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Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents

Wild Hearts: Lost Hearts Series


I’ve been running from my past for as long as I can remember. We ruined the gift that was given to us that summer. Now, after nineteen years, I’m headed home. I don’t know what I’ll find, but I know it won’t be the wild heart I used to have. Or will it?

Time has passed, things have changed, and the truth remains in question.


She’s coming home. I hate the reason why she is, but I’m not letting her leave without answers. Now that I know she’s coming I want this divorce more than I ever have. Donna and I are over. However, when secrets begin to come out, so will my temper.

I’m not sure my ex-wife will survive the fire she has set. You play with flames and you get burned.

Where did we go wrong? How did we get here? What happened to our happily ever after, or should we say who?

Pieces of Trevor’s Heart Part 2

-Girl Next Door


-Drama and Lies

-First Love

-Family Bonds

-Alliance and Bella Mafia appearance

*This a Novel in the Lost Hearts Series a spinoff from the bestselling, award winning series Legally Bound that introduced LaSalle, Brooklyn, Logan, and Misha. While you can read this book as a standalone, it will enhance the read to Blue’s books in the provided book order. Blue Saffire’s books are written to weave, loop, and intertwine with one another. You will find that the series build together for a greater experience.

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The truth will set you free.



Start the Day


A few hours ago…

I have to go to another mandatory counseling session today. I’m mad as a hatter, but I need to reel it in. At least for the time it will take to get my oldest to her first day of work at her new job.

I pull up in front of my old home, not that it ever felt like home. I was more than happy to leave and allow that monster I married to have it. Spotting Donna’s new Mercedes, I nearly growl.

However, Jess runs out the front door. I bite back all my anger as she climbs into my truck. She leans over to kiss my cheek. In an instant, I forget about my soon-to-be ex-wife.

“Hey, Daddy,” Jess says.

“Hey, baby girl. You having a good time with your mama?”

“No,” she pouts. “Thanks for giving me a ride. I can’t believe Mama wrecked my car. I still don’t know why she had to borrow mine when she has her own brand-new car. She makes me so mad.”

“You need help getting your car back on the road?” I ask, ignoring all mention of her mama.

In all of this, I’ve tried my darndest not to bad-mouth my soon-to-be ex in front of our children. Oh, I have plenty to say, but I’ve been holding it all in. I had a bad feeling the moment Donna called and asked Jess to spend a few weeks with her.

Donna never takes any real interest in the kids. Jess had been excited, believing her mother wanted to spend time with her. I wasn’t going to take that from her, but now I wish I had.

Jess worked hard for her first car. I wanted to buy her one, but she insisted I only match whatever she came up with. My daughter has always been so responsible.

“Keith says it will be ready at the end of next week. Hopefully Mama will pay for it like she promised,” Jess replies.

“Yeah, with my money,” I mutter under my breath.

“Keith has been so helpful. I’m glad I took it to Uncle Roger’s shop.”

I roll my eyes. Of course, Keith has been helpful. I’ve seen more of that kid’s pale white ass around town as a teen than I did when he was a baby and I used to wipe his little shitty behind.

Roger’s oldest boy gets more ass than the seats on a city bus. He doesn’t seem to care where he gets it either. Of course, Jess has a crush on him.

Good thing I promised him I’d slam his pecker under the hood of a car if he even breathes in her direction—son of a good friend or not. Keith’s a good kid other than fucking anything that breathes, but he’s not for Jess.

“I do need your help with something,” she says cautiously, pulling me from my thoughts.

I stop at a light and glance over at her. “What do you need, baby girl?”

“Well, as you know, today is my first day. I used my last check from Uncle Cliff on the Ubers for my interview and to get to class. I have a project in my sociology class. We have to do a family tree and one of those DNA Ancestry tests. You know twenty-three or whatever.

“Anyway, I’m out of money. Can I burrow some cash until I get my first check? I’m sorry I need to ask,” she says.

Now, none of my kids have the greedy, squandering gene their mama has. Jess has been working for her own money since she’s been able to. Cliff was happy to give her a job on the ranch.

She’s been working for him since she was sixteen. The only reason she quit was because her college schedule wouldn’t fit around her work hours. This new job is closer to school and is more accommodating in terms of time.

I don’t think twice about giving her what she needs for school. I lift my butt to take my wallet from my back pocket. Dropping it in the seat between us, I nod for her to take it.

“You don’t have to worry about paying me back. Take what you need,” I say.

Jess plucks a few hundred dollar bills out and shows them to me. I glance over and nod. She places the wallet on the dash.

“Is that all you need? You can take more if you need it. What about lunch and your books?”

“I’m okay, Daddy. I’m only taking two classes for the summer to get acclimated. This should be enough. I’ll be fine once I make my first check.”

“What time should I pick you up?”

“I received a text from my supervisor this morning asking if I could work a double.”

“Already?” I chuckle and shake my head.

“They’re shorthanded, and she said the night shift is pretty easy. I’ll only be manning the reception desk. Lord knows I can use the hours. I guess I’ll have to text you once I find out what my quitting time is.”