future, honey.”

“If you think it’s such a craphole, it’ll sell for way less than it’s worth.”

“The market’s on fire right now,” he rushes out. I’m sure he has dollar signs flashing in his eyes. “Some developers would buy that place for the land alone. Think about the new construction you could put there.”

And raze my family homestead?

Not happening.

I shake my head. “You have to admit this view is worth a million bucks and it’s right on the beach, too. It’s beautiful and peaceful and I owe it to myself to try to make this work.”

There’s a long pause.

I can tell he’s holding back from saying, are you sure you owe it to yourself or a dead woman?

“I still can’t believe you quit your nine-to-five at the rate they were paying you to dabble with this place. You know Brock Winthrope’s wife personally. It’s not too late. I’m sure he’d hire you back in a heartbeat if you just talk to them and—”

“Stop.” I cringe at the thought. “I’ve made up my mind. I’m not spending my life trapped behind a desk for ten hours a day. Gram left me the inn because I’m the only one in this family who gets it like she did.”

I hold a breath, my mind stewing with frustration.

You got what you wanted, Dad.

Money. Now why can’t you leave me the hell alone?

After another long silence, he says, “I’m only making you second-guess because I love you, Jenn. I can’t stand to see you making mistakes that are easily preventable.”

“But they’re mine to make, aren’t they?”

“Yes, and you’re still my only daughter. I worry about you, believe it or not.”

Damn him, I smile. “Believe it or not, not everyone needs money piled up in some stocks to be happy.”