Paying Daddy’s Debt Collector – Yes Daddy Read Online Lena Little

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It’s my job to make sure the degenerates who borrow from the house pay their debts, and I have to say I do love my job. Nothing hypes me up faster than seeing the fear of death in some loser’s eyes.That’s why the casino keeps me around.I’m Chris the Collector and nobody is more successful at collecting than me. Tonight is a little different.The old timer I’m dealing with has a kid. A daughter waiting downstairs for him.I don’t like the idea of sending her home as an orphan, so I do my best to force him to cough up the money or come up with a plan. Then, I see her through the window.Dark, possessive thoughts fog my brain as blood rushes down south.Her father begs for an extension, and I give it to him…in exchange for the beautiful little girl leaning against his truck.Without hesitation, he makes her part of the deal. And it’s done. She’s coming home with me.I pretend to hire her as my dogs’ nanny. But really, she’s here because she’s mine.She’s about to find out how I take care of my girl. And when she does, she’s not gonna want to leave.I’m a man on a mission—to possess her completely, deliver my spend and bind her to me forever, and of course, keep her safe and happy.After all, that’s what a Daddy is for.

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Another day, another pathetic piece of shit to deal with.

The boys bring the sniveling, middle-aged man into my office. By the looks of him, they roughed him up a little on the way upstairs. Not too bad, just enough to let him know that defaulting on a debt with me is not good for your health. Killing him doesn’t pay the bills so, for now, he’s not going to suffer anything more than a few bruises.

“We had a deal, Jimmy. You owe my casino a substantial amount of money for covering your debts, with interest of course. You asked for my time and I gave it to you, but now your time is up. Where’s my money?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Cassella. I don’t have it…”

I slam my fist down on my desk, making him flinch and snap his eyes shut. “What did you say?”

“I…I don’t have it yet. I’m working on it. I just need some time. Some more time. I’ll pay the extra interest if you just let me…”

With my hands clasped behind my back, I begin pacing the floor and narrowing my eyes on him. “Jimmy, you’re untrustworthy. You’ve already made promises you knew you couldn’t keep. Why should I…”

I look out the window and see his old, beat-up pickup parked under the street light. There’s someone out there beside it. With my senses suddenly on high alert, I raise my arm, prepared to tell my men that old Jimmy here might be trying to stage an ambush.

The words die in my throat when she steps out from under the light. There’s a little, white kitten chasing bugs, and she bends down beside it, beckoning it to her. She picks it up and rises to her feet with it in her arms. Something about her makes me momentarily forget the scumbag behind me, and I step closer to the window and squint, my interest thoroughly piqued.

Just then, the light hits her face, and I feel the floor drop out from under me. Jesus Christ. Even all the way from here, I can tell she’s beautiful. Too damn beautiful to be out there, alone and vulnerable. My heart kicks hard at the sight of her, and I’m rooted to the spot, wondering why I’m reacting this intensely to this girl I’m only staring at from a distance.

Wait. No. That’s not right. She’s not just any girl. Down to the marrow of my bones, I know she’s not like everyone else. Right now, I feel like a starved man looking at his first meal in years.

I look back at Jimmy who’s now on his knees and shaking. What kind of man gets on his knees to beg? I have no respect for degenerate gamblers, but even less when they fall to their knees and grovel over a situation they created. I turn back to the window to gaze down at the sweet thing in the yellow dress.

Maybe she feels my eyes on her because she looks up at me and stops my heart for a second. Holy shit. I already knew it, but this just became my confirmation. She really is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. A zap of electricity runs down my spine, and I drag a deep breath. I don’t know who she is or what she’s doing here. But fuck if I’m gonna let her get away.

With the way she’s leaning against the truck and looking down on her feet, I can only assume she’s somehow related to this poor excuse of a man.