Repairing the Wreckage – Ruthless & Royal Read Online Autumn Jones Lake

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From day one, I’ve been fighting to survive.
I should have known better.
Nothing in life comes easy.
In the end I might leave a champion.
But victory has a price.
And losing Molly is more than I’m willing to pay.

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My rage-fueled escape-my-life plan fizzles at the Empire International Airport.

Thwarted by ticket prices.

What was I thinking? Airlines don’t offer “broken heart” discounts.

A last-minute ticket for the places I’d want to go would drain almost everything I’ve managed to save in my bank account.

Defeated, I turn away from the ticket counter and shuffle toward a low, white bench by the floor-to-ceiling window looking out over the parking garage. Fatigue drags my butt down to the bench where I sit with my back to the window. I rest my elbows on my thighs and drop my head into my hands. Every nerve from my shoulders to my fingertips throbs, triggering a cascade of misery to rain over me.

The sound of shattering glass echoes in my mind.

I destroyed the car Griff gave me. The car we lovingly restored together.

No, no, no.

Every time I think I’ve pushed “the big bad thing” that made me take a bat to the car out of my head, images of Griff and Kiki in bed together replay.

The only man I thought I’d ever love betrayed me for all the world to see.

Running away won’t solve this pain.

Forget my lack of escape funds, I have a job, and my internship this summer. Remy went out of his way to secure the internship for me. It’s important for the career I want to have one day.

Why should I give up my future just because Griff decided to stick his dick where it didn’t belong?

“You all right, miss?” a rough but kind voice says from above me.

I tip my head up. Awareness that twin hot, wet trails are running down my cheeks chases a response out of my mouth. Embarrassed, I quickly wipe the tears away.

“Huh?” I mumble stupidly, staring at the airport security guard standing a respectful distance away.

“You, um, look upset.” Alert dark brown eyes bore into mine. “Do you need help?”

Help getting over my boyfriend. But I don’t think this stranger can help me with that need. “No, no. I’m fine.” I force a quick, fake smile. “Thank you.”

He’s young. Probably not much older than my brother. And apparently persistent. “Are you waiting for someone?” he asks.

Do I look suspicious or something?

“Not really.” Way to give a vague answer, genius. He’s going to call for backup any second.

“Here.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a flat green-and-white card. “You look like you could use a hot chocolate. Starbucks is on the second floor.” He tips his head toward the escalators.

Empire International is only “International” in name. The airport’s small—I can see the green-and-white Starbucks awning from where I’m sitting. But I nod and reach for the card. “Thanks.”

He studies me as I take the card from his hand. Our fingers briefly touch. His eyebrows pinch together.

Crackers. What if he’s not worried I’m a safety risk? What if he watches Supreme Underground Fighter? What if he saw the episode last night and feels sorry for me because I’m a pathetic loser whose boyfriend couldn’t wait to cheat on her?

I gotta get away from him before he asks more questions.

I stand and hike my small backpack over my shoulder.

“You have any luggage?” he asks. Okay, maybe he’s still trying to decide if I’m a teenage terrorist and hasn’t seen the show.

I hate this!

“Just one bag.” I shrug, inching my backpack forward.

“Traveling light. Smart.” One corner of his mouth curls up. He’s cute. The short sleeves of his uniform shirt are stretched to their limits by his muscular arms. He’s tall, towering over me without looming. Not as tall as Griff, though.

Good grief, am I going to compare every man I meet to Griff for the rest of my life?

“Thanks again.” I wave the gift card through the air and turn toward the escalator.

Being at the airport but unable to fly anywhere seems masochistic. But I haven’t decided where else to go. The Uber I took from Johnsonville cost more than I make at Miller’s Farms in a week of afternoon shifts. Remy’s going to go nuclear when he sees the charge on his credit card. I’ll pay him back.

Upstairs, I step off the escalator and walk into the small cafe. The line’s short. I’ve barely settled on my order when I’m motioned toward the register by a tired-looking cashier. “Iced blonde cherry mocha and a blueberry scone.” I choke out the last word. I’ll never be able to eat another muffin again without thinking of Griff, so scones it is from now on.

The cashier tilts her head and frowns at me. I force my second fake smile of the morning and hand over the gift card. “I’m not sure how much is on it.”