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It was supposed to be a fun evening at the Halloween carnival, but I ended up being stalked by a masked stranger the entire night.

He found me in the haunted house and gave me that first forced touch.

He caught me at the bouncy house and used his mouth and knife on me, making me feel good, even though I tried to hate it.

And when he chased me through the woods, calling me his prey, I didn’t know if it was the fear or the excitement and anticipation that made me run faster.

His kinks were unmatched. Dark and depraved.

They were just for me.

He called me his little rabbit.
He told me to run. He wanted to chase me, to hunt me down.

And when he caught me, he’d do whatever he wanted to me.

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I gasped when he pushed me roughly against the inflatable slide. His body was so big, so hard and strong that he wouldn’t let me move an inch.

And his dick…harder than anything I’d ever felt before, dug against me like a threat.

Faster than I could comprehend, he had a hand around my throat, squeezing tightly. His leather gloves made a creaking noise from the force, and the very threat of him fully cutting off my oxygen supply was right there, hovering at the surface.

I realized he was making a point, one that told me he had all the power and could easily choke me with no effort.

He had all the control. Not that it wasn’t painfully obvious in this situation.

“Why?” I whispered. That lone word forcefully pushed out from between my lips. He said nothing, but I could feel his thumb press harder to my pulse point, right below my ear.

He didn’t respond.

“My brother is going to kill you for this,” I whispered.

I hated throwing around Zareth’s name and reputation to save my ass, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

I felt him slightly loosen his hold around my neck. He leaned back, staring down at me. The shadows were too thick for me to really see anything, not even the details of his mask. I inhaled deeply, smelling whatever cologne he wore mixed with the aroma of leather and something darker, wilder.

I couldn’t even describe his scent if somebody wanted me to, if my very life depended on it. But it made my pulse beat a little faster.

I thought maybe he’d let me go, realizing who my brother was, but when he tightened his hold even harder around my neck and leaned in, his mouth by my ear, I held my breath and waited for his threats to come out.

And I knew that was exactly what he was going to do.

“Fuck your brother. Do you think I’m afraid of anyone or anything?” He laughed deeply. Darkness laced every single syllable. “Little rabbit, your brother’s going to be the one who’s afraid of me.”

Nobody and nothing was more powerful than Zareth. But I felt the truth behind this man’s words. I believed him, and that’s what terrified me most of all.

I opened my mouth, not sure what I was going to say. How would I even respond to that? But he didn’t want my words.

He wanted my body, and that was cemented when he let go of my throat only long enough to remove one of his gloves. And then he pushed my skirt up and had his bare hand right on my exposed pussy.

I gasped and rose on my toes, chills instantly skating all over me at the feel of his fingers touching the most intimate, private part of me.

I closed my eyes as a wave of lust and disgust slammed into me. It was twisted and dark and everything I needed in that moment.

And when I felt that sharp edge of the knife press to my throat and I opened my eyes, my pussy got even wetter.

“Spread your legs.”

He didn’t give me time to obey—if I even would have—because, a second later, he kicked my legs wide open and crouched down.

His massive shoulders kept me from shielding myself, and the knife still at my throat had me immobile with the fear of getting cut.

Yet my pussy was even more drenched.

“Look at you,” he gruffly said. “My little, fucking whore with her beautiful, soaked cunt.”

Chapter 1


“Is Zareth going tonight?”

I put on one last layer of bright red “fuck me” lipstick and glanced at my best friend, Bethany, in the mirror. She sat on my bed, picking at the hem of her naughty nurse Halloween costume.

“Not until later. He’s hanging out with his friends. Some big bonfire out by the lake.”

I knew why she was asking if my stepbrother was going to be at the carnival tonight. She didn’t like him. In fact, I was pretty sure she was terrified of him. Everyone else was.

At twenty, Zareth wasn’t like the other guys we went to school with.

Hell, he wasn’t like any guy I’d ever met.

He was the strong, silent type, but his silence was menacing. Dangerous.

I’d never be able to describe to anyone the things I’d seen Zareth do.

Terrorizing those who crossed him.

Beating the ass of anyone who thought they could hurt him.

I looked at my reflection again and smoothed my fingers down my long, ash-blond hair. I adjusted the bunny ears on top of my head. My costume, a slutty, little rabbit outfit, was ridiculous, shameless, and obscene.

The skirt barely covered my ass cheeks, and the top couldn’t be called anything more than a bra. I fastened the puffball of a tail to the back of my skirt, right in the center of my ass before I turned around.