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A super steamy standalone rated F for filthy...

“If you came here to get mauled, Ella…I’m very willing to bite.”

The night of my birthday looked as boring as the rest of my life. Sitting on my own, trying to avoid my insanely gorgeous but horribly mean flatmate, all while waiting for him to leave so I could have a party for one…if you know what I mean.

But that was before I almost crashed on the way home when a big top rolled into town. Before I locked eyes with the hottest guy I’d ever seen swinging a sledgehammer in the rain. Before I read the flyer promoting the newly erected circus. A circus that wasn’t the usual garish carnival…oh, no…this one was most definitely not for children.

Not unless you counted bondage, fantasies, and one dirty night full of heinously deviant fun.

Only problem was…my flatmate decided to get his freak on too. He saw me as I agreed to spend the night with the owner of said depraved circus…and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.


I get to be owned by two men, not just one.
I get to live out my wildest fantasies and teach Nicholas Davis a lesson for all those stony scowls and disdainful glances he’s given me.

He can have me for one night.
He can make me crawl, beg, and take me in any way he chooses.
But he has to share.
That is his penance.
And I mean to make him suffer…

Tropes: HIGH, HIGH spice. (We’re talking volcano heat). Standalone. Dirty. Kinky. BDSM. HEA. MFM one scene. MF romance after. Longing. Kink. Master/Sub. Punishments. Praise. Toys. Fall Hard. Dirty Men. Dirty Talk. Dirty Deeds. Forced proximity. Enemies to Lovers. Explosive Chemistry. Quiet on the Outside absolutely Depraved on the Inside. And rated F for Filthy, Filthy…

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Teardrop – Massive attack

I put a spell on you – Annie Lennox

Earned it – The Weeknd

Nothing left to say – Imagine Dragons

Dusk till dawn – Zayn & Sia

Treat you better – Shawn Mendes

Flowers – Miley Cyrus

It’s you – Ali Gatie

Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding

Chains – Nick Jonas

Birthday Sex – Jeremih

Beg for it – Chris Brown

Tonight – John Legend

I bet my life – Imagine Dragons

Love me harder – Ariana Grande, The Weeknd

I want to fuck you like an animal – Nine Inch Nails

Shamanic Drumming Air Immersion (Sky Dance Tribe) (the music Hunter turns on in the Big Top)

Chapter One

THE BIG TOP ROLLED INTO TOWN THE NIGHT of my twenty-fourth birthday.

Swaths of billowing material teased childhood memories as I drove home after a long day at work.

My hands gripped the steering wheel as I peered through a rain-splattered windscreen, suffering a pang of sadness that it might be my birthday, but I had no celebrations planned.

Those heading to the circus, even in a storm, would have a much better time tonight than me.

Stupid circus.

I glowered at the purple-and-silver dome.

Whatever show they’re putting on in there better not have animals.

Movement dragged my attention to the flapping big top corner. Caught in a breeze, the heavy canvas fought against being secured.

Good lord...

My mouth fell open.

All my faculties vanished. Poof. Just like that.

A half-dressed man whacked a sledgehammer over and over. Rain ran down his bare chest, catching on hard muscles and soaking into his jeans.

What the hell is he doing?

The temperature outside was enough to pucker every body part, and my car’s heater couldn’t cope with how high I had the thermostat. He must have ice for blood. Either that or he’d worked up a sweat throwing that sledgehammer around.

My mouth watered as he stretched and swung, showing off every rippling ab, every bunch of biceps, every damn delicious part of him.

Surely, that ought to be illegal.

Children went to the circus. He needed to put on a t-shirt, for goodness’ sake.

I rolled to a halt at a stoplight, inconveniently putting me in front of the show. Other men and women worked—erecting a fence, a ticket booth, a quaint carousel—but I couldn’t tear my eyes off the man currently taming the wind-whipping big top.

Even in the rain, the dark silver and rich purple of the main arena screamed money, opulence, and something...else.

Something decadent, something sinful...

Something that sent shivers down my spine.

My heart skipped as I studied each sky-puncturing spire and the black ropes tethering it down from the angry breeze.

The half-naked guy continued to whack his sledgehammer against huge tent pegs, driving them deeper and deeper into the ground, ensuring my blood tingled and an annoying little fire kindled between my legs.


He was deliciously fuckable, and oh my God, what am I thinking?

Just because I’d been through the longest dry spell of my life.

Just because I lived with a roommate who hated me.

Just because I hadn’t seen a half-dressed man in years didn’t mean I could drool over anyone.

Ella...keep your damn legs together—

A honk wrenched me from my thoughts.

I jumped a mile, guilt coating me like the thick clouds above. Flashing a look at the green light, I glanced at the stranger, drinking him in as if to imprint his beauty for all those long, lonely nights in my future.

Damp skin, wet jeans, black hair plastered to his handsome face. His powerful chest and wiry muscles made me picture him as an acrobat: sculpted, toned, and lithe.

Wonder what he looks like without the jeans—

The honk came again, louder and obnoxious.

I glared at the older woman in my rear-view mirror. She flipped me off, and my mouth dropped open. Jeez, how rude could some people be?

Grinding my teeth, I put my cantankerous Toyota into gear and took off. My tyres squealed a little, wrenching the guy’s eyes to mine, snapping us together across the road and rain.

My heart stopped.

He froze as our gazes locked as I rolled past.

For a second, he frowned as if annoyed at something but then he grinned. A grin as decadent as the big top he erected, full of secrets and sin.

The fire between my legs turned into an uncontrollable blaze.

Look at the damn road!

He tracked me, and just before our eyes unlocked, he freaking winked.


As if he could hear all my dirty thoughts about him and wouldn’t mind obliging me by stripping off rain-logged jeans and showing me exactly what he packed beneath them.

My foot slipped on the gas pedal.

Something primitive shot through my body. Something hungry and filthy and not at all me. I’d never been one to let desire cloud my head, yet here I was, well and truly in a fog.

Giving me a seductive wave, he raised the sledgehammer again and returned to his task.

Ripping my eyes away took inhuman strength; my foot pressed a little too hard on the accelerator. My tyres squealed again, and my cheeks blazed as the man threw his head back and laughed.