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Cooper has been Mandy’s legal guardian for the past six years. He took her in after her father abandoned her and the courts deemed her mother unfit. But Mandy is no longer a sweet, innocent young girl – she’s blossomed into one heck of a woman, and that’s causing some serious problems for Cooper.
Mandy can see there’s something going on with Cooper and his feelings for her, and teasing and toying with him brings her such delight. The more he resists, the more she wants him, and she’s not the kind of girl to give up easily. She’ll have Cooper no matter what he, or anybody else says.

Warning: this book is completely over the top, absurd, unbelievable, and a wild ride just about having fun. If that sounds

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I’m not an anxious man. I don’t get nervous. I’m nearly partner at a very notable law firm here in Connecticut and have spent my time in courtrooms during high-profile cases. But right now, here in my own home, I’m nervous. And why is that? Because today, Mandy, my 18-year-old sort of step-daughter, is coming home from her graduation vacation.

Okay, she’s not technically my step-daughter. I took Mandy in when she was 12, after the courts deemed her mother unfit to look after her. My firm handled the case, and I knew she’d just be funneled into the system, and since she and I had already developed a good rapport after spending some time together, I thought me taking her in was the best option.

Her father had been in and out of her life throughout her childhood before finally disappearing when she was 11, and her mother was a sex worker who would rather spend any money she made on drugs than on Mandy.

So I took her out of the slums where she was barely scraping by and into my house on the outskirts of town, where I took care of her for the next six years.

And things were great for most of them. Mandy and I got along great. She was happy to have a stable home and someone to look after her, and I was just glad to have something other than a big empty house to come home to after the hard days at the office.

But then after a few years went by, something awful happened. Puberty came and hit Mandy like a truck.

All of a sudden, Mandy wasn’t the sweet, young, innocent little girl I was used to looking after any longer. She was starting to mature into a beautiful woman prancing around my house in skimpier and skimpier outfits as though she knew exactly what she was doing—teasing me. Toying with my masculinity like it was a game to her.

It became harder and harder for me to be in the same room with her—even the same house with her. Going home at night after work was something I no longer began to look forward to. I began to dread it.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull my eyes away from her or stop the terrible thoughts that were beginning to fill my mind. Thoughts a legal guardian of a girl her age just should not be having.

So I started to stay later and later at the office. I knew that was irresponsible of me. Mandy needed me at home to look out for her, and I wasn’t about to pass her off on some babysitter either. So I stopped that right away and made sure I went home where I belonged.

But it was torture sharing the house with her as her body continued to mature. Pure torture, and I felt like a total monster for all the thoughts I was having about this girl—this pure little innocent girl I was supposed to be looking out for.

But what could I do? The thoughts that invaded my mind with every glance I shot in her direction were impossible to stop. And that’s why, as soon as she graduated high school, I sent her on an all-expenses-paid, celebratory trip with her friends to Italy and Croatia, just so I could get a bit of a respite from the tension that had been building and building over the last few months—a tension that’s about to come crushing back on me in a few minutes when Mandy comes walking back through that front door.

And that is why I’m nervous.

“Christ,” I mutter as I down my whiskey and take the glass over to the sink. I’m not a big drinker, but I figure maybe a glass will be enough to calm my nerves and settle me down before seeing her again.

And then it happens.

The doorbell rings, causing my heart to skip a beat.

Why the hell is she ringing the bell? I think as I walk to the front door. Then I remember that I had her leave her house key here instead of taking it with her on her trip, just to make sure she wouldn’t lose it while she was away.

I take a deep breath, twist the deadbolt, and open the door.

“Daddy!” Mandy cries out when she sees me.

She’s two shades darker than she was when she left, which makes sense from where she was vacationing, and her perfect teenage tits bounce like overfilled water balloons as she throws her arms in the air and comes at me for a hug.

I want to dodge it, as I can see she’s not wearing a bra for some reason, but how could I do that? It would be so awkward.

So I don’t. I let her hug me, and I hug her back, feeling the soft perfection against my chest as she squeezes against me.